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Last Week of 6th Grade


We have arrived to our FINAL week of the school year. I want to thank you for your hard work, positive attitude and for making this a special year for us. 115 more words

Social Studies

Evaluation of Globalisation Assesment

1. What did you enjoy most about this assesment? I enjoyed finding out information about North Korea because I didn’t realise it was so strict there. 102 more words

Social Studies

Globalisation assessment evaluation

What did you enjoy most about the assessment? Why? I didn’t enjoy the assessment because it wasn’t really on a topic I enjoyed but I guess I didn’t mind doing the highlighting and just reading about the two Koreas seeing how different they were to eachother. 84 more words

Social Studies

North Korea Globalisation Assessment Evaluation

1.) What did you enjoy most about this assessment: I enjoyed learning about the differences in our worlds economy, and how there can be some very rich countries, and then on the other hand, there are less developed and poor countries. 124 more words

Social Studies

Globalisation Assessment

What did I enjoy the most?: I enjoyed doing the research as I found how North Korea works to be quite interesting as it is so different from our world. 76 more words

Social Studies

The first lesson of summer

It was the first full day of summer vacation. I was taking my daughter to a friend’s house: as the temps were already pitching toward 98 degrees at around noon, I didn’t want her walking. 503 more words


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Lone Wolf killer - Anders Behring Breivik (2011)

To the last of my knowledge, the above mentioned is still alive and rather well (physically at least) and imprisoned in the north European state of Norway. 425 more words

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