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Empathy without Suffering

While speaking on the Power of Empathy to graduate students studying for their Masters in Social Working, I saw a need to address how to be empathetic without taking on the pain. 1,123 more words



Right now my life is all about finding pockets of time in which to get things done, or, more rarely, in which to opt to do nothing. 870 more words

Living The Dream... Ish.

Micro or Macro: Who Does Real Social Work?

A good social work program will tell you that all social workers, no matter their concentration, are good social workers – no one area of practice trumps another. 1,045 more words

Choosing A Career

How Social Work Chose Me

Long before my time of SAT’s and high school AP credits, my future career choice was very obvious. I am a firm believer that each and every one of us has our own battles to fight, our own villains to duel, and our own obstacles to overcome. 1,493 more words

Choosing A Career

On the Naming of Me

My name is pretty unusual, in and of that I’ve been challenged by telemarketers, customer service people, and baristas alike that “That can’t be your name” or “What’s your real name?” (As if the sort of person who gives out a fake name would abruptly turn around and provide a real one). 539 more words

Point Of Order

Relief India Trust: Trust us!

Relief India Trust is a non-profit organization that works in India for the welfare of poor and needy. They have adopted a simple approach that is providing appropriate services to the poor who deserve support. 568 more words

Relief India Trust

Free Premium

I recently posted about LinkedIn and how I use it; I recently was the recipient of a FREE month’s worth of LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium, and this post is about my experience with that. 987 more words

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