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What Will It Take?

I have low self-esteem.  I wish I had more courage to stand up for myself and what I want out of life.  This is bothering me.  69 more words

My Life

Summoned to the Dean's Office | Part 2 of 2

Bible college rules and regulations were concrete and measurable. When I didn’t have car permission, I didn’t have car permission. Case closed. Accept the consequences even though you don’t like them. 645 more words

Spiritual Formation

Tonight, Thursday, March 5th - CANCELLED

The snow is still coming down (4 PM) and our Governor declared a State of Emergency.
See you next Thur., March 12th, 9 PM.
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Let me take a selfie?

Today was a good day. I’ve had a really busy last week, with my college event lingering like Satan above my head to all the friends who were waiting (and still are) for me to catch up. 490 more words


Escape – Or Stay There?

Recently, I attended a large event with a couple of family members that proved to be a challenge for me.

The Choice

It was a challenge for me because I am an… 790 more words


Yay, chores!

Normally I don’t complain about chores. Well, yes I do, but I do them. Namely, the dishwasher. Generally acceptable. Only today I was supposed to rinse out the now-emptied red plastic bowl used for compost and put it in the dishwasher. 315 more words

Studying Together

My challenge was to for an hour each night study with another person for a week.

For the majority of the nights when I was studying for my midterm I studied with another person, but some nights I found it was better to study on my own. 248 more words