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Solidarity Messages After Ankara Bombing

Here are the solidarity messages after Ankara bombing form all over the world: 153 more words


Ken Marchingo - Update 08/09/2015 Defamation claims by Ken. Calls Black People Knuckle Draggers, Left Wing Bigot wants more Violent Bigots in Bendigo.

Update 08/09/2015

Our latest story we published yesterday about the left wing Bigot Ken Marchingo has hit a cord with the left wing bigot. Ken Marchingo allegedly has multiple defamation cases against people who speak out about him whilst he sits there and calls everyone else bigots and posts derogatory pictures. 804 more words

By the left.....

The guile of the left wing in politics knows no bounds, the hypocrisy is truly staggering and the potential consequences for democracy are actually quite frightening. 576 more words


Jimmy Barnes and his Left Wing Violent Bigot Public Relations Manager Rina Ferris, Insults Gay Community , Insults Working Class Australian and hates the Australian Flag and Patriots.

Rina Ferris aka Rina Ferret Update 05/09/2015

Rina Ferris Supports Halal Tax on Australians but Jimmy Barnes doesn’t pay Tax, also insults the Australian Flag. 383 more words

Reg Carmody & Sharon Blick Far Left Wing Violent extremists attacking Freedom of speech. Online Bully left wing Bigot.

Say Hi to Reg Carmody, online left wing bully and Far Left Wing Bigot. Reg Likes to Harass women online and supports online bully reclaimwhat.net… 131 more words

Robert Narai - Reclaimwhat.net admin. Posts pictures of children, hates our Anzacs and he is a violent left wing bigot.

Say hello to 1 of the reclaimwhat.net admins Robert Narai. I assume after exposing him he will fix his mistake so i have recorded it here for everyone to see. 222 more words

The Face of Left Wing Violent Bigots - Omar Hassan, leading the rise of Far Left Extremism and Violence and Radicalising students at UTS Sydney

In our effort to expose the Violent Left Wing Bigots we have been provided information about Left Wing Bigot Omar Hassan. After investigations we uncovered Omar Hussan and his use of Sydney University’s facilities to promote violence and racism. 633 more words