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Same old, same old — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

I found this article on TrueblueNZ and although it was written last year, it is disturbing nevertheless. Quote: It’s never really been about what the left are in Western society today, its about what they are capable of becoming.

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Marxist Michael Moore Promotes Grand Nanny State…and then Protests Government’s Failures — CO2 is Life

Michael Moore has never met a Capitalist he doesn’t hate (except himself) or a Government Program he doesn’t love. He famously visited Cuba to highlight their superior “FREE” healthcare system.

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Climate Matters

Afryka - obraz i podobieństwo kapitalizmu.

Afryka głęboko boli, rani. Między płaczem a prochem. Tysiąc lat samotności. Kiedy europejscy podludzie zamienili Afrykanina w niewolnika i ponownie go stworzyli jako towar, stało się jasne, że kapitalizm przybył na świat “ociekając krwią przez wszystkie pory”. 465 more words

Left-wing Politics

Why are revolutionary movements often left-wing?

Looking at the delightful BBC4 documentary “Krautrock – the rebirth of Germany” I was suddenly struck by the realization that political revolutionary movements (at least the ones that easily come to mind) are mostly left wing, not right-wing. 102 more words


We need to call it Liberty Control instead of Gun Control.

The current debate is over Liberty and Freedom, the national
Socialist Left wants it to be about scary objects they don’t understand.

“She who defines the terms, wins the debate”

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