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Big Pharma Price Fixing, Criminal Collusion, and the Failure of Capitalism

Here is a story I bet you haven’t heard about: recently a conspiracy has been uncovered, one that impacts peoples basic healthcare, and one that highlights, with obscene clarity, the irredeemable incentive system embedded inside capitalism. 894 more words

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Cash Savings Over Patient Care

Rationing of care coming to (or already at) the UK’s National Health System. GPs offered cash to refer fewer people to hospital.

What happens when health care is dictated by the government? 176 more words

Socialized Medicine

3 things you should know about Israeli hospitals

  1. Our healthcare is pretty good

Israelis like to complain, it’s a kind of national sport. The truth is that our health care is pretty good. 552 more words


When Who Attacks?!

My sister and I were terribly bored yesterday, and wanted to find something to watch while bujoing. Because I can’t remember my Amazon password, finishing our The Americans binge was not an option. 432 more words