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I lack tact.

I suck at social situations most of the time.

I’m fine with that.

That caveat aside, I know exactly what I want to say when I open my mouth.   345 more words


An Intimidating Sea of Frat Guys Leads to Social Paralyzation

If anyone other than me is actually reading these posts, that’s cool. If you like them, that’s great! If it bugs you that all the posts center around me and my life (specifically my failures and inabilities), sorry, but I’m writing this as an open diary, so it’s basically going to be all about me. 396 more words


Are you a socially capable human being?

I mean, it’s pretty expected of us to be able to easily communicate with those of our species. However, those genes just seemed to have skipped me. 696 more words


I'm Probably a Terrible Pastor's Wife

Some friends have asked me how life as the pastor’s wife is going.  I tell them the truth: I hardly notice.

I hardly notice because I’m hardly at church.   298 more words

Church Life

Introverted Realization

I have always considered myself an introvert, shy, or whatever the similar term might be depending on my age. I learned in high school how to be charming around people, because at some point you are no longer going to be invited to a lunch table just because you’re new, and part of me knew that. 349 more words

My Strange Aversion to Physical Interaction

Maybe it’s just me. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m pretty strange, but physical touching just makes me so uncomfortable. Everyone else seems completely fine with hugging their friends and exchanging little happy “I love you!”’s… but I just can’t do it. 772 more words


Summer of Blood

Being unsatisfied is a sign of ambition

Year Released : 2014
Director : Onur Tukel
Cast : Onur Tukel, Anna Hollyman, Dakota Goldhor, Jason Selvig and Dustin Defa… 1,410 more words

Film Review