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STONE: The Crystals App You Need In Your Life

I found a really cool crystals app the other week, that I wanted to share with you guys who are interested in crystals and crystal healing!  528 more words

Life & Style

Did you know that your iOS device has a built-in PDF creator? And did you know that it also lets you sign or otherwise mark up PDFs without the need for a third-party app? 526 more words

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Changing Technologies

In today’s world we are witnessing a very quick change in the technologies, the speed with which we upgrade our OS would be surprising( if you bring a person from the past decade), thou for us its okay,its normal for us now because of a simple fact that we are habitual to this now. 274 more words

Save Your Eyes From Computer Strain Using f.lux

No more watery eyes, when you wake up from sleep in the middle of the night to work on your bright computer screen. Your eye savior, f.lux is here. 659 more words

Yes You Can Help Linux.

How can I help Linux?

This is a question often asked by Linux lovers who want to give it back to the community of GNU/Linux. Linux and Open Source both are heavily community oriented and if you think about helping Linux, it is indeed a sign of a real Linux lover. 2,261 more words