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The forces are intimidating,
the silent pains are excruciating,
you know you have all it takes,
to speak your mind but you musn’t dare,
you know it’s all about the consequences, 158 more words


Children of a Lesser Pantheon

He told me that
Children of a lesser pantheon
Cannot rise
This world has here allotted
Every trinket, every prize
Ambition was neurosis
In his eyes… 61 more words


Costa Rica Diary: Social Strata and the City of San Jose

I really enjoyed the city of San Jose. It has a distinctly different flavor than the North American cities I know. I never saw a central business district with skyscrapers; everywhere, buildings are low, mostly one or two stories, even though they are crowded onto narrow streets winding around between the mountains, which surround the city in every direction. 750 more words

From Rachel

I Judge You By Your After Party

What a broke bitch is doing involved in highbrow anything is a murder mystery in the making.

My new-awesome (words to be read in swift succession) Danish roommate and I went to the Brooklyn Book Festival this afternoon, where she overheard two young, creative intellectuals talking about how “New York is dead” and the next river bend for the effective ‘children of the revolution’ is Detroit… 333 more words

Class Warfare

middle class is no
monetary quotient
but a state of mind
born of achievement
not of largesse
contentment conferred
by a quality of life
worthy of aspiration… 49 more words


Predicting the future: Strata 2014 hot topics - O'Reilly Radar

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Conferences like Strata are planned a year in advance. The logistics and coordination required for an event of this magnitude takes a lot of planning, but it also takes…

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