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This Past Week Has Been Terrifying

I have moved back into college and it already feels like I’ve been here for a long time–weeks, really. I am upset and antsy at the fact that things aren’t moving faster, that I’m still entering my syllabi into my calendar and I’m not feeling flooded with work yet or working late on an essay. 800 more words

Free Writing at 5pm

I’m tired and about ready to go to sleep, but I was hungry, so now I have a bag of potato chips and chocolate milk. Soo delicious yet so unhealthy. 413 more words

Can I be a PTA Mom?

School starts in 2 days, whoop whoop!! Can I get a hell yeah?!?! HELL YEAH!!

My introvertism is well known, but I want to try to change that. 617 more words


The Single Guy vs. Another Hiking Trip

Kids, I’m starting to think that all hiking trips in which I’m involved are doomed to fail before they begin. You’ll recall I attempted a… 566 more words


Weekend Snaps 📷🎥📲📡😂

Hey loves hope you enjoyed your weekend! Here’s a look at mine😊

Ps. Checkout 👇

My new page called The Pinkberry Experience (I update daily) 95 more words

Mega Monday


An old classmate from primary school added me on Facebook. One of the first things I did was to look at the pictures she put up on her account. 419 more words


How to Socialize Your Way to 10% More Views

I enjoy social media.  Twitter is my new favorite after breaking up with Facebook after a long-term relationship! (lol)  The reason I find social media so powerful is I am able to talk with people who visit my page on a more personal level.   102 more words