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Social Studies progress

I am in a group with Jessie, Anna. We have completed our survey with 47 replies. I have not fully read the assessment but I plan on reading it soon. 103 more words

Social Studies

Social studies progress

Over the next two lessons we will be collating our survey results and getting web information.

We have not fully read the assessment.

FOCUS AREA… 54 more words


I am in a group with Jesse, Sam and my self. Our survey has had 47 anonymous replies. Jesse and I had posted the links to our personal facebook And we all asked family members to take the survey. 32 more words

Social Studies

Socials studies inquiry progress 

1/ i have read some of the assmnment but i have not rpfully read the whole thing.

2/ Focus questions and 3 research questions

How has social networking changed/adapted to cultures/societies… 115 more words

Social Studies

my progress

i have not read the entire assessment but i have read some bits of it.yes i have chosen my focus question it is how have cultures/societies changed/adapted as a result of social networking, my three other questions are, how has teenage life changed from the impact of social network? 71 more words

Social Studies

Social studies 

I am up to the interview stage of my inquiry, I’ve read the assessment briefly but im going to read it more so I will gain a better understanding of this assessment, my 3 questions are How has social media influenced shaping community opinions and attitudes? 53 more words

Social Studies

Social inquiry checkpoint 

I have finished a survey in my group which includes Tyla, and Whitney. We have 24 responses although some are not useful. My chosen focus area is What have been the consequences of social networking on cultures/societies? 146 more words

Social Studies