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Is Kshama Sawant Caving to the Democrats, or Are Democrats Caving to Kshama Sawant?

A good fighter, a friend and a longtime activist, MB re-posted an article on Facebook that attacks Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s socialist City Council member, for attending a fund-raiser for Larry Gossett, a member of the King County Council and a Democrat. 1,360 more words

Political Assessment

Syriza, Antarsya and Elections : Greek Lessons for the British Left

It was 11pm of 25th January 2015. By chance I was watching The Wire’s most amazing TV election for the first time After it finished I was back to the real world for an even more crucial election result. 2,239 more words

The Left

New York Trotskyism in the 1930s

The Trotskyists

Geoffrey Hellman
The New Yorker
December 16, 1939

The political group familiarly known either as the Trotskyists of the Trotskyites is officially called the Socialist Workers Party. 4,536 more words


US SWP Zionist shock

From the Meretz USA blog. Note this is the American SWP not the British SWP, totally unrelated beasts.

Trotskyist Party Turns Pro-Zionist

Our colleague, Arieh Lebowitz, has learned over the weekend that the old Trotskyist political party, the Socialist Workers Party, has dropped its traditionally fierce anti-Zionism.  

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What's going on?: the meanderings of a comic mind in confusion by Mark Steel

I bought this book after seeing Mark live in Birmingham. I was anticipating a mix of side-splitting comedy and radical politics. The side-splitting bit was in the comedy club where I saw him; before I could read the book. 379 more words

In Memoriam, Howard Zinn (1922-2010), excerpt from his "Second Thoughts on the First Amendment"

Howard Zinn, a tireless activist for civil rights and social justice, and a scholar who strove for clarity, passed, now 5 years ago, on the 27th of January 2010. 1,043 more words

Civil Rights