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[Poetry] Gathering

Some lemonade and tea
Perhaps some will mix it together
And make lemon tea.
The banana croquettes are sweet
While there’s mellow meat,
Our glasses rise… 39 more words


How to stop Musings of Relatives in your Life!

Every family has a few of these types, those who stake their right to every bit of information!

They are the eager beavers or the frequent busybodies present almost in every family. 778 more words


Want to be my friend?

How do you start socializing a 16 month old? An only child? Any kid?

I have no idea where to start, or rather I didn’t but after talking with my friend Nick G I’m getting a better idea. 447 more words

That's My Girl!

My Experience Trying a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Meetup Event

On Saturday, I went to a sci-fi/fantasy Meetup. The group meets every month at a cafe in a bookstore at the mall. I like the location cuz I’m into books and coffee. 263 more words


know thyself 2

“1. Here is a funny story: a friend of mine who teaches at a university used to complain saying that he was sick of seeing half of his students sleeping during his classes! 800 more words

know thyself

“The gift of being interesting is neither exclusive nor reliant on exceptional talent. It requires only direction, honesty, and focus. The person we call interesting is in essence someone alive to what we all deeply want from social intercourse, which is an uncensored glimpse of what the brief waking dream called life looks like through the eyes of another person. 19 more words

Munkahelyi csapatépülés

Pont jókor érkeztem ahhoz, hogy részt vegyek a munkahelyem által szervezett Amazing Race nevű lazuláson, ami két évente kerül megszervezésre. Az Amazing race állítólag egy ismert TV-s formátum (én még nem hallottam róla). 706 more words