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Women Can Travel Like Men. But Are We 'Supposed' To?

By Li-Mei Russell 

There is no shortage of discussion on equality in the mainstream media. We’ve got campaigns such as Free The Nipple and Emma Watson’s viral… 663 more words


Don't Be Held Hostage in a Pursuit of Likes!

How many likes do you have? How many followers do you have? How did you get these likes and followers?? Do you run a business that lends itself to community interest and intriguing content? 372 more words

idea # 7 how you can use Facebook advanced targeting to increase organic reach?

How exciting . . . I have received my first question from a reader of my blog. Hurrah!

Question: I’ve always been heavily into social, but it’s just getting harder and harder now to make an impact unless your paying $$ and without being cheesy. 541 more words


I love Adelaide!

Just wanted to show my appreciation for the city I now call home!

I moved to Adelaide nearly 5 years ago from a village just outside of the county Essex, near London. 146 more words


idea #6 have you seen the new QUOTE option on Twitter yet?

Well I’ll be . . .

Twitter has implemented another great new idea.

idea #6 make Tweeting better.

This is fantastic. I noticed this the other day on my… 152 more words


Gender Specific Social Media Marketing

Today I came across probably one of the most interesting segmentation strategies I’ve seen so far on social media. While scrolling through Instagram, I discovered a post tagging a page for Porsche – specifically targeted at women only, a campaign they call ‘Women With Drive’. 51 more words

Transform a game into a social media platform

QuizUp is a social trivia game, containing over 100,000 trivia questions across almost 300 categories. The game allows users to answer trivia questions either individually, or in competition against friends and strangers. 370 more words