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Apparently I Don't Know as Much About Life as I Thought I Did

Soo, I tripped at the Gorillaz sound show last night. I’m still unsure if this was the best or worst idea we’ve ever had. I wouldn’t usually trip at a gig, but for the Gorillaz it seemed like a good choice. 618 more words


P is for Park

I’ve written before about the two dog parks in town, but due to my self-inflicted rules for this All-Positive A to Z Challenge, I can repeat the name of only one of them: The Good Dog Park. 368 more words


Game Plan

Fact is, I don’t standout. I don’t have a remarkable face that would make people look at me intently. In a crowd, I don’t get noticed. 617 more words


Fear of Rejection or Antisocial Behavior- What is the purpose of community?

I am a hermit, a hobbit, a recluse. I see I struggle with relationships and fear of people. I even fear going to church because that has to do with a lot of people. 496 more words


Welcome to my life.

The following might be a bit hard to believe for some of you out there, but it is a fact that there are actually people in this world who do not have a life. 136 more words

1st Post

The me I am today

So, I’d liked to talk about something.

There’s no secret that saying you’re socially awkward and that you never leave your room has become a trend. 409 more words

Normally Abnormal

We now are entering the fourth month of undergrad purgatory. The job hunt has been both pathetic and tragic, yet for some reason I keep persisting, determined to find a potential career with a job description and pay scale that just doesn’t exist. 1,239 more words