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In France, talking about money is more taboo than talking about sex

I know my friends very well—including their sexual preferences. I know how my friend V. lost her virginity. I know that R. doesn’t like oral sex, and that M. 886 more words

FDR on Hand Outs

In these days, President Franklin Roosevelt is considered to be one of the “bad guys” by many folks on the conservative side of the aisle.  After all, it was FDR that brought upon us many of the social programs that are, today, economically so hard to sustain. 163 more words


Richard Wolff Sucks

Richard Wolff’s video lecture, “As Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens, Thoughts of Socialism Return Again” really, really sucks. These are the three most rage-inspiring reasons why I hate it: 600 more words


America, the Founders’ Dream, and the Nightmare of Decline

America is living out the scenario the Founders feared, as they knew whatever framework they created would be viable only as long as the citizenry remained vigilant, informed and a just and moral people. 49 more words



I came across an op-ed piece in our local newspaper recently by Eliot Cohen. His commentary boiled down to a call for a third-party candidate. He termed Hillary Clinton “easily the lesser evil” and posited that a third-party candidate would send her a message to “govern from the center.” 593 more words

Cuba's Communist Party to Allow Small Business.

The Cuban government announced on Tuesday that it plans to begin allowing medium, small and micro sized private businesses, following the trend of economic reform that has occurred since Raul Castro became president in 2008. 198 more words