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Anxiety Penguins

I live in an apartment filled with penguins.

Yes, my roommates are in fact part of the bird community. Don’t think I’m rude in saying this; they know it’s true. 72 more words

Ruthie's Random Reflections

Socially Awkward pingvinas ir Knygų pristatymai

Aš esu baisi pažadukė. Kadangi beveik nematau pasaulio dienos šviesoje (bet kiekvienąkart išėjus laukan jis, užtat, atrodo naujas ir neatrastas), visur noriu dalyvaut, net jei neleidžia jėgos. 269 more words

Teh Internet Is A Serious Business - Review

Before my first week in London was out, I had been to the theatre. I am pretty pleased with that.

‘Teh Internet Is Serious Business’ by Tim Price is playing at 510 more words

Oh, To Be a Child Again...

Ironically, I didn’t have much of a childhood growing up. Not because of my parents, but because I was an old soul and always preferred reading books to playing with other kids. 197 more words

Thank you!

I don’t know where to start, dear readers. My blog has gotten over 10,000 views in the past two days (nearly 10,000 yesterday alone). Thank you to everyone who is now following me. 140 more words