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Maximizing Literacy Skills with the OUT

At the Northern Nevada Council for Social Studies, I presented on using the 4th grade OUTs to maximize literacy skills with intermediate students. The 4th grade OUTs—Opening Up the Textbook—is a curricular resource matched to Nevada’s state history. 66 more words

Teaching Social Responsibility

First, recall our discussion from Monday, that in the realm of ethics/morality, there are both descriptive (how things are) claims and normative or prescriptive (how things ought to be) claims… 158 more words


Multimedia: Videos for Teaching about Islam

We’re on a bit of kick looking for resources for teaching about Islam, maybe because we feel relatively ignorant ourselves. One of us lived in Senegal, West Africa for a few months and became fascinated by the pause in the flow of daily university life as large crowds of students stopped and gathered for afternoon prayer. 280 more words

High School

What it feels like to be a man in make-up

Society is dominated by image. Looking good often takes priority over feeling good. TV shows, social media, celebrities, dating apps, public perception and so many more factors sadly dominate the way we think about image. 586 more words


ITBS and CogAT Testing

7th grade students will be taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) and the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) from Monday, February 27, to Thursday, March 9, 2017. 108 more words

School News

Field Trip: Homeschool Day at Bullock Museum

On this gorgeous February day, we packed our picnic basket and braved Austin traffic to attend the Homeschool Day event at Bullock Museum.

The event offered free admission to the museum. 209 more words

Social Studies by Jason Tandon

Social Studies

I’ve never been shit on by a bird. A friend, who’s been shit on twice, told me it smells awful though it looks like lumpy white paint, which reminded me of Mary Catherine Gay giving an oral presentation on the Mayans in front of the entire third grade. 63 more words