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I grew up a somewhat sheltered child. Although my sisters gave me a daily dose of outside influence, my parents are christians, and I went to a christian school that was closely associated with a church. 660 more words


Are You Following Me?

Today, I made a fool of myself.

Today I was paired with a man during training.  He had EXB eyes. What I mean by this, is they were brown and hard to avoid even though I hate looking people in the eyes. 499 more words

Mumford and Sons Live in Cape Town

Last week Friday 29 January I was very lucky to have gotten tickets to see Mumford and Sons perform live in Cape Town for the very first time. 392 more words

Socially Awkward

Update On The Joys Of No Alcohol

On January 11th, I embarked on a “no alcohol 2016 journey” for various reasons, mostly outlined in my first post regarding this topic. I picked this date to start because it coincided with the fasting and prayer program that my church is participating in but also mainly because I did wind up drinking on January first, which was initially supposed to be my start date. 511 more words

Screw Small Talk

Earlier today I went to Taco Bell, my fast food binge-eatery of choice. My boyfriend told me that I could borrow his car to go get myself some lunch, so I happily went to the nearest Taco Bell drive thru. 1,314 more words

Life Commentaries

Rambling #1 |Hi, I have social anxiety.

Hi, my name is Kimsiang and I am socially awkward.

I’m a major introvert, nerd, wallflower, and whatever you call it. I’m the kind of person who wants to just dissolve into a wall when I’m alone in public. 331 more words

UGH this is awkward: online dating addition

…So I’m not big on the whole online dating thing…I feel like it’s too appearance based…it’s not because I am not comfortable in my own skin because I am it’s just I feel like when you base a relationship on appearance it may not last long…they can get bored move on to something else. 149 more words