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Tangerines and Salvation Army store

Kiev. September, 1997.

On that first visit to Kiev, every little thing was a lesson for my daughter, Polina, who was all of eighteen months when she emigrated. 546 more words


Obamacare: Democrat's Big Error

I don’t think there is anyone out there that can actually, and factually argue that Obamacare has been nothing more than a boondoggle. Well, it has IF you believe what you were told the reason behind having it in the first place was…which was to make sure that all of those millions of poor, under-paid, unnourished, and trod upon souls that the Republicans have stepped on the backs of to get to the 1% for years actually had health insurance so they could see a doctor! 531 more words


Pinky and the Brain

We all like to think of ourselves as important. “No one can do my job as good as I can.” We all think like this, or at least I hope we do. 1,371 more words

Physical Therapy

The Dream of Free Health Care in the UK Runs into Reality

Something that can’t last forever, won’t. Free universal healthcare questioned after record overspend by hospitals.

Overspending by the UK’s NHS has been substantial. Budgets are a wishful thought, and the some say the official numbers have been cooked by more than $700 million. 154 more words

Socialized Medicine

The Declining State of Socialized Medicine in the UK

The state of health-care in the UK is going down. Spring NHS crisis even worse than winter, ‘Black Thursday’ data shows

Statistics about waiting times for A&E wards (emergency rooms), the weeks between a GP recommending a specialist’s care, and the beginning of that care, and ambulance response-times. 378 more words

Socialized Medicine

Thoughtful Thursday: Balls

Have you ever played with THAT kid? You know the one. The one that is all happy and bragging when his team is winning, but the moment that they start to lose he takes his ball and goes home in a huff. 1,258 more words


The Obamacare Crash?

United Healthcare came out this week as the latest large insurance carrier to pull out of Obamacare in certain markets. The country’s largest insurer decided that losing money wasn’t in its best interest, and that it would be better suiting its shareholders if it pulled out of the exchanges (that are left). 526 more words