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Denise Blevins

Title: Resource Family Development Specialist (Retired)

Company: Latah County, Idaho

Location: Moscow, Idaho

Celebrating 30 years within the family development services field, Denise Blevins humbly retires, having spent the second half of her career as a resource family development specialist for the Latah Country youth services department. 121 more words


My Mirror

What is it about having money and stability that makes people feel they have to forfeit their right to emotional disturbance? Why is it so hard to admit that something is wrong? 449 more words


Philosophy of Learning - Practice Wisdom

לַעֲשׂוֹת – (to do, to make) learn by doing, practice wisdom

The imprecise world of Social Work science places a heavy emphasis on continuous reflection upon past experience. 487 more words


She stopped the slave trade

Also podcast 2015 07 26 is the story of Hannah More. Hannah lived in the early part of the 19th century. She was instrumental in stopping the British slave trade and a pioneer in teaching the poor to read using a new instrument, Sunday schools. 46 more words


The Lost Boys

In a change of tack for a blog, which should usually be taken as seriously as a beach ball, I want to talk about what I call “lost boys” from school. 658 more words



Giving out the Prizes
All those fortunate enough to have sampled the literary Plum Pie, would remember with relish Gussie FinkNottles speech to the school children when giving out the prizes at the village school. 952 more words