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Postcards for Education Project!

It makes me sad to say that most of the students who come into the school I teach at can’t place the continents on a map. 344 more words

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Common Core Standards Social Studies Class 2

Class 2 (Social Studies)
Students should be able to:
(as per Common Core Standards)



Reading: Literature
Key Ideas and Details:
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.2.1… 19 more words


Social studies Report on personal involvement in social justice and human rights action assessment

Group: Roisin, Jaspreet and my self

Foundation: Kids Can Foundation

I will volunteer one day in the next few weeks where I will go with the Kids Can members and other volunteers and go around to all the Auckland school Kids Can help and participate in the food for kids distributions. 40 more words

Social Studies

Forest Gump Reflection

WHAT DID I LIKE ABOUT THE MOVIE: I just liked this movie in general cause it’s funny and also teaches you a lot about the 60’s and the Vietnam war. 49 more words

Social Studies

Forrest Gump Reflection

What I likes about the movie is how it has the message of that you don’t need to be really smart to be successful. I also liked how that Forrest Gump had visited the different major events that had happened over history making a presence in each of them. 56 more words

Social Studies

Forest Gump Recap

Q1 – What did I like about the movie?

A1 – I liked that during the movie they incorporated very important history events e.g. JFk. I also like how there were sad bits in the movie because if there wasn’t any sad bits in the movie I think it would be quite boring… 60 more words

Social Studies

Forest gump review 

1. I liked that Tom hanks was in the movie and that forest gump was so stupid it was funny especially when he was playing football and he just kept running. 112 more words