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Market Healthcare or Socialized Medicine?

1. Could healthcare work without the state?
2. Does government make healthcare efficient and cheap?
3. Is it moral to force one individual to pay for the healthcare of another person? 383 more words


Bacchus Barua and Milagros Palacios: There’s no such thing as “free health care” in Canada

The notion of “free health care” seems to have gained cult-like status in Canada. This is perplexing given that provincial/territorial government spending on health care (including federal transfers) accounted for 7.1 per cent ( 488 more words


Stephen Gordon: The folly of universal childcare

The Conservatives’ campaign promise to introduce yet another boutique tax credit — for home renovations this time, although that scarcely matters — is almost indefensible as economic policy. 989 more words

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Ignore conservative whiners - Medicare improves your health

In a 15-year study of older Medicare patients, Yale School of Medicine researchers saw an estimated 20% drop in mortality, about 30% fewer hospitalizations, and 40% reduction in deaths after hospitalization…

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Medicare at 50: Our Moral Imperative

Last year, on the 49th anniversary of Medicare, I wrote a post advocating the expansion of Medicare to ensure that everyone in the United States can have access to basic healthcare. 1,229 more words


Hitler Made Fine Roads

 A Yoga Teacher’s Notes from Berlin

I’ve never been to Germany. It was high on my list of places I never needed to see until Jack moved there. 1,805 more words


Report: nearly one-third of veterans in VA backlog died before receiving VA healthcare

This is an astonishing report from the Huffington Post. According to leaked slides from a Veterans Affairs whistleblower, 238,657 of 847,822 veterans whose enrollments were pending with the VA were “likely deceased.” More than 28% of pending VA health applicants showed up in external databases (external to the VA, that is) as deceased before the VA completed their enrollments. A […]

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