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The Seattle General Strike of 1919 (9:03)

You think that coppers and politicians siding with big business is something new?  No, it is almost institutionalized in US politics. These so-called public servants always defend the money holders, not the population they are supposed to represent. 743 more words


The Richest 0.01 Percent of Americans Gave 42 Percent of Political Donations in 2012

Come on people, this is ridiculous. Can we have a government of the people and for the people?  Are we not sick and tired of these bloated incompetent elites running the show and destroying it in the process? 294 more words


The Road to 65, Mile 135: Stratified and Dissatisfied

April 12, 2015, Eloy, AZ-  

The day broke, generally cloudy, but for one bright spot of blue.  As I gazed at where the sun was illuminating its cloud cover, the blue spot just below it showed a face, of sorts.   426 more words


Looking Forward

More than a Moment! The struggle is real and it will not be fought or won over-night. We have to plan and implement the future we want. 67 more words


Menstruation: curse and blessing

Menstruation taboo i.e. the stigma attached to a menstruating woman is ubiquitous in all societies, till today. 

In fact, almost all the major religions of the world have similar prescriptions for women during ‘those days’.  1,356 more words


Blog Posts by Student Scholars in Child Development and Psychology

According to Louis Pegross in his post Youth in Violent Culture, “In a perfect world violence wouldn’t be a problem or something that needs to be discussed. 206 more words