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Our take on spreadable media

Idea 1 – Harlem shake

Do you ever wonder why the Harlem Shake went viral?

Well the title say’s it all! Have you really ever wondered why the Harlem Shake went viral? 1,330 more words


Why do people participate?

Participatory culture isn’t something new at all we’ve been doing it since we were kids the only difference is it is now not only moving into the online community but it’s also creating them. 568 more words


#EELIVE - Case Study


For our case study we will be looking at the BBC and their promotion of eastenders during the live episode weeks. BBC is a broadcasting platform that uses both video and audio format to entertain their audiences examples of this is BBC Radio 1Xtra for users who prefer audio content and shows like Match of the day for audiences who prefer video content. 1,124 more words


Digital communities: How mashup's can create fandoms

It’s amazing to know that just the song itself sung by Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Call me maybe’ had influenced a large variety of people ranging from US Army to big well-known youtubers to make their own funny versions of the song! 312 more words