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Quit Fooling Yourself

You do know what’s most important

Knowing oneself is key to achieving a contented existence. It’s not that we need to know what to do; in fact, we should avoid taking much advice and rely instead on our own thoughts, dreams and circumstances. 200 more words

Social Studies

Homework and Upcoming Events for the Week of 02/15/16


  1. Students that have fallen behind on our Unit 4: the Industrial Revolution and Immigration booklet should complete any missing assignments and show them to Mr.
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Our Week in Review

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Today is Friday, and we have another week in the books. In case you have ever wondered what we do all week, here are just a few of our highlights. 502 more words


[Free eBook] Outside the Gates of Eden: The Dream of America from Hiroshima to Now [Post-WWII US Sociocultural History]

Outside the Gates of Eden: The Dream of America from Hiroshima to Now by the late historian Peter Bacon Hales, is his history book covering US popular culture and society after World War II, mostly through to the 70s, free courtesy of the University of Chicago Press. 332 more words

Free Ebook

The 60's definitions and Workbook

Tasks and Comprehension Questions:


  1. Define the following words:Status-quo – X is where all the people behave like the characters in tv and get bullied if not.Censorship – X is a way of rude talkingGreaser – X is one of the two of the curse names of teenagers that didn’t act like the people in tvIdyllic – X something that is peaceful or happy…
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