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Cutting: A Bonafide Addiction?

Every time I speak to a crowd about self-injury, and specifically cutting, I am asked to comment on whether or not I think cutting is an addition. 407 more words

I Am A Social Worker | Social Work Month 2015

As a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post about who social workers are and what we do, I felt that this photo summed it up quite nicely: 11 more words

Social Work

Negotiating Breakups and Renewals in On-Again/Off-Again Dating.

Relationships happen. Maybe you find a client that has an “on/off” relationship, or maybe you find yourself in one, I think they’re pretty normal. At my previous internship, my preceptor was all about “normalizing” issues or concerns in therapy. 190 more words

The Annual Scholarship Girls' Conference

One of my favorite activities that I attended for my KEEP internship was an annually held conference for girls on  KEEP scholarships  and their parents. KEEP is targeting both communities and individual girls so as to improve girls education and the scholarship programs is one of the ways individual girls are being targeted by the project. 768 more words

Give Thanks to Social Workers | Social Work Month 2015

Happy March and Happy Social Work Month! Given the fact that there are still many misconceptions about the profession, I think it’s pretty cool that we have an entire month dedicated to the appreciation of our work. 462 more words

Social Work

CBCT: Week Four

This week I was back at it with my therapy and approach tasks. After my breakdown and recovery week where I didn’t participate, I decided it was better for me to keep going and try to learn how to avoid future major upsets. 577 more words


The Big 'M'

This past week was especially difficult in making sure I left work at work. On Monday, a student disclosed a surprising and horrifying experience to me, which led to a three and a half hour intervention. 690 more words