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Oh love, why don't you understand that Tinderellas don't exist.

Mobile dating app, Tinder, has recently taken the world by storm and it is getting increasingly common to hear of couples meeting through Tinder. But is Tinder really the future of relationships or is it ruining relationships instead? 598 more words


Social Behavior

Behavior can be examined in many ways, over the years theories has brought about unbelievable understanding for an experimental point of view. The study of monkeys has been used for various reasons including many social and being developmental areas.

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Best field trip ever

Have I told you yet that I’ve discovered grapefruit-flavoured wine gums? Talk about killing two birds with one stone! I’m trusting that their fake grapefruity flavouring does not contain that compound that would interfere with my chemotherapy. 528 more words


Monday delays - disgruntled reconnecting

So, instead of writing yesterday, I sifted through old social media photos and adjusted to the reality that I like who I am without facebook. I like connecting with people over food–even if I’m allergic to it–because there is so much I get from myself and from them in those moments. 382 more words


Making friends abroad

It’s weird socializing abroad. On one hand, it’s easy. Well, at least when you live in the expat part of the expat community in Hanoi. There’s nothing more natural than consciously gravitating to socialize with other people your age that speak the same language as you do and frequent the same funky coffeeshops or alt. 742 more words

Mom Friends

Since most of my mom friends don’t live near me, making new mom friends sends me, emotionally, back to grade school. To me, it’s akin to finding new friends when you’re the new kid on the block, or, even worse,  238 more words


Octopuses Are Surprisingly Social--and Confrontational

Octopuses are well-known masters of camouflage and skillful escape artists, but they aren’t exactly famous for their social skills. Scientists have long thought that this many-armed denizen of the deep was strictly solitary and didn’t interact much with its fellows, reserving its color-shifting ability for intimidating predators — or hiding from them. 77 more words