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How To Let Go

Arguably, one of the leading contributors to creepiness is trying too hard for too long. This is why many people who feel as if they’ve done literally everything to stop themselves from coming across as creepy  still end up failing in the end. 1,068 more words

Dunkin Do-Nots

Sitting in Dunkin,
with coffee and a book,
when a 30-something guy approaches,
says, “He likes how I look”.

I smile,
say thank you,
attempt to return to my page, 135 more words

Thoughts of an introvert - Socially awkward complimenting

Complimenting other people on their appearance, success or any other aspect is part of people’s daily life. Well, it should be. It makes the receiver of the compliment feel special and appreciated (in most cases). 848 more words


How To: Get a boy to like you

Hai! It’s Maddie!

So, recently I found out that, at this age, girls are wanting to start dating. So since I am Dr. Love, I will give you tips on how to get that fiiinee boy to like you! 301 more words

I'm Not Weird, Just Socially Awkward

I am a socially awkward person. Yes, I am. The other day, I went to a party with a few people from work, the party was filled with people whom I did not know. 699 more words

Story of my Life

I’m tired of standing on the outside
Watching everyone smile around me
Their casual conversations and laughter
Draw me in as I stare longingly
Leaning on that impenetrable transparent barrier… 315 more words