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Socialist Workers Party Asks Federal Election Commission for an Extension of its Exemption from Reporting Campaign Finances

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In 1982, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Socialist Workers Party is entitled to an exemption from reporting its campaign contributors, because the evidence showed that persons identified with the SWP were likely to be harassed. 79 more words


'Trump victory: don't mourn - organise!' by Brendan Young

Trump victory: don’t mourn – organise!

As the news of Trump’s victory sinks in, and is welcomed by the xenophobic right like LePen in France and presumably Farrage in Britain – who spoke at Trump rallies – the pattern of politics is becoming clearer. 527 more words


Crisis? What Crisis? part 1 - blinded by ideology

One of the very few things that has made me smile in the whole Brexit debacle has been the leader writers and columnists of the financial press, including the ‘Financial Times’ and ‘The Economist’.  1,134 more words

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Corbyn and the Socialist Workers Party: Time to make a moral choice?

The Socialist Workers Party’s shameful cover-up of sexual assault, abuse and rape within the party has been detailed here and here. Not as bad as the decades of abuse perpetrated by Gerry Healy and others in the Workers Revolutionary Party, but very serious nevertheless. 206 more words

The Party: Volume I: The Sixties, A Political Memoir: The Socialist Workers Party 1960-1988 - Barry Sheppard (2005)

GoodReads: “An engaging and insightful account of the anti-Vietnam War movement, the Civil Rights movement, Students for a Democratic Society, and the Socialist Workers Party, including personal reflections on Malcolm X.” 8 more words


In the Balance of Power: Independent Black Politics and Third-Party Movements in the United States - Omar H. Ali (2008)

From Amazon: “With the presidential election looming, the “black vote” has been deemed a crucial portion of the electorate. Historically, most black voters have aligned themselves with one of the two major parties—the Republican Party from the time of the Civil War to the New Deal; and, since the New Deal, and especially since the height of the modern civil rights movement, the Democratic Party. 151 more words