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CDO's Traffic situation

Under the raging heat of the sun, and the buzzing mechanical machines occupying the city streets, every day seems to be a struggle. Cagayan de Oro is a city situated at the northern part of Mindanao, strategically located beside a river, where every other civilization has started – near a body of water. 311 more words


Generation Overshare

There’s a quote from the film The Social Network that circulates my pea brain on a frequent basis. It’s not one of my usual soppy, over cringey classics, yet it’s accuracy for 2015 life hits me hard- like when my dog runs into my legs. 518 more words


So this era...

So this era is a funny one. WARNING: I am a walking talking body of contradiction. You MAY also call me a hypocrite and I wouldn’t bite you for saying that. 810 more words


Social Media: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

For every horrendous human atrocity (that makes Western media headlines), there is a social media reaction. People who don’t normally post political opinions or comments, or even follow the news want to share their thoughts with the world. 488 more words


Concrete Cloth: Entry 11

Putting my arms around her waist with a Sunday morning kiss, I asked her once: “Why does your bedroom look so different than the rest of this house? 749 more words


Do not Kill Yourself

Easy like that.  800 thousand people commit suicide per year, 12 thousand in Brazil. The data is from OMS. This number scares me, especially because it is… 1,354 more words