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Thanks for Sharing

Social media has opened a new portal for consumers to gather and share information on brands with their peers. It is essential for marketers to understand the important role social media sharing plays in the development of brand image in consumers’ minds. 381 more words

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Winning Over Gamers

Aside from the computer industry providing consumers with new technologies to utilize for professional purposes, they also provide special software applications for online communities to engage with one another and simply be entertained. 332 more words

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6 key elements that make a high quality website!

Every company has this non ending awkward struggle of whether “our site needs a redesign” or “where do we begin?” And Google makes this struggle more annoying by its frequent algorithmic changes and the daily addition of new web design trends. 400 more words


What Social Media Can do For Your Business?

Social media emerges as one of the most powerful tools today. There are many social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter etc. everyone is using social media today. 341 more words


Top Social Media tactics for Real Estate Marketing!!

Social media can be a great resource for producing great marketing results for every industry of the market. Lead generation, conversion, customer retention or the overall business growth can be the needed measurements to gauge the success of social media tactics. 344 more words

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New Tool Aims to Make Audio Content More Sharable

A new tool aims to make audio clips more shareable. “Shortcut, in the form that is launching today, is an application that allows users to search through the entire “This American Life” archives, clip portions of audio, and share and embed them. 62 more words

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Marketing Evolves Around You

Social media has evolved tremendously since it first emerged in the late 1990’s. Developments in IT have influenced the way consumers interact with marketing. Early on, corporations recognized the need to integrate social media into their marketing plan, and have since worked on identifying key themes. 388 more words

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