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How it feels- a drabble by avsongbird

It’s so strange for me, to be accepted for my writing, my vlogs, for the vids I’m putting out, and to have people get back to me. 574 more words


The night before

I have blogged about birthdays before. I get on this high happy mood that I always wish lasted longer. Here I am the night before the day where your Facebook activity spikes. 128 more words


0 for 4

Sometimes having social anxiety totally sucks. Today is one of those days. I’m currently in Maui and I just can’t seem to meet anyone to chill with. 118 more words

Feeling Incapable of Socializing

Content note: some heavy, negative thoughts and suicidal ideation

The most frustrating aspect of my struggle with depression and anxiety is that they make me feel incapable of socializing. 482 more words

Mental Health

Networking Plan for the Socially Awkward

I was totally planning to write about the complexities of introversion and social events, but honestly, my introversion is further complicated by my social awkwardness. I am painfully shy… like it’s physically painful a lot of people ask if I want an Advil…. 591 more words


Exploring Joburg

Last weekend I went to Johannesburg for the first time in my life. Being born and raised in Cape Town, I had no Idea what to expect, but I’ve heard some stories. 904 more words

Socially Awkward

Diary (Thing) 1

Honestly I would like to just share some events ya know?

So its now officially summer . It has been for a few weeks now and my mum keeps bugging me about seeing my friends and its really annoying. 40 more words

Diary Kinda Thing