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SMIRA conference 2017

All that I had been through and faced on Saturday 18th March didn’t fully register with me until today. Attending the SMIRA conference had been something I felt equally nervous and excited about, but it didn’t feel like it was actually going to come around and happen until the evening before. 1,478 more words


Get Your WINE ON With The Latest Episode of 'Socially Awkward!'

In this week’s short, Katie and Gabbi have joined forces to do a video wherein Katie attempts to teach Gabbi how to be a “Wine Connoisseur.” Unfortunately for Katie, Gabbi could care less about Wine tasting… 42 more words


Still a Win

I’m socially awkward. There I’ve said it.

I’m also pretty good at faking it so most people don’t know that about me. Now, you dear readers, know the truth! 239 more words


How To Cope With Being Socially Awkward?

How often have you had to make conversations with new people? How often have you felt nervous and apprehensive while doing so? Well, there is a term for describing this condition; it is called being ‘Socially Awkward’. 415 more words

The Horrors of Small Talk

I hate small talk. Most introverts do. But the worst kind of small talk, in my opinion, is the kind in which you feel obligated to participate but weren’t prepared for. 347 more words


I'm An Introvert Too!

“I’m an introvert. I don’t talk much. As long as I can remember I have never talked that much. I think there are many things that have lead to this. 124 more words


Are You A Good Wing Man? Cause Barry Isn't - Check Out the Latest Episode of 'Socially Awkward' Out Today!

Scott needs a new plan to put the moves on Olivia, so in his hour of need he turns to Barry to act as his Wing Man, though first he reminds his friend of all their failed attempts at picking up girls together in the past, in the hopes that Barry might somehow get it right this time around…. 21 more words