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-- My First Common Room Meet --

Date – 01st August 2015

This was Actually my first such experience of a #CommonRoom sort of a thing… To be frank I didn’t expected it to be so much Fun but, My Word, it was !! 143 more words


Here’s the 2022 Winter Olympics Venue, In The Middle of Winter

from JUBULIS http://ift.tt/1HgFzR9
from Gizmodo http://ift.tt/1IwhIxK Yesterday, Beijing was awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics. Here is a photo of the mountain […]


Conflicting reports over killing of Cecil the lion's 'brother'

from Business Insider http://ift.tt/1KJa3QS

Johannesburg (AFP) – Uncertainty surrounds the fate of another lion linked to Cecil, the beloved Zimbabwean lion slain by an American dentist whose killing caused a global outcry, after a conservation group reported that his "brother" Jericho had also been killed. 581 more words


Narcissistic Personality Disorders And Sociopathy - One Bad Apple Can The Whole Barrel Ruin

We have been dealing with some workplace issues which like nearly all management concerns, come down to challenging personalities and how to deal with them. I also recently had a discussion with an old colleague about a former acquaintance of ours who for a long part of a very successful career continuously worked hard to always be in the media or spotlight of attention, was always trying to claim personal responsibility for any innovative idea or concept developed by the team, and was always pretty nasty in undermining or aggressively rebutting anyone who disagreed with him, either on public stages or in the press, and we wondered if the individual had some of the symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder or sociopathy. 1,902 more words


SOCIAL MEDIA - Why I Unfriended My Mother


After years of trying to abide, this Advocate editor could no longer accept his right-wing mother’s ‘mild homophobia.’

We may have won the battle for same-sex marriage in the United States, but we are far from realizing full equality.

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Social Issues

Returning to School

After over a month, vacation is finally over and now the students must come back to their regular lives, for me this can be the last semester i will ever set foot on a high school as a student, because im on my last year and hopefully, if i don’t flunk, i can graduate this year. 1,297 more words


The Road to 65, Mile 245: Fragmentation

July 31, 2015, Prescott- I had a lot of time to think, today, about the recent controversy over whether it is possible to care about animals, when so many people are suffering.   293 more words