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How to Fail at Berlin

Sweetbabyjesus I have been doing a bad job of “adulting” these past few months.

With my job that nicely affords me the chance to travel (once every 6 years, Ryanair-dependent), a flat that resembles a university halls of residence shared with a newly-wed couple from Bangladesh and a somewhat enigmatic middle-aged married woman from North Korea who speaks no English or German and lost her elderly husband in the city when he came to visit for two weeks (how is that even possible), I thought I was doing well. 584 more words


I guess I'm saying I'm not regular.

Oh these are my favorite nights,
when life seems measurable;
I never get these moments…
(ok, rarely get…)
but when I do
I try to mark… 28 more words


To The Guy I Met At The Mechanics... 

Hey tall, dark and handsome,
I hope you are well. We met at the mechanics about a week ago and we had a moment. An “I find you attractive moment and maybe…” That’s the best description I have for it. 538 more words

Hezekiah, My Hero :)

My recent relocation reminded me just how far I have come and how much I have grown as a person. I am someone who is usually described as shy to a fault. 865 more words

No Shame in Being a Late Bloomer

Spring is beginning to arrive in earnest here in Northern New England. The crocus have already bloomed and faded in our front yard. The flowers of these small perennials, while vibrant and colorful, last but a short time. 644 more words

Creeper Myth #5 - Socially Skilled Guys are Evil, Evil Assholes

I’ll begin the examination of this myth with an example involving a woman I will call Miss Manners. Miss Manners was a co-worker of mine who became fairly notorious for her awkward failed attempts to date certain other female co-workers, myself included. 1,951 more words


“You’re so perfect.”

“How are you so perfect?”

“You do everything so well – you’re just so perfect!”

“I love your shoes. And your dress. And that scarf goes with both, ties them together, actually. 1,790 more words

Listening To My Life