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Why Forced Collectivism Fails: A Classical Liberal Argument Against Socialism, Nationalism, and Collectivist Politics

In order to avoid conflicts, a universal objective ethical standard should guide political policy-making. It should be an ethical standard that is not based on subjective utilitarian ethics but on objective deontological ethics. 636 more words

The Soul of a meme under Socialism - Oscar Wilde

The chief advantage that would result from the establishment of Socialism is, undoubtedly, the fact that Socialism would relieve us from that sordid necessity of living for others which, in the present condition of things, presses so hardly upon almost everybody. 14,369 more words


Easy Politics ~ Socialism

Welcome to episode 3 of Easy Politics 😊 This one is on Socialism; if you haven’t checked out my other two already (on Liberalism and Conservatism) then please do so, and follow so you can see when a new episode is added. 1,547 more words


I’ve been thinking of the future lately. Apparently, so have the more nefarious forces in our world.

I lived in Manchester, UK for four years. It’s a city close to my heart.

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Google's YouTube censors video of national abortion conference speakers

I can’t show you the video any more by embedding a YouTube clip, because YouTube censored the video. YouTube is owned by Google.

The Washington Free Beacon… 1,128 more words


Great books socialism

Tim Lacy on how the great books idea might be repurposed in a socialist context, the point being that we need to rethink the ossified notion that “great books” = conservatism. 17 more words

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On "Getting Things Done": A Contrast of Socialism and Capitalism

One of the great myths with which Capitalists malign the theory of socialism is the assertion that in such a society slothfulness would prevail, and nothing would “get done”. 438 more words