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The Greens and the Myth of “Green” Capitalism

By Nick Pendergrast

We recently did a podcast episode where we explained how we’re voting this election. We got some feedback questioning why we’re voting for far-left parties like the Socialist Alliance ahead of the Greens in the Senate. 352 more words

What did the candidates say?

Thanks to all those who forwarded responses from candidates – we have responses from 127 candidates (not too late if you haven’t sent on!). We have also listed all the individual… 888 more words





The UPF may not have organised today’s baffling flag rally in Melbourne, but they were in alliance with those who did, which means that bullshit Haka dance was as much on them as the “patriots” whose notion of Australian identity is the same as the globalists. 2,341 more words


New Marxisms

Is it possible to conceive of new Marxisms?

I have attended several universities, and there are many commonalities. One of them is the revulsion the Socialist Alliance elicit. 635 more words

Matt Munro - Violent Left Wing Bigot uses disabled people for left wing rallies and attacks patriots.

Say hello to Matt Munro. FB link Here https://www.facebook.com/matt.munro.73

Matt is a left wing bigot who likes to post patriot address’s online and yell and scream at women. 300 more words

Reclaimwhat.net defending terrorists as disabled people are slaughtered by Muslims, so quick to defend Islam and show just how vile and bigoted they really are.

Jason Tricky and his disgusting wench are at it again. This time as disabled people have been slaughtered by Muslims here they are at the first chance they get trying to defend islam and not a care in the world for the dead people. 393 more words