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Are we all Corbynistas now?

Everyone is very excited about Jeremy Corbyn losing the election (except perhaps Van Badham). Since it was expected by the great and good that he would be crushed by the Tories the momentum of the campaign and the impressive increase in Labour’s vote share and seats won have thrown more disorder into a world political situation already rich with it. 3,016 more words


Professor Rob Sparrow was outed back in 2015 by Whitelaw Towers, although the credit was filched by two others because they happened to be the only source of publishing the material at the time. 784 more words


The Greens and the Myth of “Green” Capitalism

By Nick Pendergrast

We recently did a podcast episode where we explained how we’re voting this election. We got some feedback questioning why we’re voting for far-left parties like the Socialist Alliance ahead of the Greens in the Senate. 352 more words

What did the candidates say?

Thanks to all those who forwarded responses from candidates – we have responses from 127 candidates (not too late if you haven’t sent on!). We have also listed all the individual… 888 more words