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Digital Marketing | Understanding Your Prospects

(Dedicated to My Parents Mr. and Mrs. Ashraf Malik)

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Before I proceed, and in order to facilitate new readers, I think it is best to reflect on the summary of previous (two) articles/ blogs. 759 more words


World’s Cutest Dog Dies Of ‘Broken Heart’

20 January 2019

Social media star Boo the Pomeranian dog, officially voted the ‘world’s cutest dog,’ died yesterday at the age of 12 (that’s 84 in dog years). 228 more words

Quick View on The Biggest Social Media Channels For Startups

Many traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses still don’t consider Social Media as a source of leads. It can be an advantage, and disadvantage as conventional (let’s call them ‘technophobe’) customers don’t consider engaging with established brands on social media. 1,403 more words


Have we all succumbed to the Digital trauma?📱

Have we all succumbed to the Digital Trauma? I mean, have we lost control over ourselves that we cannot manage an hour of the day without our smartphone? 483 more words


The Importance of Keeping Your Social Media Profiles Up-To-Date

Every business person have their own way of promoting their business, and social media plays a very important role on today’s marketing system. But, what can social media do for your business? 363 more words


Why influencer marketing is not all it’s cracked up to be

A study finds it’s sometimes more efficient–and cheaper–to spread information randomly rather than through targeted seeding.

How does information spread? How do you encourage its spread? 998 more words

Social Media

A snippet of life before I deactivated Facebook

When things were what I deemed ‘good’ on Facebook, I loved
it and (embarrassingly) got such a buzz; getting tagged in something, likes on
a new post/comment/picture, event invitation, finding out ‘gossip’, and so on. 708 more words