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Social Ghost

A real life poem by: Kim Colquitt

Silence fills the room eyes of many watch.
Right about now wishing for a shot of scotch.
The Lump in my throat easing its way up closing off air. 187 more words



I felt your whisper.

It shook its wayward way up my spine,

To ricochet around my head.

What sort of words could I whisper back?


My Poetry

The Office - Ep4 - The New Girl.... or Lady

Remember way back in July I mentioned that I was being moved to a new branch at work? Well it happened.  On the 4th of Sept 2017. 1,035 more words


Introvert With Extravert Tendencies: Confessions of Spotless Mind

See, God think He funny. I truly believe the Lord, God Almighty, Omniscient Father has a divine sense of humor and gets huge belly chuckle on my behalf. 1,022 more words

My Soundtrack

Socially Awkward Moments

Each of us encounters some moments which are uncalled for. In spite of that, they still happen and one finds oneself standing there clueless. One wants it to get over as soon as possible and once it is over, one prays God that it might never happen again. 964 more words


New Year, Same Old Me

Happy New Year!

A time for change, fresh starts and the opportunity to start anew. So many people go into a new year full of optimism and positivity about the year that lies ahead. 291 more words



Well, today is the day. A fresh new start. It may not seem like a big deal but it kind of is. I now start a journey of being a stay at home mom for a couple of years. 546 more words