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Venezuela is falling apart and its military is terrifying people

The situation is so tense that last week’s show of military strength sparked immediate rumors of a coup.

Source: Venezuela is falling apart and its military is terrifying people


Sustainability: Drought is Straining Society

When a 10 year old Dalit (traditionally oppressed section of the society) girl fell into a well while fetching water for her family all hell broke loose. 1,001 more words

Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis Deepens as Government Misses Payment

Puerto Rico’s debt crisis moved into a more perilous phase for residents, lawmakers and bondholders Monday after the Government Development Bank failed to repay almost $400 million. 354 more words

Economic Crisis

Nigeria and the "Empowerment Game"

“Empowerment” has a strange meaning in the Nigerian context; “the sharing of money by politicians to clients, supporters, the undecided and antagonists”. Empowerment is thus simply the use of state money to buy political support within the polity by numerous means such as rent offerings and prebendalism. 882 more words

Grimot Nane

There's Always The Brick

Today I am sharing a Guardian article that has at this time achieved almost a quarter of a million shares, indicating that it has hit a nerve somewhere in the popular conciousness.  682 more words

The Classicist: “Europe’s Warning for the US”

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the factors behind European decline – and analyzes whether those factors will soon manifest in the United States as well.

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