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The Great Going Out Decision

You could say this is a sign of getting older. Except that isn’t the case with me. I have been this way for as long as I can remember. 440 more words


Coming down...

My daughter M is coming down off the meds she was taking during the trial.  There is a difference in everything.  They insisted her best week was when she was on the placebo, but I can tell the meds did make an impact, even if small. 573 more words

5 Keys to Rising Above Negativity #Positivivity Hey, Peeps, it doesn’t matter where you stand!

5 Keys to Rising Above Negativity

Hey, Peeps, it doesn’t matter where you stand!! Wherever you are, someone right next to you will always be facing the opposite direction. 104 more words


02: Me, my mess and ours

“Are you looking for jobs at the moment?”

“Is like your husband (Dan) okay with bearing the financial burden between you guys?”

“When are you going to start looking for jobs?” 562 more words


My 2 Favorite Blogs

Wholesome Life With Corey

Wholesome Life with Corey is a semi-professional blog that one of my friends runs. She completely revamped her personal brand last year, and since she has been running her Instagram and Facebook in accordance with her blogs image. 889 more words


MIX 96-5 Got A Special Shout Out In Lifetime's 'Britney Ever After'

Over the weekend, the Lifetime tv network debuted their much anticipated “Britney Ever After,” which is an unauthorized semi-autobiographical movie documenting Britney Spears… 119 more words


FNC: Flapjacks and Flannel

Howdy 4-South,

Thanks for all who came to eat FREE pancakes last Friday night in our very own Dobson Hall basement for the Friday Night Club (FNC) put on by Morrow Hall. 41 more words