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Socialist Workers Party v Tories 

Yesterday I saw the protest in Holborn where the Tories were holding their Spring conference and the Socialist Workers Party turned up.

Lots of shouts of “Tory scum” and “Tories out” but in the main was a trouble-free protest from what I saw. 43 more words


Remembering women revolutionaries: Antoinette Konikow

This is the first in a new series of posts on under-remembered radical women. Today we focus on Antoinette F. Konikow. Konikow has a very good quality Wikipedia article, so I’ll start with that, although… 2,487 more words


Is a Left Government a good idea?

It reminds me of a football club that tries to buy a player from another club but fails because it can’t afford the transfer fee.  It is soon made clear that they didn’t really fancy the player anyway, that the price was too high, they wouldn’t be held to ransom and in any case, they’ve got better players in their own ranks. 2,022 more words

The Left

Hillary flubs socialist/democrat question - here's answer from former card-carrying member of SWP

“It is not a question of substituting one ruling clique for another, but of changing the very methods of administering the economy and guiding the culture of the country.

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Short Story Review: Three Moments of an Explosion.

After my rare expeditions out of the Edwardian period and into modern “weird” fiction, I have usually returned disappointed. Thomas Ligotti and Laird Barron, authors who many modern readers cling to as the best hopes for prolonging the genre, have received unhappy reviews on… 1,912 more words


“It is also one of the only few left-wing groups to have actively, though inconsistently, participated in the gay liberation movement since since the early 1970s.” 100 more words