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Going Up or Down? A Reflection

It takes quite longer time for me to understand both the illustration and whole ideas of reading resources provided. The tittle, ‘Social Class and Inequality”, might seem simple, but the study around it is such complicated which needs to be read again and again until I eventually learn some new things. 497 more words

My Study

A Class Divided

Human beings are, if nothing else, social creatures. Our conceptions of status and superiority have evolved over time through compounding layers of interactions, and the world over, have resulted in the development of complex societies with their own traditions, conventions and expectations. 1,025 more words

International Politics


My youngest sister has been very sick for the past six days. She went in for surgery and at the very beginning was found to have a very serious infection. 683 more words


MORE RACE TALK PLEASE!!!! Because All Lives DON’T Matter

                                          No, you can never get away from the fact

                                      If you’re not white, you’re considered black 

         Aldwyn Roberts, the “Lord Kitchener – (“If You’re not White, You’re Black… 2,992 more words

Caribbean Social Analysis

The Day the Dog Pulled the Curtain on the Fraud

I have a couple very good and very important books going right now, books I think every U.S. citizen should read as soon as they can possibly get their hands on a copy, or e-copy; “Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris, by Ian Kershaw and On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, by Timothy Snyder. 1,113 more words


Social Security

It is believed that many politicians are privately pushing an agenda to kill Social Security.  Some will adamantly deny that they are working to kill Social Security but logic says otherwise for most of the proposed changes to Social Security would ensure its demise. 1,355 more words

Public Health



Class determines how they express their racism, that’s all. Poor racists are more overt, elite racists are more insidious

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[O]ur intellectual leaders have been so preoccupied with the campaigns against the hard-line white supremacists who make no compromise in their flaunting of Western civilisation that we have sometimes overlooked the more subtle attack from the mild mannered and friendly acting liberal[s]. 3,072 more words

Caribbean Social Analysis