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Health Care For Profit

As we enter the 2016 Presidential political season and the debates begin, particularly among the Republican candidates, the American Medical System will, no doubt, be touted again  as the greatest in the world. 560 more words


Interview With Adam Meakins

Just moved this interview over from my old blog. The CynicalPT site will be going away soon, but I’ll have all the old content moved over by then. 1,119 more words

Physical Therapy

Ethics Professor Says It’s “Quite Reasonable” to Kill Disabled Babies via Obamacare

For Singer, the wrongness of killing a human being is not based on the fact that the individual is alive and human. Instead, Singer argued it is “characteristics like rationality, autonomy, and self-consciousness that make a difference.”

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Health Care

Socialized Medicine and the Broadway Softball League

We, The Americans, like to think we’re in this world together — United We Stand, Divided We Fall — but in reality, we know in our bones we are not equal.   896 more words

Dramatic Medicine

Year of Grace, Day 124. Cards and socialized medicine

I went for my quarterly eye exam the other day, and that’s when I realized that among the other casualties from my brush with Barcelona bandits was my medical insurance card. 662 more words


Sheryl Attkisson interviews Weinstein who exposed Jon Gruber

This interesting bit on Mr. Weinstein indicates how nutso this whole thing is–Weinstein did the investigation and revelations of Jon Gruber because he lost his insurance after he believed the inveterate liar in the White House when he said “You can keep your _____ and _______ and _______. 257 more words


Bibi and Obamacare

The GOP has bypassed traditional protocol and allowed Bibi Netanyahu to make a political speech before Congress. Now one wonders what Boehner and company will do next. 385 more words