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Flannel and FlapJacks

Thanks everyone for heading out to Dobson on Friday night for our Flannel and FlapJacks event. Hope you enjoyed the video games, board games and of course the pancakes. 19 more words

How To Oppress a People: Pyramid, Power, & Protocol vs. Process

How to Prevent a Promotion

Have you ever felt that you were called to do and be more in a particular system? Maybe you felt you should have been promoted or given more responsibilities after serving faithfully. 1,683 more words

Christianity & Bible


There is a new section here at The K-Pop Lifestyle and it is going to be very different. I am taking the pictures of the concepts from the K-Pop groups and illustrating looks the are inspired by the photos. 130 more words


Dr Mills!

Ben had his viva at the end of last week, and performed exceptionally well! A perfect way to end his PhD, and a very good reason to end the week on a high note with cake, fizz and celebrations! 25 more words

ISA Group

A Collection of Pop Culture Treasures: An Introduction

“Pop Culture-although big, mercurial, and slippery to define-is really an umbrella term that covers anything currently in fashion, all or most of whose ingredients are familiar to the public-at-large.” 311 more words

Tryol Basin

On Friday Feburary 17th, 2017 whoever wanted to go skiing went to Tryol Basin and went skiing and snowboarding. It was super fun and a good thing to do on a warm friday night.It was nice to take advantage of the weather and have some reckless fun. 84 more words

Contemporary Medical Training And Societal Medical Requirements - How Does One Balance The Manifest Need for General Practitioners With Modern Super-Specialist Trends

For all of my career, since starting as a medical student at the University of Cape Town as an 18 year old fresh out of school many years ago, I have been involved in the medical and health provision and training world, and have had a wonderful career first as a clinician, then as a research scientist, then in the last number of years managing and leading health science and medical school research and training. 3,110 more words