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Liam Fee social worker who also worked on Mikaeel Kular case suspended pending council probe : Daily record.

A SOCIAL worker responsible for monitoring Liam Fee before the toddler’s murder has been suspended.

The woman – who did not give evidence in the 34-day trial – also worked with little… 128 more words

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Social workers have a very demanding and stressful job and situations can change day by day, hour by hour so they have to be allowed to do the job for which they are trained to do. Not only do they have to deal with families, but also the demands from higher management to work in the ways which the senior managers decree, which in some ways may not be in the best interests of the persons to whom they have on their case files. The cuts to local authority budgets have put a strain on all council areas and Social Services is not exempt, for to save money recruitment of social workers may not be a first priority, thereby less social workers are available creating a further stressful element. All managers need to be open to question and should encourage comments from their fronline workers, even if this results in some form of criticism of the current practices and demands from senior management. When people are working under excessive stress their ability to maintain a balanced out look could be diminished and if their confidence to report to their managers is not good, this can and will lead errors which will most likely have devestating results. There as to be excellent team working and good and effective communications have to be both upwards and downwards, not only the latter. None of this excusses the disasterous outcomes when they do occur, but could, if there was trust all round, minimise there occurrence. Local Government, especially Social Services needs to be open, honest and certainly transparent.

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