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The Next Buzzword – Reality!

“Time spent doing whatever it is you do to escape your daily life would be better spent acquiring a life that needs no escape.”
― Shaun Hick (Author) 474 more words


Communism vs Socialism - Bullet Point Political Theory

Often in modern political discussion, people seem to toss about the words ‘communism’ and ‘socialism’ without much idea of what defines the two – either from each other, or from other sections of the political landscape. 478 more words


The Suppression of Radical Politics

Ever since left-wing, anti-capitalist, and progressive thinking came into political prominence, it has been the goal of the ruling classes to suppress it. Despite the efforts of 2 Red Scares and COINTELPRO, movements for social justice and liberation have trudged on and have inspired countless generations of activists. 2,328 more words


A Socialist I Can Admire

I’m always staggered when I meet an adult aged 30+ who thinks socialism is workable. However even I admire the conviction & common sense of the late Tony Benn. 73 more words


Bayard and Me

Bayard Rustin has gotten a great deal of posthumous love and, IMHO, he deserves it. After all, this is someone who played a pivotal role in the civil rights movement, almost entirely behind the scenes. 113 more words

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A Generation Of Radicals

The “millennials” or the “new generation” is often regarded as the generation of radicals, mostly radicalism on the left side. I have always been apprehensive of the term “radical,” because historically it was used almost parallel to fascism. 307 more words

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