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Bucket Filler

Hello Blogosphere, I apologize for the overdue post.

There is a book that is often used in counseling called “How Full is Your Bucket” (That link will take you to Target, I do not get any kickback from your purchase of the book or click on the link, it’s just a helpful link so you know I’m not making it up). 428 more words



“You’re like an elephant,” she explained to me. “You walk in to the room or you say something and everyone notices, because it’s very forceful. Not everyone can handle that. 1,028 more words

Social Working

Get Ready... to Get Busy

This week is a series of “strategy” sessions at work, at Team Read, and at my son’s school. Three different days, three different sessions, with three different outcomes, to be sure, but all in the same purpose nonetheless: the brief-but-effective review of where we’ve been, a lengthy-and-detailed review of where we are going to go, and an even lengthier discussion and documentation of how we’re going to get there. 736 more words

Living The Dream... Ish.

I'm busy.

I’ve been busy.

It’s a common phrase with many variations. We use it, we accept, in fact, as a society, we practically worship it. It seems that we are all consumed with filling, either intentionally or not, every hour of our day with….stuff. 287 more words


Empathy without Suffering

While speaking on the Power of Empathy to graduate students studying for their Masters in Social Working, I saw a need to address how to be empathetic without taking on the pain. 1,123 more words



Right now my life is all about finding pockets of time in which to get things done, or, more rarely, in which to opt to do nothing. 870 more words

Living The Dream... Ish.

Micro or Macro: Who Does Real Social Work?

A good social work program will tell you that all social workers, no matter their concentration, are good social workers – no one area of practice trumps another. 1,045 more words

Choosing A Career