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All I Want

She asked what we truly wanted and this was my reply.

I want to float in the middle of the ocean…held, supported, weightless, rocked gently. I’d fill the ocean with all the salt water inside me and it would thank me instead of telling me to stop. 55 more words


Drowning - The Trap of Being A Genius

I “love” the stereotypes – sic…

– “They think they are so much better than us!”

– “They love ‘bragging’ about how smart they are!” 325 more words

Maladies - What Creates Conflict

Katie Learns The Mechanics of Keg-gery In This Week's All New 'Socially Awkward' !

This week Gabbi tries to teach Katie how to pour her own beer, and cannot help but laugh as a dainty Katie struggles to operate the keg. 24 more words


A Curtain From the World

In this strange, confusing existence I call my life,
my own thoughts are foreign and hide behind enemy lines
mocking me with false grenades and guns without bullets. 271 more words


The not-a-good-idea Talk about Being Smart

Intelligence: the gift turned curse that a lot of us fail to effectively use because we’re horrible assholes without purpose

Intelligence, in the easiest definition, is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.Then, to make things more interesting with details, it is also defined by the capacity of someone’s understanding towards the surroundings. 1,592 more words

Socially Awkward

Socially awkward to my core, I spent years clinging to the notion of that which makes me different and weird separated me somehow. I thought I was a martyr of some long, drawn out and noble cause, like I was somehow meant to rise above. 349 more words

Crohn's Disease