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Rising of patients seriously hurt by NHS blunders: More than 6,000 incidents were recorded last year

From Daily Mail: A patient is treated by the NHS every 90 minutes following a serious medical blunder. More than 6,000 incidents involving accidental cuts, punctures, perforations or haemorrhages were logged last year – three times the rate of 2005. 739 more words


So You Don't Like Obamacare?

So you don’t like Obamacare?  Too expensive, you say. We just can’t afford it. Too much like socialized medicine.  Your co-pays are higher. Why should your insurance be more expensive just to help pay for others to have medical care?   811 more words

Mental Health

Cartoon: "When the Government "Socializes" Medicine"

Searching around in PubMed to find more scholarship on the use of comics in medicine and I came across this political cartoon from 1943/1944 (there are conflicting dates). 65 more words


Our we worth it?

“First, we must actually prove the value of our services, ourselves, and our profession. And we must do so objectively – with outcomes data. ” 614 more words


Tangerines and Salvation Army store

Kiev. September, 1997.

On that first visit to Kiev, every little thing was a lesson for my daughter, Polina, who was all of eighteen months when she emigrated. 546 more words


Obamacare: Democrat's Big Error

I don’t think there is anyone out there that can actually, and factually argue that Obamacare has been nothing more than a boondoggle. Well, it has IF you believe what you were told the reason behind having it in the first place was…which was to make sure that all of those millions of poor, under-paid, unnourished, and trod upon souls that the Republicans have stepped on the backs of to get to the 1% for years actually had health insurance so they could see a doctor! 531 more words


Pinky and the Brain

We all like to think of ourselves as important. “No one can do my job as good as I can.” We all think like this, or at least I hope we do. 1,371 more words