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Amazon Deal Will be Killed by Social Unrest

Reuters ran a story today which said that there would be no chance to St. Louis to be selected by Amazon for its’ headquarters due to the social unrest here. 11 more words

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Correspondence with OQ

My friend OQ and I do our best to save the world; sofar (one word) though we’re not having much success. The following is an effort to hammer out the problems… regardless of whether it amounts to a flying fart   … 685 more words

If social unrest is like fire, how should we extinguish it?

We’ve seen a lot of social unrest in the past year, a grave fact we were reminded of recently by a deadly white supremacist protest… 638 more words


Nearly half of Florida without power; 'complete rebuild' of grid likely to take 'weeks'

(National SentinelDisaster: Hurricane Irma continues to blow through Florida, leaving nearly half the state in the dark as officials with grid operator Florida Power & Light say getting power back to everyone could take “weeks.” 380 more words

U.S. National

Proverbs 31:8-9

How do you respond to injustice in the world? Do you sit idly by, or do you rouse yourself and actually do something about it? Insensitivity within mainstream Christianity toward societal ills is a lightning rod among many younger people today because they tend to feel more motivated to become involved in various causes. 1,216 more words

We may have reached a point where Americans holding different political views CANNOT reconcile without resorting to violence

By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(National SentinelCivil Unrest: A growing number of Californians would rather secede from the United States and form their own nation than continue to be part of a government led by Donald J. 650 more words


Political Reasons for German Emigration in the 19th century

OK, the 19th century was a century of turmoil for the various German states (as was much of the 20th century, of course). We had Napoleon invading, failed social revolutions, Prussian expansion and just general inability for those in power to have any insight into the problems of life for the poor. 105 more words

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