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True Ramsey and Maria Stories(Daddy Rant....)

  • Just checking out the news and saw this S&&&. Did you see that hot mess of a debate last night? It was just a tragedy. Trump looked like a joke.
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Video - @junior_cigano Doesn't Like Heavy Bag Much, Hits Repeatedly

A little bit of bag work to relax.
Good night folks |
Relaxando um pouco no final do dia.
Boa noite pessoal! @farmaciaanalitica @mabogea @marcelo_guedes9 @uniarp… 28 more words

Slack's rapid growth slows as it hits 1.25M paying work chatters

Slack is still growing fast, about 33% in daily users and paid seats in the last 5 months. But not as fast as before, when it saw 50% DAU growth and 63% paid seat growth in the 5.5 months from December 15th to… 628 more words


Video - I'm Gonna have a Banner on the Wall with UFC Gold around my waist @FunkMaster_UFC

I told myself I’m gonna have a banner on the wall with UFC gold around my waist too. Still grinding because I believe in myself! 🎶 @troygrindz… 41 more words

Who is the robber

During a robbery in Guangzhou, China, the bank robber shouted to everyone in the bank: “Don’t move. The money belongs to the State. Your life belongs to you.” 342 more words


The lab...

The lab
The lab…

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The lab…

4 sisters from different mothers

I tried to capture their beautiful, innocent faces. I tried to take their snaps but finally got this snap after nearly 5-6 clicks. They were from Rajapani, Khotang and were really shy, not even telling their name while I was asking  to them just to make their face look towards camera. 41 more words