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Lab Directions, Friday 12/14

  • Take your Quarter 2 Test 1, either regular or AIG.
    • If you’re not happy with your results, do corrections, by doing the following for each question: …
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A Rationale for Studying Ethnography in Second-Grade

In Yardsticks, Chip Wood writes that seven-years old – with its great curiosity and desire to understand the world around – is a great age to do a neighborhood study. 1,041 more words

Social Studies

Third Grade Research Party

Hey, Third Grade, are you ready to party like it’s 1000AD?

I have found the following sites to help you with your research on the vikings. 41 more words


unedited thoughts on our culture of violence. (on the anniversary of Sandy Hook, but sadly evergreen)

As a teacher, I wrestle with the fact that my place of work – an American grade school, ostensibly a place for nurturing and shaping the minds of young people – has become a focal point for the kind of violence that would likely be called a crime against humanity, an atrocity, a war crime, if anyone had bothered to declare a war.  852 more words


Cultural Literacy: Class

Here is a Cultural Literacy worksheet on social class, so when politicians whine about “class war,” your students will have some context for understanding that concept. 40 more words


I am not sitting on my hands: the cabinet paper is not enough

On balance, the paper by the minister of education to the cabinet removing national standards is useful, but not sufficiently so to make definitive philosophical change in the way National always does, and Labour has done twice, once with Peter Fraser and once with David Lange. 953 more words


Write a Poem in Ancient Mayan

Here’s an idea to get your social studies students going — have them write a poem using the glyphic script of the ancient Maya. 

Background on the language can be found with this free Openendedsocialstudies lesson plan, 135 more words