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Short Story Review: Three Moments of an Explosion.

After my rare expeditions out of the Edwardian period and into modern “weird” fiction, I have usually returned disappointed. Thomas Ligotti and Laird Barron, authors who many modern readers cling to as the best hopes for prolonging the genre, have received unhappy reviews on… 1,912 more words


You May Call Me A Dreamer: Lenin Against Leninism

Decades ago, I was a member of the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP).  It didn’t last long – primarily because I felt like I was being told how to read books by people who’d read fewer books than I had, and read them less carefully. 676 more words

Political Theory


The first issue of the neo-Cliffite webzine Salvage approvingly quotes the renowned Iranian Marxist revolutionary Ali Shariati, to the effect that humanity is located somewhere “between mud and providence.” Shariati is the author of such timeless classics as… 83 more words


Political Parties II - Socialist Workers Party

Today I will be discussing the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), the second in the “Political Parties” series. If the reader hasn’t figured it out yet, I am a socialist, but nonetheless I do not subscribe to this particular party. 600 more words


"Solidarity With The Greek People" Leaflet from the SWP

A “Solidarity With The Greek People” Leaflet from the Socialist Workers Party

Irish Politics

The Stop the War Coalition, The Socialist Workers Party and Iraq

The Stop the War Coalition, The Socialist Workers Party and Iraq
by Ian Sinclair
New Left Project
4 April 2013

In the last few weeks I have been doing a number of talks around England to promote my new book ‘ 1,677 more words

UK Foreign Policy