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NCERT Solution of Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution History chapter 2 of CBSE-9th

Q.1. What were the social, economic and political conditions in Russia before 1905?

Ans. The Social, economic and political conditions in Russia before 1905 was backward:- 978 more words

Blue Across the Sea: Intro

Here’s the first few thousand words of what my copy-editor and I call BATS.


Sample back-cover verbiage:

A raging storm threatens as Tillion sets out alone to fish the sea for their means of trade. 112 more words


Has Socialism Been 'Tried?'

Recently I’ve hinted at the fact that I’m going to be winding down my blogging and social media operation. This is due to several reasons, one of them being that I have a completely new life on which to focus, and the other being that I’ve really said all there is to be said for the foreseeable future on topics like Russia, Ukraine, and propaganda associated with them. 7,246 more words


Famous Author Condemns Corporate Greed And Political Immorality

The passage that follows is taken from the James Lee Burke novel, Heaven’s Prisoners.

”In the glow of the movie screen I looked at Alafair’s upraised and innocent¬†face and wondered about the victims of greed and violence and political insanity all over the world. 65 more words


Empowered Lunatics Protest Trump at Women's March

Peace Activists in Los Angeles threaten to kill President Donald Trump. They gathered to express their disapproval for um… well, they’re not really sure. But like um, well like women’s rights and stuff.

Einstein was a socialist #4 - socialism and the individual

Einstein was a socialist. Einstein, however, expressed great concern about the individual. He didn’t support a socialism that submerges the individual beneath an ocean of conformity and bureaucracy, which only makes sense: why would a true original like Einstein, creative genius, want to live in a stifling world of conformity? 1,007 more words


American Healthcare is Stupid.

I am angry. I am angry that I was tossed aside in America to have contrainindications. Loosing limbs, kidney failure, blood transfusions. . . . all were to be my future. 244 more words