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Healthcare Crisis - Staggering Increases!

Health Insurance premiums for individuals are about to literally skyrocket! Posted increases range from 9% to 50%… with regulators supposedly agreeing to the rate hikes because the insurance companies claim ‘huge losses’. 867 more words


Post 75. PT in the ED

“Between 2000 and 2011, the number of ED visits in the United States rose by 26%, and this trend is expected to continue with implementation of the affordable care act.… Nearly 30% of hospital-based EDs have closed since 1990” 977 more words


Trump & Canada

By Kristen Johnson

Debate #2 included Donald Trump’s swipe at Hillary Clinton’s healthcare proposal and Canadian healthcare:

“She wants to go to a single-payer plan, which would be a disaster, somewhat similar to Canada.” Canadians, he continued, “when they need a big operation, when something happens, they come into the United States, in many cases because their system is so slow, it’s catastrophic in certain ways”. 571 more words

Medicaid Mess

By Kristen Johnson
Twitter: @tugoffaith

Socialized medicine – that concept demonized in the U.S. by the right and praised by many on the left – comes with decades of arguing behind us and likely decades of arguing in front of us. 531 more words

Keeping the customer/patient happy

“…owners and managers an no longer rely solely on the relationships they have built with referral sources to grow their practices”

Look at the drug companies…they know how to peddle their wares. 739 more words


Rising of patients seriously hurt by NHS blunders: More than 6,000 incidents were recorded last year

From Daily Mail: A patient is treated by the NHS every 90 minutes following a serious medical blunder. More than 6,000 incidents involving accidental cuts, punctures, perforations or haemorrhages were logged last year – three times the rate of 2005. 739 more words


So You Don't Like Obamacare?

So you don’t like Obamacare?  Too expensive, you say. We just can’t afford it. Too much like socialized medicine.  Your co-pays are higher. Why should your insurance be more expensive just to help pay for others to have medical care?   811 more words

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