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Leo vs. the Track Team

Leo redirected on me last week during a walk. Things had been going just smashingly and we hadn’t had a reaction worth reporting in a long time. 598 more words


Stupid Friends, Tattoos and All Time Baes

Oh shittlesticks, here it is. The daunting second post.

Hieeee! (this spelling mistake is on purpose mmkay? but you knew that.) Okay. What’s up? Alexis here (or maybe it’s her evil twin whose been recently raised from the dead but who cares about… 1,188 more words


30 Day Challenge Day 26: What Would I Improve On?

An area I’d like to improve on would me my ability to “not give a shit”. I spend a lot of my time worrying about what people think of me and how I should be responding to them. 160 more words


Introverts and parties

I was at a pool party today. I wasn’t exactly invited. No I didn’t gatecrash. My nephew was invited to a pool birthday party and my sister asked me to come along to help as her husband is currently travelling for work. 99 more words



So, I took a hiatus, unintentionally. My work schedule, Netflix and Kindle binges, and depression over my rapid deteriorating thyroid have allowed me to let so many things go by the wayside. 472 more words

My Thoughts

Attention Shoppers! Anxiety Attack on Aisle 1!

Our culture – “civilized” culture – values money, things, style, beauty and physical perfection.  It values worldly success and knocking others down to get ahead.  It values sarcasm, hatred, sex, judgment and fighting.   1,891 more words


"Stop throwing your underwear around, it’s not a rock concert."

So today I bought Krusty Burger pyjamas and decided to start a blog. There are a few things wrong with these decisions though. Firstly, I don’t eat burgers. 767 more words