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Francois Hollande and finance capital

Interesting on the partial and populist anti-capitalism of Francois Hollande, from Andrew Coates:

Socialism, Hollande, has written, means putting capitalism in the service of social objectives.

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A conspiracy theory of history

A post by Bob from Brockley at Contested Terrain:

History is Made at Night tweeted that the Wikileaks revelations would prove that geopolitics is not in fact determined by the Bilderberg Group, Masonic conspiracies or the Israel lobby, but in fact confirms the boring old Marxist materialist theory of history (except he said it wittily in 140 characters).

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On vampires: bad anti-capitalism

The financial crisis, as many people have noted, has been a hospitable time for populist critics of finance capitalism. (As one capitalist blogger puts it… 599 more words

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The racism of radical Islam's useful idiots

Note: Anti-German Translation does not support the “anti-Islamisation” conference in Cologne. We see it as complicit with the racist propoganda of the populist far right which is on the rise in Europe. 422 more words



A recent discovery: the blog Philosemitism.

Germany admits financing Larijani forum, by Benjamin Weinthal

Reported in TJP:”The German government has admitted it was deeply involved in funding last month’s conference here on the Middle East, and reports indicate it suggested inviting former Iranian deputy foreign minister Muhammad Javad Ardashir Larijani to speak at the gathering, where he called for the destruction of Israel.[

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