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Social Anxiety for the, um, Win? Lose? Blerg!

I’m in a socially awkward stand off with our neighbors.  The postal service left a package at their house for us.  I have the little card but I do not have the ability to get my head out of my ass and go over there for a minute to get it from them. 57 more words

Lighter Side

Check Out the Second Week of 'Socially Awkward,' Live Now on Youtube!

It’s Week 2 of ‘Socially Awkward,’ premiering the first of the ‘Shorts’ that will fill in the gaps between every full episode! Same cast, crew, and writing, just more bite-sized videos and seen from the POV of one of the characters of the show as they do a video blog! 58 more words


'Socially Awkward' Pilot Episode Premieres Today!!

For everyone wondering where I’ve been for the past year, click below to check out the Pilot episode of our new Web Series, ‘Socially Awkward!’ It’s been a lot of hard work, and we’re very excited to finally start airing all of these episodes! 21 more words



I’m what we will call “socially awkward”…like really hardcore. I’ll laugh nervously at anything you say, I will worry more about how I’m acting versus listening to the person I’m in front of, I hug or shake hands with an uncoordinated derpiness, and I most likely would prefer being at home with my cat than hanging out in a group. 217 more words

Inoculate Yourself

Hello darkness, my old friend,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

^Do you think this opening line is too upbeat?^ Whatever. . . I’ll just write. 133 more words



She’s that awkward girl in the corner, the one that doesn’t get noticed, who doesn’t really fit in. You wouldn’t know how much fear and doubt comes with every sentence she manages to speak. 115 more words