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Dalam Perspektif Sosial, Pernikahan Sejenis Gagal Dalam 5 Faktor Ini.

Dalam perspektif sosial, Pernikahan sejenis gagal dalam 5 Faktor ini.

Berikut saya kutip dari Family Research Council

1. Anak-anak Sangat Membutuhkan Kedua Orangtua Biologis Mereka . 381 more words

Did U Know..?

My Crow, Mack Row: Evolution Away From Fear Of the Unknown 

a fearless race of human descended on the continent and decimated the indigenous population. Their crime? Not believing what makes us fearless.

Fear is a state of mind that is experienced by lesser evolved beings. 633 more words


Shokti Plus - Fortified Micro Nutrient Yogurt

Rise and shine, that is if you want to see the early morning action of how Grameen Danone produces Shokti Plus fortified yogurt. The journey starts at the milk collection point an hour and a half away from Bogra village.  762 more words


Debate 1: Is innovation more important than inheritance for the development of culture?

Yikes. I realized that technically, I broke the promise to myself to post on Monday, and am also technically two days late because it is early Wednesday now. 955 more words

Based On A True Story | The Carousel Never Stops Turning

My blog is based on true stories. These stories come from my every day life experiences. I have a really adventurous life that I want to share with the world. 394 more words


In a time when people are so selfish and all about the things going on with them, these have truly become rare. But I am grateful to have people I am honestly able to call friend. 389 more words

Lh. Atoll Ramadan Youth Volleyball Cup 2015

Hinnavaru zuvaanunge marukazun inthimaakohgen, mulhi lhaviyani atholhah hulhuvaalaigen beyhvi “Ramadan Youth Volleyball Cup 2015” ge champion kan, Naifaru Juvenile aai vaadhakoh, Hinnavaru Volley Team mivanee hoadhaafa eve. 205 more words