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I Can't Wait Until We Have Socialized Medicine Like Canada

Because it sounds so great. Paramedics held hostage by hospitals: 37,000 hours spent waiting to transfer patients to ER | Ottawa Citizen

If an ambulance arrives at an Emergency Room, and the staff is overwhelmed, the ambulance crew have to continue to care for the injured party. 229 more words

Socialized Medicine

Why are Canadians getting medical care elsewhere?

I ran across a false claim on Facebook that PM Trudeau had his mother come to the US for some eye surgery and it felt false. 217 more words


KIDS Dying at the Hands of the State?

Not sure what’s going on in the United Kingdom these days, but they once had such a great legacy of peacefully emancipating slaves and standing against a horrific Fascist regime known for it’s murder of men, women and children. 192 more words

What If Little Alfie Was Royal?

A spot-on article about socialized medicine and the murder of little Alfie. The British government did not refuse his move to Rome because they knew he could never he helped — they refused because of the “what if” the Papal Hospital was able to help him and prove the oligarchs wrong? 42 more words

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Every Parent's Nightmare

I have been crying for five days. I have lost sleep for just that long as well. Why have I done this? Over a child I never met. 1,117 more words

Why Didn't the Alfie Evans Story Happen Here?

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.

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