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First Day Failures

“New year, new me”

Simple phrase, right?


You see this phrase entails that the simple fact that a new beginning or a new season can somehow change the way you are.

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Dan Is Socially Inept: The Second Compendium.

One of my first entries upon starting this blog was one which I felt advertised me in both the wrong and correct light. The Socially Awkward Compendium, a collection of previous Facebook Status’s detailing awkward situations in which I somehow skyrocket into. 1,515 more words


A Very Simple Interaction

This Thursday was the most unusual day of this week I’ve had because of the number of times in one day that I was approached by strangers for help. 805 more words


Being an Awkward Flirt

As someone who can be somewhat socially awkward at times, it can be absolutely terrifying to go out and interact with other people.  Just the idea of going to a pub or social gathering where you’re forced to chat or interact with other people can be almost debilitating. 944 more words



It’s forbidden for staff to write anything about my place of work on social media… No, sadly it’s not MI5, it’s a flipping car dealership!? I know top secret, right?!? 1,229 more words


It's Potty Time! Check Out Katie Breaking Into Bathrooms On This Week's 'Socially Awkward' !!

This week on ‘Socially Awkward,’ Gabbi films another ‘Gabbin with Gabbi’ as Katie flips out on a guest who has locked himself in her bathroom, and attempts to break down the door. 24 more words



Somewhere in between my near meltdown on Friday and right now, my priorities changed. Now, I want to focus on my relationships with other people more than anything else. 871 more words

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