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Why the Young and the Old Should Oppose a $15 Minimum Wage

It seems like the idea of a $15 minimum wage just won’t die.  As they like to do with these things, those who are pushing for a minimum wage hike won’t give up until it is enacted.   1,149 more words

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Congratulations, Jeremy Corbyn!

This is just to express my congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn on his victory in the Labour leadership contest. Hopefully, this will place the Labour party on track as a party that genuinely stands for working people, the poor, the disabled and the unemployed, instead of what the Blairites want it to be: another Tory party. 140 more words


Resurrect Roosevelt’s Bill of Rights? A Cry For Good Old Fashioned Republicanism!

A couple months ago I visited a blog where the author was presenting his opinion on how we need to augment our Bill of Rights to include those elements presented in Roosevelt’s economic bill of rights back in January of 1944.  1,424 more words

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Vangarden Fail: Dehydrating Tomatoes

I really want to be awesome at urban gardening.  I want to be the Trotsky of Tomatoes.  The Lenin of Lemon Balm.  The Rosa Luxemburg of Rosemary.   619 more words


A human reaction to an inhumane problem

So often I hear the same complaints from people that have no interest in politics. It usually revolves around working long hours and struggling to make ends meet. 172 more words


Owen Smith supporters- the Labour Party still needs you, don't leave. 

Owen Smith supporters- the Labour Party still needs you, don’t leave.
“I am delighted to declare Jeremy Corbyn elected as the leader of the Labour Party.” And with that sentence it was done, a vibrant victory after a dark few months for Corbyn. 509 more words