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Freedom Rider, poem by Gina Elby

Freedom Rider
You were a teacher and a fighter
A veteran of tireless campaigning
Unbreakable with a central core of solid steel
And rooted… 254 more words


Expedient Evolution

What causes someone, particularly those who are in power, to change a conviction that is so deeply held that it is a part of a person’s identity?  548 more words

Social Commentary

Socialists determined to find joint candidates

The Socialist Party is determined to reach agreement with its political partners ahead of next year’s general election, the party’s chairman, Gyula Molnar, told a conference on Saturday. 242 more words

An Inspiration by Brian Kelly

If we are very lucky we may be fortunate enough to meet maybe half a dozen people in a life time who are truly inspirational, for me Lois was one of those people.Whether it was her involvement in Unite,South Yorks O.A.P.s Free Travel, the campaign for Women’s Aid,countless other causes, but whatever the cause, Lois always contributed 110%;putting much younger comrades to shame. 8 more words


Fly High Lois from Annie Hurd

My very first memories of Lois are meeting her when people came together to campaign against Davis as Mayor of Doncaster. We quickly became friends working on the Defend Doncaster Campaign, Lois encouraged me to be treasurer! 141 more words


Tribute Poem from John & Joyce

Goodbye dear Lois, the workers friend.

You fought for all right to the end.

No cause was ever seen too small.

You fought for one, you fought for all. 78 more words


A wonderful companion and very dear friend. Rhonda Wallman

I found a friend in Lois when Kaye and Rob, my son , got together. We had an immediate rapport and much in common. The picture is of us at The People’s History Museum in Manchester when she was staying with me. 61 more words