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This is my first work outing I have NO idea what to expect

I love my co-workers. Generally, we all get along great! But I have NEVER ever gone to a work outing. I know socially awkward hermit say what now? 141 more words


Rambling While Rendering

After such a monster post as the previous I’m not sure exactly what I should write about. There is really nothing going on in my life right now. 2,528 more words


Learning More

I say I don’t want to be a youtuber, then I go out and use my extra cash to buy a headset to replace my old mic. 1,253 more words

Mental Illness

I'm proud of myself for pushing my comfort zone!

Hi everyone! I know it has been awhile but I have some exciting updates (for me anyway). As in I have really pushed my comfort zone this month. 327 more words


Missing School...

We, The Internet Generation, have come accustomed to casually announcing that we are socially awkward and don’t go out and stay on the Internet all day long and I think we all see this as 1) An ache to be relatable or 2) Maybe even be seen as cool and funny. 330 more words


II: Welcome to the 21st Century

I don’t know what’s worse, feeling out of place and different, or stimuli that keeps reminding I am the same as everyone else, mediocre and human. 254 more words


All gamers are fat, aggressive and socially awkward

Hidden in a dark room, somewhere in the basement, lives the weird being called “gamer”. A male creature, incapable of social interaction, doing nothing but spending the entire day playing violent video games. 598 more words