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8000 BC Monotheism of the Indo-Aryans

There are the three Vedas, The Rgveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda and Sámaveda which is a compilation of songs from the three vedas.

The oldest portion of the Vedas, that is, the Rgveda, was composed between 15, 000 and 10,000 years ago outside India in the Caucasus and can be regarded as an ancient relic of the non-Indian Aryan civilization. 508 more words

Don't Boo, Vote!

“Don’t Boo, VOTE”

Those words rang in my ear as I heard Barack Obama give his final Democratic National Convention Speech as President. Unfortunately, there are so many Americans choosing NOT to vote because they don’t believe either candidate speaks for them. 174 more words

Indian Men

A world full of misery.Extremely devoid of morality.

Victimizers can be found to and fro.

To hurt a soul they ever on the go.

Don’t care whatever they say. 51 more words

Considering Our Romance

You’re not with me these nights,
in which the silence
pounds inextricably
down the throughways of my blood

I could tell your presence
immediately; by the shining, altered… 99 more words


A dose of perspective

It is Saturday and I picked up the Globe and Mail paper and looked at an article regarding tax on foreign buyers of property in Vancouver. 570 more words


Day 6 • Expanding My Social Circle

I should stay starting a social circle. Lol.

I joined an app where you can meet friends. I feel awkward. I’ll see how it goes. Anyone else have a good outcome with this?

Free to a good home

We went on a fantastic walk with my French group today. It took us into the Yorkshire Dales, beyond Ilkley, a town northeast of Leeds. 117 more words