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Cultural Anthropology Short Answer Quiz (2)

Answer the following questions. Each response should be no longer than a paragraph.

  1. In your own words, define social stratification. What functions does social stratification serve?
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Bisclavret Reimagined

A review of Joanne Findon’s “That Time of the Month” from The Horrors: Terrifying Tales book 2, edited by Peter Carver (Red Deer Press, 2006). 725 more words


Social Sacrifices

Human sacrifice is a petrifying feature of our imaginations. Dead for years, it has recently been explored in grisly detail through media and literature.

As it turns out, human sacrifice arose independently in many civilizations scattered across time and space. 841 more words


Evolution in Leaps: The punctuated Accumulation and Loss of Cultural Innovations

Archaeological accounts of cultural change reveal a fundamental conflict: Some suggest that change is gradual, accelerating over time, whereas others indicate that it is punctuated, with long periods of stasis interspersed by sudden gains or losses of multiple traits. 144 more words

Cultural Evolution

Why Some Societies Practiced Ritual Human Sacrifice - The New York Times

Nice to see that neoliberal doctrines of global financial capitalism in the society of control keep alive at least one grand old tradition from our forebears: sacrificing lives to ensure social stratification. 162 more words


Social Stratification and Capitalism

Social stratification describes the social position of persons in society.    In our society we categorize people into rankings based on factors like wealth, income, social status, occupation and power. 476 more words

[18-20] Announcement


After an intense – poignant if anything – discussion with my adviser Gregory Brooks, I have decided to steer adhocshelter blog towards a different path. 653 more words