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Socially Awkward AF

Surveying the room with dread. Identifying traps and looking for opportunities. Safe zones in the corners. Land mines around the bar. I walk smiling and nodding. 484 more words


Fading Smiles, Lost Hellos

Have you too noticed something lately, or is it just me? For boy, then I should be worried. You know, I might actually be a victim of some involuntary and purposeless over-thinking. 1,291 more words


Quick-Thinking Trump Forms Human Chain To Save Duterte After Someone Shouts 'Hot Lava'

Saying it was a combination of instinct and a genetic predisposition to being amazing at everything he does whether planned or otherwise, Donald Trump today saved the president of the Philippines from the theoretical threat of the entire floor suddenly turning to hot lava. 246 more words


Five Tips for People who Suffer From Social Awkwardness

As an adult, you are constantly in situations in which you have to interact with people. Whether it be at work, in class, or in any public setting, people are inescapable, whether you like it or not. 625 more words


Re: Small Talk (and Other Hazards)

“When I go to a party and try to launch small talk, it displaces its own weight and we sink with all hands aboard.”
 – Hildegard Dolson… 173 more words

Ahhh - my OCD is satisfied for the moment

As I’ve been posting more stories & articles here, I’ve created lots of catagories for what I’ve been posting about. When I first started on this WP site I didn’t fully understand how the catagories & tag creation worked. 209 more words


I Exist, but does anyone care?

Some poet said “I exist, therefore I am”. Or was it “I am, therefore I exist”? I dunno, and honest I don’t give a flying fuck which quote is correct at the moment. 719 more words