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Cultural Appropriation is Intellectual Retardation

Apparently, in the “minds” of some SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) there is an offense or crime called “cultural appropriation.”   This contrivance, probably an offshoot of some “Social Marxism” professor, calls for accusations that can escalate into physical intimidation, assault and false accusation. 392 more words

Collectivism And Slavery

Immigration Solved

End subsidies for immigrants.  If they get no money, they won’t come here.  We don’t need a wall and we don’t need illegals who would illegally vote for and support the elite collectivist overlords. 73 more words

Collectivism And Slavery

How many genders are there?

Objective Science – 2 genders (2 sexes) – if you agree with science, this post is not about you.

Anti-scientific Postmodern subjectivism promoted by Marxist College Professors – 60 or 70 or any number you want genders… 151 more words

Social Unrest

Investigate Trump?

OK, but first lets investigate the previous scandals that were “brushed under the rug”…

Then we will get around to your request.  Take a number and get in line. 58 more words

Collectivism And Slavery

Productivity and the Future

Over the course of history productivity has increased.  We’ve moved from a primarily agrarian society to one clustered in cities, working in factories and communicating electronically.  563 more words



[written in 2014]

This piece is about today. Or, maybe it’s a recipe for making tomorrow out of today. Perhaps both things are true. In it I’m writing to breathe; writing to think through and act on my thoughts such that something new and healing may come out of the pain and suffering all around me.  1,152 more words




Sometimes I wonder if I’ll spend my entire adult life trying to recover from my childhood.

Therapy. Self-help books. Mantras and affirmations. Fading 3×5 zen meditation cards curling at the corners, yet somehow still able to stay wedged into my bathroom mirror. 2,183 more words

Social Unrest