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Productivity and the Future

Over the course of history productivity has increased.  We’ve moved from a primarily agrarian society to one clustered in cities, working in factories and communicating electronically.  563 more words



[written in 2014]

This piece is about today. Or, maybe it’s a recipe for making tomorrow out of today. Perhaps both things are true. In it I’m writing to breathe; writing to think through and act on my thoughts such that something new and healing may come out of the pain and suffering all around me.  1,152 more words




Sometimes I wonder if I’ll spend my entire adult life trying to recover from my childhood.

Therapy. Self-help books. Mantras and affirmations. Fading 3×5 zen meditation cards curling at the corners, yet somehow still able to stay wedged into my bathroom mirror. 2,183 more words

Social Unrest

Where’s the Outrage?

Today we return to the theme of  “Love not the world,” taken from 1 John 2:15-17:

15 Do not love the world or anything in the world. 

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Blows Up Real Good

Blows Up Real Good

Dumb bitch threatened the White House. God knows
That her lack of good judgment here shows.
Not a serious threat?
I would not take that bet. 24 more words

What a Downer!

What a Downer!

Pussy March – and Madonna is there!
Disappointment, though, leads to despair.
Marchers passing for male
All in unison wail:
“Hey, bitch, give us our blowjobs! 8 more words

4 Tips For Being a Good German in 1941

For no particular reason whatsoever, let’s try a little thought experiment.

Imagine for a moment that you are a citizen of Germany at some time in the past… oh let’s say the year 1941. 689 more words