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10 incredibly weird things about me that (debatably) make me an unlikeable person.

  1. Me to myself – “Thank God It’s a No-Plan Friday. What? There’s a plan? Oh no, why is life so tough?”
  2. I wish she cancels I wish she cancelsĀ I wish she cancels – Oh THANK GOD she cancelled!
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Autism in Adulthood

A few days ago, I was telling the family at dinner about a scenario that happened to me earlier that day. Someone had invaded my personal space and I was a little creeped out. 394 more words


131 Days...so at least I've got THAT going for me

An essay on self-indulgent whining…

I miss that puffy pink cloud of super early sobriety. This has been a trying time and I wonder if I would be handling it better drunk. 651 more words


Do Gifted People Love Others Less?

When I went off to college, I found that I didn’t miss my mom or my dad. I missed neither my family nor my friends. When I realized this, I began to feel quite guilty. 676 more words


Discovering myself and how I should actually live my life

Now being 2 years in college, I can officially validate the statement “College is where you truly discover yourself” because I, have found out so many things about myself, that I never thought were possible. 721 more words


Social anxiety is F****** hard

Social anxiety, slightly introvert with just a pinch of shyness. The worst combination anyone can ever have. I despise to be the centre of attention, worst yet alone in any social setting. 555 more words


Painful Encounters For The Socially Awkward

Just a public service announcement on behalf of all socially awkward people:

If I know you well, little, or even not at all, and we are walking past each other, please know that it is 100% A-Okay to just say “hi”, or smile, or maybe not even acknowledge me at all as we pass by. 756 more words