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Creeper Case File #4: It Rained Here Too

Breaking from my stream of college creepers, this is a story of a creep I met while hanging with a crowd of hippies and new agers. 1,259 more words

How To (for socially awkward people): Hairdresser's

Being socially awkward can be hard sometimes.
Particularly when you consider that social engagement with strangers is pretty much unavoidable on an everyday basis. However, while most of us come to accept that interacting with strangers is inevitable, it doesn’t mean we’re any good at it!  1,056 more words


I'm An Introvert Too!

“I’m an introvert. I don’t talk much. As long as I can remember I have never talked that much. I think there are many things that have lead to this. 299 more words

Issues Of Life

Who Am I? Who I Am.

Where is there room for the misunderstood? The quiet ones? The deep thinkers? The ones who find strength in their own solitude? I’ve been searching for that space. 575 more words

How to screw up an interview. Royally.

Following is an account of a hell portal that I uncovered during the excruciating process of landing a decent internship. This can happen to you if you are – … 469 more words


I’m not exactly a natural when it comes to social interaction. I’m a socially awkward human, so I made a video explaining why.

Huge props to Natalie Tran / communitychannel for the inspiration for this style of skit – it’s something I loved doing and will probably continue doing! 13 more words



My GCSEs started today, so naturally I’ve been quite stressed and panicky. Last night, I tried to get to sleep really early (9:20pm, to be exact) but I didn’t manage to fall asleep for about an HOUR, even though I was exhausted. 595 more words