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Can technology replace teachers?

Andy Haldane, the chief economist at the Bank of England, recently estimated that 15m jobs in the UK were threatened by automation. Technology is reaching such levels of sophistication that it is capable not only of manual tasks but cognitive ones too, putting a wide range of jobs are at risk. 364 more words


Why is motivation so hard to find? Don’t we all just wish we could want something so much that we could just literally go and get it without having to work for it. 254 more words

BrandYourself Before&After

Although both my before and after attempts at BrandYourself resulted in F’s, I did slightly improve. My first attempt resulted in 8 out of 10 results that were not about me; whereas my more recent attempt concluded with 5 of my top 10 results being about me! 377 more words


What Do I say?

I can remember the time, when the blue ink ran along the pages like blood of the innocent on the streets;

I can feel the pressure of the nib on the tips of my fingers making them callous like that of labourers carrying those red bricks, 508 more words

Is it you, or you?

Last week I observed an interesting exchange on a contact’s Facebook page. It became quite an argument with some fairly ugly and controversial opinions being expressed. 379 more words

My first attempt at some market research

Hi guys! I have been advised to undergo some market research into digital marketing so today I produced my first ever survey YAY! I would really appreciate it if any of you could take the time to fill it in for me. 34 more words


A wake up call

The past year has been confusing to say the least, from struggling with the travel blues, moving to the middle of the countryside, moving to Greece, trying to force myself to be in love, moving back to my mums, moving into my own place, getting through 6 jobs in the space of 11 months and not being able to figure out who the hell I was in the mean time. 234 more words