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You might be under the illusion that you are struggling.

In reality, you might not be disheartened enough.

If you were, you would be writing poetry or creating or inventing something. 38 more words



If Gender discrimination is not acceptable in the society then why is RAPE
considered as a patriarchal crime?
Why is Sexual harassment of males not taken seriously? 483 more words



গতকাল গরমে সকাল থেকে এদিক ওদিক ঘোরাঘুরি করে এতই ক্লান্ত লাগছিল যে একটা সময় মনে হোলো, থাক আজ আর আড্ডায় যাবো না। কিন্তু মনটা খচখচ করতেই থাকলো সারা দুপুর জুড়ে। মাছ ছাড়া বিড়াল কি থাকতে পারে, না আড্ডা ছাড়া বাঙালী? 1,081 more words

Inner Thoughts

On being gentle

As a child growing up in a simple, middle class household, I was taught to be kind and gentle to everyone around me. Being openly accepting of others’ flaws – like the best friend who keeps yapping incessantly but is someone you would give an arm (or steal an arm for – Guardians of Galaxy reference, anyone?) or the cousin who is a little more self-centric than you’d really expect a person to be – is a wonderful trait – a sign of broad-mindedness, according to my mother. 277 more words

How To Balance Social Life and Fit Life

Since taking the dive back into the fitness life, I’ve truly
realized how funny, ironic, and sometimes downright frustrating the gym personality
versus social life personality is. 641 more words