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My Baby, My Choice

If you are not familiar with the Charlie Gard case, I encourage you to look it up, but be prepared for a difficult read. In a nutshell, Charlie had a rare genetic disorder which causes brain and muscle damage and almost always ends in death in infancy. 422 more words


Origin of healthcare problems

US healthcare is generally recognized for its significant innovation and quality medical care. However, it is even more widely recognized for having certain problems.

Two main problems are usually cited. 1,106 more words


Socialized Medicine Has Won the Health Care Debate


“It’s coming down to a choice between Federalism vs Socialism,” Senator Lindsey Graham proclaimed on Twitter earlier this week. “I chose Federalism of #GrahamCassidy… 1,696 more words

Unraveling the Mysteries of Healthcare

Healthcare in many countries around the world can be a confusing subject.  It’s not as simple as politicians make it sound.  Broken down, the decisions that are discussed as matters of policies are really discussions about life and death.  69 more words

Health Insurance

Not feeling the Bern: Majority of Americans NOT on board with socialist healthcare

(National SentinelHealthcare Reform: As the Republican effort to do something about the disaster known as Obamacare ramps up, former Democratic presidential contender Sen. 654 more words


Now Bernie-care?

You can’t really blame Bernie Sanders for hanging in there over single-payer healthcare. It’s such a huge part of his pro-socialist agenda, along with free college for everyone and his free – well, everything. 773 more words


Socialized Medicine and the State of the Union

Self-described socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has officially proposed a Medicare For All Act, which is basically a socialized single-payer insurance scheme, and although it’s not likely to become law in the near future it’s nonetheless an ominous development. 686 more words