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"They might have a JOB but not a CAREER"

Women have always played an important role in the welfare and betterment of the country. But when it comes to the choice of her career, she is always subjected to numerous restrictions. 570 more words

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Despite the country’s meteoric GDP growth rate (about 9%), poverty in India is still pervasive; especially in rural areas where 70% of India’s 1.2 billion populations live.  485 more words

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# 73 Music is the substance, which helps the world cope with itself

(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The stress, the noise, the sonic boom, and more of today’s society, if not mitigated in some way will wear down a person’s resistance, and ability, to cope in today’s social strata, and industrial noise. 413 more words



Before I begin exploring the realm of a nation that has terribly misconstrued what the feminist movement is all about, let’s understand the meaning and the distinction between what a feminist and feminazi stand for. 742 more words

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5 things you must do if you truly cherish free India

As we all celebrate our 68th Independence Day, watching TV covering stories of freedom struggle, telling us how to cherish our freedom highlighting the price paid to achieve it, playing patriotic bollywood melodies, I somehow got stuck to a story covering India’ s invasion by British and how effective their strategy of divide and conquer turned out to be. 723 more words

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The forces are intimidating,
the silent pains are excruciating,
you know you have all it takes,
to speak your mind but you musn’t dare,
you know it’s all about the consequences, 158 more words