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Guy #134 - Shame...

Guy #134 made me realize something.

Car sex is depressing, if not depressingly impractical.

Though I would go on to have pleasurable car sex with Guy #139 a while later, I do believe the idea of car sex sprouted from a lack of options. 571 more words


So for this blog I was having a bit of a rough patch of what to do. I decided to do doge, bc like why not?! 89 more words


Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m socially awkward.

Growing up in a household where you’re the 9th of 12 children has its ups and downs. 261 more words

A Bit About Me

February 15, 2017

I’m socially awkward, superbly. Even when I’m comfortable in a situation, I still replay my reactions to myself in the most negative way, like they know, they’ve got to know I’m never gone be normal.  180 more words


The dank memes of 2016

So, I think we can agree that 2016 was a shit year. But, what about the memes? If you’ve seen dans top memes of 2016, most of them could have maybe not have been a meme??? 85 more words

[Day 281] TensorFlow Dev Summit Tomorrow!

I’m half excited, half nervous about the TensorFlow Dev Summit tomorrow. I’m excited because it’s the first official TF event, and I will undoubtedly learn a lot. 70 more words

Artificial Intelligence

I Suppose This Is Where We Start

I love that the photo accompanying this placeholder post is a cup of coffee, seeing as it’s the beginning of my blogging venture and a lot of people begin their days with coffee. 503 more words

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