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4 Tips For Being a Good German in 1941

For no particular reason whatsoever, let’s try a little thought experiment.

Imagine for a moment that you are a citizen of Germany at some time in the past… oh let’s say the year 1941. 689 more words


Mexico Faces Its Deepest Crisis Since 2008. Why?

Analysis Reporting San Diego

Jan 9, 2016 (San Diego) Over the last almost two weeks there have been mostly peaceful demonstrations against the rise in gasoline by about 20 percent increase. 2,735 more words


The biggest creator of oppression is the illusion of freedom. We create this illusion from the time our children are born. We use society, schools, and churches to support oppression and we call it freedom. 1,110 more words

Ready or Not?

The Christmas crazies are over for another year.  The gifts have been opened and the wrappings hauled away by the trash men to contribute to the cities’ waste disposal problem or burned in the fireplace to contribute to the world’s pollution problem. 595 more words


Opt Out of Government Controlled Big Brother Systems

The latest load of crap from the government propaganda agencies (main stream media outlets) continue to parrot government sponsored memes such as “fake news” and “Russian Hacking”.   430 more words


First U.S. City With Muslim Majority Starts To Implement Sharia Law...

By Phoenix Brooks – http://www.uschronicle.com/first-city-muslim-majority-starts-implement-sharia-law/

Hamtramck, Michigan has been given the nickname “Shariatown” now that the four out of the six City Council positions have been filled by members of the Islamic faith, and policies that mimic Sharia Law are being implemented throughout the city. 350 more words

The Economic Impact (Affirmative 3)

In the past few years, we have witnessed many cases of outraged civilians using different methods to express their frustrations to fatalities that have occurred as results of violent police altercations. 582 more words

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