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Hello again,

I’m back with my second blog post, I’m hoping to upload a blog post around once a week, or less or more, it all depends on what ideas pop into my mind and how much time I have. 888 more words

Selective Mutism

Over the years...

As a child I was too passionate, too enthusiastic. I loved festivals (I still do). To me, festivals meant having more guests in the house, getting to meet lots of new people, making new friends etc. 320 more words

Socially awkward

Saya, sayaa *acungin telunjuk*

Yap, how to describe myself in split seconds.

Nggak tau kapan mulainya, but one day I realize that, how can I be so much awkward around people, ngomong jadi susah, dikepala terus-terusan ada yang ngedumel kalo bilang ini kayaknya aneh deh, mending gausah bilang gitu nanti dikirain sok lucu, better be quiet, dan banyak lagi yang bikin otak korslet. 206 more words

Soo Random

Yep, still sober. Still me. Still hate Dr Laura.

So I went on my trip. Even though anxiety was telling me that my house was gonna catch fire and my cat would die while I was gone. 905 more words


An Introduction

In the months since moving to Seattle, I’ve faced many disappointments in trying to forge a social life and gain friends. I am by no means a social butterfly, but I believed this move across the country would allow me to become who I’ve always wanted to become: a normal, socially adequate, and properly functioning adult. 430 more words


Dating While Weird

You know that confident, sexy, black woman who exudes fearlessness as she sashays into the room, entrancing everyone with the sway of her hips and that “I came to Slay” smile? 803 more words

The Weekly Re-Motivator: Awkwardity

I’ve always been pretty awkward.

That might come as a shock, given my background in theater and my career choice as a teacher and the way I prattle on at length about any- and everything around here, but there it is. 680 more words