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MTT 105

Socialism/equal distribution of everything which is not available in Earth especially in China/Kerala or even in Heaven maybe seen in Hell.

Corbyn, the accidental leader, is finished

In my last blog on Jeremy Corbyn I suggested that his halo had cracked because he was not entirely honest about his thoughts on Brexit. 922 more words

National Politics

[S]ocialism is an effort to try to solve man’s animal problems, and after having solved the animal problems, then we can face the human problems–but it’s not a part of socialism to solve the human problems; socialism is an effort to get you to the point where you can face the human problems. 8 more words


Bernie Sanders: Hypocritical, Socialist, Ass.

Wednesday, Bernie Sanders took to twitter to spew yet another load of volcanic ignorance.

The first, and most glaring mistake of this unfortunate tweet is Bernie’s assumption that people all over this country are somehow being “forced” to work for minimum wage. 669 more words


Polska buduje swoją „klasę średnią” - podporę reżimu kapitału.

Jednakże Piramida zróżnicowania społecznoekonomicznego wyjawia, że ok. 70% pracujących wraz ze swoimi rodzinami żyje na pograniczu minimum egzystencji (ME). A skoro udział płac w PKB relatywnie maleje – od 1995 r. 2,093 more words