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Fight Tired Eyes With Karuna Renewal + Eye Mask

Don’t let the feminine packaging scare you; this is magic in box, bruh. You partied way too hard on 2017 and your face is starting to show it. 174 more words


Cop These Tailored Pieces From United Arrows And adidas Originals

Gearing up for Summer 2018, adidas Originals and United Arrows & Sons have teased a new collaboration that reimagines classic adidas silhouettes through the sartorial lens of the renowned Japanese retailer. 191 more words


Flexin' On 'Em: 10 Exercises That Will Change Your Life

Even the most dedicated gym rats tend to slack off during the holidays. Back to back parties, a fridge full of leftovers and bottomless cocktails can get the best of us. 1,163 more words


Meet The Wellness Guide Experts

Leading the charge in encouraging young men of color, with the goal of helping them to put their overall health and wellness first, CASSIUS’ 2018 Wellness Guide highlights game-changing nutritional, spiritual and physical regimens for Men’s Health Month and beyond. 544 more words


Friendship is Marketing Power: What I Learned from reading Grouped by Paul Adams

(Source: clipart-library.com)

I mentioned somewhere on here that I was an introvert and didn’t like going out to social events a lot. It was mostly true, but at the same time, it didn’t mean I didn’t have friends. 1,325 more words

Self-Care: 5 Spa Treatments Every Man Must Try

Ditch the old school hangups you’ve had in your head about men getting massages. A new wave of guy-friendly businesses are offering stress-busting, muscle-soothing treatments that cater to your unique needs. 333 more words


This device transforms any piece of clothing into wearable tech

Ditch the FitBits, Jawbones Apple Watches for the next generation of wearable tech. The Spire Health Tag is the world’s smallest fitness tracker, discreetly adhering to clothes, to provide personalized real-time health reports, guidance for sleep, stress and daily activities, while tracking your breathing patterns, calorie expenditure and heart rate. 133 more words