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How to Meet People in Second Life

On the Second Life Community forums, someone recently asked

I would like to get social and meet people but i dont really know how to do that !?

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Promoting Yourself! It's Scary, But Dang It's A Lot Of Fun!

I never thought the day would come when once I started promoting myself on social media I would be EXCITED about the opportunity. Just recently since I have launched this blog I have also launched a LinkedIn page and a YouTube channel. 591 more words


Stepping back into the Adult Social Scene

Last Saturday night Glenn and I eagerly took up an invite to a Market friends 50th Birthday celebrations, and it’s taken me these long to recover.. 1,584 more words


How To Be Perpetually Early

The other night, I found myself involved in a conversation debating the merits of showing up early or late to any given event. I happened to mention that I have this tendency to arrive perpetually early to just about everything. 641 more words


Helpful Tips for the Socially Awkward

So I am an introvert. If you’re picturing a scale, I’d say I’m just in the middle of introvert and ambivert. People also make me anxious. 702 more words


We Get by With a Little Health Help From Our Friends

Friendship might be even more golden than we think. A study finds that having good relationships with friends and family boosts not just your mental health, but physical one as well. 926 more words

Becoming a Social Butterfly!

I have often mentioned my connection with the butterfly – going from an ugly caterpillar to hiding in a cocoon, to battling my way out and turning into a beautiful butterfly! 377 more words

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