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The one skin care brand that heals the world (and your skin)

There is one skin care brand that is very dear to me. It was co-founded by an impressive woman, Elisabeth Sigmund, and its mission is nothing less than “to support the healing of humanity and the earth”. 193 more words


Moosewood Bans the Box

Across the nation and here in Tompkins County, there is a Ban-the-Box movement to reduce barriers to employment for applicants who have a felony conviction on their record. 451 more words

Social Justice

The problem with socially responsible business: the name

There’s an established model for helping organisations clarify individual roles and structure that goes by the acronym: ARCI (arsee). It’s a cascade starting with Accountable, then Responsible, Consulted and Informed. 311 more words


Why you want to employ an Occupational Therapist in your company

Me: “Hi, I’m Wilmarié”

Random person: “Hi Wilmarié, I am any random person you would meet anywhere. So, what do you do?”

The ultimate human validation question in the Western World. 659 more words


The B Corp Handbook

The B Corp Handbook: How to Use Business as a Force for Good

by Ryan Honeyman

What is a B Corp? B Corporations are for-profit organizations which serve a variety of stakeholders rather than to enrich shareholders exclusively. 973 more words

Book Review

Addressing Social Issues Key to Big Company Survival

Forbes: January 1, 2025, Irving, Texas: Exxon Mobil is proud to announce that its exit from the extraction and production of nonrenewable resources is now complete.

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Economic Justice

Circling Fairness

There’s a gap between desire and reality, between aspiration and the act. Whilst many organisations espouse values such as ‘integrity‘ and ‘fairness… 394 more words

Social Age