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Mobile Makes NFP Awareness Easy

How many times have you watched a video on Youtube that has those annoying black bars on the side? These black bars are caused when the uploader films a video on his/her mobile device in a portrait orientation. 287 more words


SEO/SEM What does it all mean?

SEO/SEM… these acronyms are much more than just a series of similar letters. I thought it best to start this blog post off with some base definitions of what exactly each of these acronyms really mean, because while they are often used interchangeably, they are in fact two very different things. 761 more words

Social Media

Headline Formulas for Boosting Social Shares

Want to know something scary? (And ironic, if you are reading this!) No one is reading your blog posts, but they are reading your headline. We judge books by their cover. 158 more words

Social Media

Thunderclap Is Dead

If you’re at all involved in the indie writing community, I’m sure you’ve heard about the change Thunderclap made in their TOS. To boil it down for you, if your Thunderclap is for anything remotely commercial (a.k.a. 111 more words

Daily Writing

Has altruism become a myth?

In a digital era, the latest generation place the importance of their digital persona equal to or above their physical self. Sharing what you do, what you stand for, what you believe and the essence of yourself is seemingly just as important as the… 446 more words


How you can Get Your Infographic Noticed in a Sea of Sound

Creating an engaging infographic (or any kind of piece of web content) is not brain surgery. Certain, it takes study, information, insights, effort, as well as resolution, but as marketers, we know nothing comes easy. 1,995 more words

Engaging Infographic