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Socialism 2015 - Sydney :Socialism Betrays The Disabled Community


Socialism, It plays the mask that its for the Underdog Groups, But as time passes, its Leaders Change, an so does it Goals.

Looking to this Website above, of the Socialist Conference, They have nothing covering the Disabled Community, to which I am also apart of. 256 more words

Crime & Corruption

The link between capitalism and racism | REDFLAG


Funny how socialists want to define Racism & neglect Socialisms own Racists rants against Israel, which is a Nation, as well of people who are Indigenous Israelis.
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Wars & Rumours Of War

Socialist Vote Increases! Big thanks to all our volunteers

With counting a lot further along Socialist Alliance for Pascoe Vale is sitting on 3.2% of the vote. That is over 1000 votes. Our result, as well as Sarah Hathway from Socialist Alliance getting 1.3% in Geelong and Stephen Jolly from the Socialist Party getting over 9% in Richmond shows that when we do strong consistent work in local communities people respect that and recognise it. 127 more words

Victorian State Election (Pascoe Vale): Meet Sean Brocklehurst of the Socialist Alliance!

And now it’s time for the last candidate who I will be reviewing for this election!  Sean Brocklehurst is one of two Socialist Alliance candidates contesting this election (the other is in Geelong), but since he is the one in my electorate – boy, is he in my electorate, there are flyers everywhere! 1,509 more words


All out for the election!

Say no to Corporate Greed, Support Socialist Alliance!
This state election the focus has been on Labor and Liberal desperately scrambling to make promises about how they will help ordinary Victorians. 388 more words

Sunday Marxism with the Socialist Alliance

On 30 November, I will be be part of a panel on ‘Religion and Marxism’. It is part of the ‘Sunday Marxism’ series here in Newcastle, organised by the… 166 more words


Subversive Humor: Snippets From a Socialist Comedy Night

Yesterday, Melbourne activists traded megaphone oratory for stand-up comedy for an evening, in an event held by Socialist Alliance.

Six Aussie comedians participated in the the event– a mock debate over whether Australia is capable of surviving the Abbott government. 162 more words