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My Experience With Social Phobias

Social gatherings, especially large ones, terrify me. Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely care about having a social life and the people in my life, but when it comes to making small talk, circulating, and networking you can bet your ass I’m white-knuckleing my way through it and I’ll end up snorking back tears in the ladies room more than once during the event. 656 more words

Mental Health

Not everybody knows what the crop circles are.

I’ve learned a bit about executive function since joining Autistic Twitter.  I just read my Pocket Sister’s blog describing her adventures with this challenging quirk.  It involves a phenomenon familiar to… 483 more words


Hikes aren't the same

The humans don’t get it, I need to run and grab sticks and sniff and run and . . . why do they keep saying, “Derp?” Anyways, the humans just don’t understand what I need and instead they keep me on that horrible leather chain and they want me to heel like ALL.THE.TIME.   65 more words


Bunco Invite

Bunco is a simple dice game that can be played by people of all ages. I started playing in a Bunco over ten years ago, when I was in my thirties.   757 more words


Urban Hikes

Things have been getting a little stale over the last week I’ve noticed. I’ve gone into a point in the year where my motivation for things is put on shelf for a short time. 212 more words


Why I might have lied about not being able to come out tonight.

Social situations just continue to confound and confuse me. I could have gone out tonight and I could have seen friends I haven’t seen in months but I didn’t. 1,263 more words

Streams Of Thought

How Games Affect my Lifestyle

I want to take bit to talk about my view on aesthetics, lifestyle, and technology. So to start, i’ll begin at the root of it all for me. 784 more words