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Kasich Exploits Jesus & Conservative Media Miss The Point

One of the more important pieces I’ve written was called Stop Imposing Morality, and the “featured image” was of John Kasich.

I said most of what I had to say in that post, but since today Kasich is being called out by the amplified voices in our conservative movement for offering to “buy Bibles” for those who criticize Obamacare — it merits another post. 590 more words

Efficacy In Messaging

Birth Control is Candy

Under Obamacare, contraception is candy. There is only one type of medication required by law to be dispensed with zero co-pay and that is the handpicked by the government types of birth control. 337 more words

Commentary And Causes

"Ideology Standing In The Way": How To Get Sicker, Die Sooner, And Pay More For It

It is painful that five years after passage of the Affordable Care Act, 19 states still have not taken advantage of its option to expand Medicaid. 759 more words


Socialized Medicine

With her permission, I have copied a post by Cinnamon’s Place describing her experience with socialized medicine in England. If this doesn’t settle the matter here in the US ┬áthen we truly are too ignorant of a society to be saved. 338 more words


State Controlled Medicine Believes My Daughter is Losing Weight Because of a Broken Scale

This post has been corrected from previously wrong details.

A letter my wife got in the mail today has me worried that State medical police are going to be kicking down my door very soon to take away my daughter. 391 more words

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What Happens When You Put the .gov in Charge of Health Care?

You get health care with all the compassion you find at the IRS. Thousands of cancer patients to be denied treatment – Telegraph

Not denied treatment because the government thinks it won’t work or doesn’t work. 135 more words

Socialized Medicine

Market Healthcare or Socialized Medicine?

1. Could healthcare work without the state?
2. Does government make healthcare efficient and cheap?
3. Is it moral to force one individual to pay for the healthcare of another person? 383 more words