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Reminiscing about social...

When I started my career in social media management, working for a local authority, it was so very eye opening. It was exciting and it was captivating. 944 more words


What is the difference between ‘Communities of Practice’ and ‘Online Communities’?

Communities of Practice and Online Communities; the two terms sound quite similar don’t they? Lets look at them both in a bit more depth…

Communities of Practice (CoPs) 481 more words


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Another Mother’s Day is almost here! If your mother is still living, you are very fortunate (I know I am!). Many people who have lost their mothers always tell me “You’ll miss her when she’s gone, so show her now how much you love her.” Even if you had a dysfunctional relationship with your mother or if she wasn’t around at all, remember you wouldn’t be here without her. 499 more words

Twitter for charities

Today an article by Rohan Hewavisenti  advised charities to take advantage of twitter as a fundraising tool, highlighting an interesting advantage of the platform.  He listed few examples of success, like the Cancer Research UK campaign #nomakeupselfie, which  raised over £8m, or the #icebucketchallenge which helped in raising over £ 7m for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, to which it can be added the more recent and interesting case of Laura Darrall, whose campaign  #itaffectsme, aimed to raise awareness for mental health issues, went rapidly viral. 44 more words


My First blog post

Hello everybody this is my first blog post. I started this because I really like to type and I’m trying to get into liking reading. This blog post is just to tell you guys about me and tell me what to blog about. 50 more words