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Female Seeking Brunch Buddy

Adulthood is weird. You have to work to live, you have bills, your metabolism is now a laugh, and making friends is hard.

Unless you have a workplace or a social activity filled with similar minds, it’s hard to meet people. 517 more words


Meeting New People

This past weekend, my significant other introduced me to a couple of his friends for the first time (we haven’t been dating long so note that I’m still working on becoming completely comfortable with him as well). 526 more words

After the Party

After a social engagement, getting to sleep is incredibly difficult for me.


Why I'm Not Going To Book Club Tonight

Dear Book Club,

After our last meeting in February, I will not be joining the group tonight, nor will I
participate in the future. And this has nothing to do with the content of the books. 1,308 more words

Oh, For Fox Sake...

25 Everyday Examples of Rape Culture

Chances are, as feminists and other liberal-minded people, most of you have heard the phrase “rape culture.”

Perhaps some people truly don’t understand what rape culture is. 863 more words


#73 Coffee - 'Papering Over The Cracks'

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So there you go, you blow up the balloon – I typically go for pink or blue – and then tie the knot. 394 more words

Mental Health

A rare social interaction that wasn't awkward 

Hopefully I might have made a new friend today, but I’m not going to raise my hopes. She approached me when I was sat in the care management waiting room, accessing the internet as always. 255 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues