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Vocabulary |Capital

Capital is used  in social studies to discuss all things that have value. Typically we use this word today when speaking of cash. However, capital is all your wealth, which can be anything that is valuable.


This American Life Educator Resources

“This American Life” is one of my absolute favorite radio programs. Hosted by Ira Flatow, each show is based on a theme.  The productions are amazing, top quality collections of real-life stories that will make you laugh, gasp, and cry. 121 more words


August 28, 2015

I Can…

…describe the unique culture of Cuba.


Start: Between "Leaving Glorytown" & this photo, what can you infer about Cuba's #culture? Discuss. …

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Social Studies

August 27, 2015

I Can…

…explain the events that led to the Bay of Pigs incident based off resources gathered in class.

Read: Bay of Pigs
Watch: Bay of Pigs
Article Group Presentation

-Mr. Daugherty

Social Studies

Complete Sentences & Restating the Question

Lesson 5 – Complete Sentences & Restating the Question

Vocabulary Word: Complete

Essential Question:

Why should you restate the question when answering in a complete sentence? 198 more words

Weinmann's Class

Dear Culture,

I remember during Social Studies class (O the days) when I was taught the definition of Culture and it went like this ‘Culture is the way of Life of a people’ and at the time my distracted mind didn’t really understand or rather I really didn’t pay any attention but now looking back at your definition I have my reservations. 342 more words

Dealing with Plagiarism in the Classroom

One of my biggest fears going into teaching was that I would catch a student cheating on a test or plagiarizing an assignment.  I have been extremely fortunate that I have only encountered 2 blatant acts of plagiarism total and about 1 instance of cheating per semester.   768 more words