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Making Plans...and Last-Minute Cancellations

I’m great at making plans! I’m not good about keeping them. So I avoid making plans in advance.

Even if I make plans for the next day, I still end up cancelling. 389 more words

Stop feeding your mind


Stop Feeding your mind with phases like,

“No expectations, No Disappointments”

“Don’t Fall in love again”

“Nothing lasts forever”.

Because My Love, 

Before you fall in love again, You will have expectations because you love! 81 more words


The Resentful Writer

I’ve been warring with myself. Fortunately, I’ve been winning.

The war is about priorities, routines, and discipline. I’ve worked hard to establish a daily writing routine. 752 more words


#Social with my sister

Socializing is no child’s play

What you see every day

People talking on their smart phones

Drowning in their own zones

Let me just say… 99 more words



Although I do have commitment issues I do also long for a romantic relationship. Now when I say commitment issues I mean in long term. I have never cheated on any of my boyfriends, I believe that there is no need for that. 517 more words

Believe in you!

He said, “You cant”.
But I Say, “I Can”!

He said, “You will never be”,
I Say, “I am Already”!

My dear Beautiful Strong Lady, 26 more words


Introvert Thoughts

A while back, I wrote a number of posts on introversion, and how to care for fellow introverts. I’d like to add to that thread with the topic of why introverts may need a little extra TLC. 448 more words