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Coming Out: Ramblings of an Introverted Mother with a Just a Dash of Social Anxiety.

Being introverted is so trendy these days. Memes about hating people, cancelling plans, and comfortable isolation are all the rage. As a self-diagnosed introvert (I took my share of… 1,351 more words

The amazing lengths I go to to avoid talking to people

Yesterday I was in a Shoppers Drug Mart when this woman with a big folder and a clip board snuck up on me.

“Do you have one of our new Optimum cards that include PC Points?” Her smile is way too big to be genuine. 762 more words

Busy, Busy Weekend: Weddings & Plans for the Future

I really need to work on these titles, my clickbait game is weak. This post is just me talking about my weekend, most of my Monday posts will be summing up my weekend if anything worth noting has happened. 596 more words

General Life Posts

All Sunshine and Rainbows

It was another lovely day:) Maybe this is a record😂😂


It was a nice treat that Sarah came out to join me for my run this morning. 728 more words


The DO's and DONT'S on interacting with someone who has depression

Ever since I opened up to the public about my mental illness, by sharing my blog, talking with friends, showing my scarred skin more, I’ve garnered multiple caring and wholesome responses from a plethora of individuals I expected the least would reach out to me and touch my heart. 957 more words

A Spring Tradition

It was a cold, but sunny spring day today, but definitely an improvement over our incessant rain of late!


My Squad Runner mission is for two hours by 3pm tomorrow and I was only at 21 minutes, so I got out for another quick 21 minutes this morning. 652 more words


Wilson, the Low Leaper

Trauma has isolated me from much of the world. Maybe this is what it feels like to come home from war. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been to a war, or at least not in the traditional sense, and I suppose like me, folks who have are isolated as well. 1,089 more words