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16 Pickles

I like pickles. I mean, who doesn’t love pickles? Pickles are great. Pickles go with everything, just like sour cream goes with everything (or is that just my Russian genes speaking?). 2,083 more words

I was BOLD

I’ve been evolving lately, unfortunately I’ll never evolve into a Raichu because Ash refuses to give me my thunderstone……fucking prick, but I can still take some time to appreciate my growth as an awesomely bad ass pikachu can’t I? 1,104 more words

Dan is Socially Inept: The Compendium.

I would love to tell you right here and now, straight off the bat that I’m a really confident dude.

And on good days I am, but like everyone I am prone to the odd socially awkward quirk or two. 1,776 more words


That Time I Had A+ Social Skills

Every once in awhile (read: frequently) I have the best social skills ever displayed by a human in the history of humans and existence and other things that have been around for a really long time. 133 more words

Hello fellow Mumma's

Welcome to my blog.

I am Sophie and I’m completely socially awkward. On the 31st March 2016 at 3.04pm after 36 hours of contractions. Elliot came out screaming and wiggling. 248 more words

I will hug you (sorry)

This is my first blog post, and no better time than to discuss my hugging eccentricity. My name is Ami (no handshake, obvs) and you should know I am a nervous hugger. 38 more words


When you take that leap of faith

This is something else when you take that leap of faith, and do something that you’ve been thinking about for years but never had the balls to do. 481 more words