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Pursue Happiness - Happy 4th of July!

“The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself”

– Benjamin Franklin

We all know the below famous line from the US Declaration of Independence – 923 more words



Summer, a perfect time for kids to be outdoors and socializing with their peers. When I was a young girl, outdoors was our place for entertainment. 80 more words

Nancy Arsenault


Everyone I know, with one exception, has treated me with the highest respect by using my new name, trying to use the right pronouns and not asking intrusive question. 501 more words


A Podcast for Dummies

“You should put a leash on a tiger and walk down the sidewalk naked except for your luxury handbag.”

. . . is the kind of thing I say when there’s a microphone in front of my face. 644 more words



The beat of the drums. The shaking of maracas. And our son running around a room wanting to play with a hula hoop on the wall. 1,170 more words


Are you Open or Closed?

I have found in my encounters with people that there are two kinds of person.

Actually a better way to express this is that I have found that two categories which I either discovered – or more likely – created are useful for describing and talking about people. 354 more words


Floating in the Rapids

There’s that quote I can’t quite remember from a name I also don’t remember about how hard some people have to try at “being normal.” Of course, normal is a relative term, but I think there’s enough indicators within that admittedly vague term that generally people understand what is meant by being normal in society. 682 more words

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