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Justice (n.)

If there is a reason that high school students shouldn’t have a clear understanding of the word justice, I can’t think of what it could be. 56 more words

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Turkish referendum clashes with constitution

The relationship between the Netherlands and Turkey has gotten a lot worse in the past weeks after Turkish minister of Family Business was blocked in Rotterdam and sent out of the country. 614 more words

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Term 1 Review

Social Studies is my favourite subject. I typically enjoy learning in the areas of both, geography, and history. I do feel extremely confident in this subject as I enjoy learning more about it. 65 more words

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At the beginning of 2017, I had set yself goals that can benefit me as a learner. My goals include the following below:

-To complete all tasks to a detailed level. 33 more words

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City hall.

Today we had a wonderful visit to Somerville City Hall with Mayor Curtatone.  The kids loved the t-shirts they received to celebrate Somerville’s 175th birthday.

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Nomad (n.)

You might find useful this context clues worksheet on the noun nomad if you start your global studies curriculum with hunting-gathering societies.

If you find typos in this document, I would appreciate a notification. 28 more words

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Work stress and pressure

I found on the internet that about one third of all employees in the Netherlands undergo a lot of stress and pressure at work. That is way too much. 548 more words

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