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The tool for inside communication

Everyone complains about email, but inside companies almost everyone stills use it for internal communication. I think email has gotten worse over the last years, there is email marketing, receipts, new Twitter followers, Facebook comments, check-ins, monthly statements, newsletters, just count! 347 more words




THREE QUARTERS OF THE EARTH is covered by the beautiful sea.

The earth being the only planet in solar system with water in much more appreciable quantity covering seven –tenths of the surface of this globe. 533 more words


Finally to Finland!

I’ve got something great to tell you all. It’s related to both traveling and the video game I indulge in too much. My good friend Joni is someone who I’ve known for over 8 years now. 319 more words


The clamorous Queer refrain of Dykeism and Queerism coming from No.10

By Stanley Collymore

There’s nothing queerer than British folk the English saying goes;
a spot on assessment I concur with in relation to this self-evident… 901 more words

Der clamorous Queer Refrain von Dykeism und Queerism kommen von No.10

Von Stanley Collymore

Es gibt nichts Schöneres als britisches Volk das englische
Sprichwort sagt; ein Punkt, an dem ich mit dieser
Selbstverständlichkeit einverstanden bin
Tatsache und laufende Situation, dass… 900 more words

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

With every sunrise there comes hope and then fades away as the night falls as the helpless watch each day pass by, with extreme pain and agony faced everyday these unfortunate people lay in their beds, hospitals, wheelchairs hoping someday they would be able to return to normal. 286 more words