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Arundati Roj - Bog Malih Stvari / Dokaz da se o knjizi ne sudi po koricama

Znate one knjige na koje nikad ne bacite pogled samo zbog kičaste korice? Knjige koje će ostati nepročitane samo zbog lošeg estetskog izgleda? E, ovo je jedna od tih knjiga. 1,106 more words


NW (Book-review)

Her name was buzzing around a lot in Booknerdistan. I’d never heard of her, but I noticed her eloquence and majestic way of talking during an interview about her fourth novel on Youtube. 580 more words

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Up, Down, Settle: Dating Games

This seems to be an issue that gets skirted a lot in “polite” society, and that’s the idea of “dating up” or “dating down.” It’s recently been talked about a little more – I’ve seen a couple of pieces on the subject recently, but overall, it’s sort of hush-hush. 723 more words

Elite universities and social mobility

Social mobility has decreased over the past two decades. Overall, there was some divergence between countries: the US, the UK and France for instance experienced a decrease in social mobility, while the trends were rather flat in e.g. 1,821 more words

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How High Is Your Nose?

Everything seems to be socially stratified these days, and people are often judged by what they wear,the kinds of cars they drive, where they live and funny enough, where they buy their groceries- yeah some people believe you’re only worthy of their attention if you buy your groceries at Woolworths. 947 more words


Game time tokens are translating two-class society into the game realm

The game time token (as used with the name PLEX in EVE Online, and the idea having been announced for World of Warcraft) is another feature with metagaming aspects. 248 more words

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