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The Moments I Feel I Have To "Grow Up".

I’m well into my adulthood ages. I know this. I understand what that entails.

I should be responsible for everything I do and be accountable in groups of people I am a part of. 660 more words

CM and I had breakfast with his family at Bair Drug. I felt strangely stiff? After CM and I walked the water in a search for Pokemon.

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Writing About Writing: How To Be A Writer Without Being A Hermit

If you’re like me, sometimes you realize that you spend more time with a notebook and pencil or a computer than your own family and friends. 333 more words


Friends in EVS are friends for life

Who knew that so many people from different countries who just only met each other are as close as people who are there for your whole life? 517 more words


Training and socializing your parakeet

The first day or two after bringing Toby home we were full of conflicting emotions – excitement about finally having a bird and crushing guilt because he was clearly terrified. 893 more words

I Suck at People-ing IRL

It started with my congratulating this gorgeous, radiant, curvy woman on her pregnancy. You know not to do that, right? Especially if a woman has not told you directly from her mouth that she is having a baby? 765 more words

People Ponderings

I had AB, MN and TZ over for dinner, games, and Buffy. It was a blast. I don’t know why I used to be worried… 18 more words

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