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Why You Should Spoil Your Puppy

Let’s be honest with each other, even the most stern efforts to keep your new puppy off the furniture, from begging at the dining table or from getting that extra treat will result in you, the owner, giving in just a little. 810 more words


Positive Results of Weaning a Toddler from Night Breast-Feeding

It can be considered an easy and convenient thing to just continue breastfeeding after one year.

When your toddler wakes up during the night why not just breast-feed and get some peace and sleep again for a while?

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Henry - Dealings at the Dog Park

We’ve been watching Henry at the dog park and have a couple of questions. He has a couple bigger, gentle dogs that he plays very well with. 340 more words


Why travel?

“I love/like travelling”.. – the only words we hear from teenagers, exchange students and foreigners in general. But is it really true and what are those reasons that make people leave their native countries? 324 more words


Please explain this to me

Warning: cultural appropriation; in this post I’m using the words “black” and “white” as a very, very simplified way to talk about cultural differences. I also apologize for the incoherent language, I’m writing about stuff I don’t really understand and find it difficult to express my thoughts in this matter. 891 more words


Closed Sites ... Like Mind Socializing.

This year (which is incidentally better than half way over), I have learned some new tricks, smoothed out some new wrinkles in my life.  Learned if you see a notice on a FakeBook site and it says, “Closed Site” or something stating it is more or less private, then it would be a good deal to pass.  315 more words

Because I'm Introverted

I’m an introverted person. A lot of in-person social activity wears me out, even if it’s with friends. This is true for introverts across the board. 1,003 more words