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women with sharp claws and sharper tongues

Last summer, a young woman I work with took a few days of her precious vacation time to be in a childhood friend’s wedding. It turns out the other bridesmaids were sorority sisters of the bride, and Lindsey didn’t hit it off with them. 363 more words

Writing 101

Word Vomit and Being Socially Inept

I’ve come to realise that my level of socially inept is quite an honorary position and a place that most people never dream of achieving. It’s about the level where you cannot even control your own tongue in social situations, whether they be familiar and comfortable or otherwise. 388 more words



I feel like there’s a bit of glamourisation of awkward in the media which downplays, well… how awkward it feels when one doesn’t possess the social finesse of others. 246 more words


All I Ever Wanted, All I Ever Needed

I want to write about about a dream that I had a while ago. Now I’m not usually one for analysing my dreams, but in this case, I think it’s obvious what the different aspects of the dream symbolise. 361 more words

Social Anxiety Disorder

The Rib's Home for Imaginary Friends

by Ali MacLeod

It’s sophomore year, and I need more friends. To the ones I have so far: sorry, pals, you’re not quite acting up to par. 778 more words

Life & Other Drugs

Back of the Book

Everything I put here will be the truth. This will be a story of sorts, I suppose. I will write things that I have wanted to say to people but have been too afraid to say. 83 more words

Day 103 - a wedding

Being a wedding guest

My experience with attending weddings is pretty new. Up until I was about 16 I had only been to one wedding, a wedding at which I was bridesmaid but didn’t actually know it. 1,660 more words

Intuitive Eating