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Less than human?

Maybe I feel this way because it is a Monday, or maybe I feel this way because I am hormonal, but however it may be, this morning I was outraged at something I saw on Facebook. 489 more words

Reputation Management, Social Sharing and You.

Reputation management for companies has had to evolve in the past decade to never having its finger off the button; who knows what could get posted at midnight that in the 7 short hours you are sleeping, could have the power to vastly devalue a reputation that took years to build. 536 more words

Secrets of Going Viral - What Inspires Digital Consumers to Social Share

A recent study of 12,000+ digital consumers in six developed countries—the U.S., U.K., Germany, Japan, France and Australia—found that consumers are most likely to share an article, photo, video, review, etc., when… 46 more words

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The Best Times To Post Your Social Media Updates

If you’re like most business owners you probably post to your social media accounts when you have the time to do so?

That could be in the morning before you set out to work, a quick post at lunch or maybe when you get back home? 49 more words

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#Photo and #Video Repurposing Strategies

How do you push out valuable content to customers, donors, and internal users while planning elements of that content for cross-platform social sharing? If you post regularly on social media, if you produce videos, if you photograph events, you are in an asset management quagmire trying to keep track of all these potential content sources.   281 more words


Social Sharing Converts Uses to Brand Ambassadors

Word-of-mouth recommendations take place on social networks, so if you aren’t encouraging users to talk about you and share your content through social sharing, you’re missing out on one of today’s key marketing strategies. 588 more words


Tips to make your social media users fall in love with your site!

Just designing a site does not ensure results. It is imperative for an business to showcase its uniqueness and aptitude to pull in focused movement and accomplish deals and changes. 521 more words

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