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Spilling the beans about social media trend, Can't we demand a support?

Attention’ has been the most used 3 syallable word in the social media especially in instagram.

Literally, everyone is at goose-chase to fight those… 479 more words

Israel’s psychological warfare with Palestine over social media

Social media usage has its roots coming from the Kosovo war in 1999, the emergence of social media platforms had vanished the concept of ‘full spectrum dominance’ of the United States of America over war stories. 1,199 more words

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

My Kitchen Sink and the End of Humanity

Column by J1 Reporter Eliza Turco

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

I hate my kitchen sink. It spites me with its gleaning copper and automatic sensor. 550 more words

Online Exclusives

Unofficial usage of social media by soldiers can damage the country’s reputation: Israel’s army

The world witnessed how web 2.0 affected the US army when it comes to Abu Gharib. The social media usage by the military official accounts to announce their actions and threats towards the enemy by the Israeli army is always a calculated move because it is run by a highly disciplined military organization. 235 more words

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel’s social media propaganda to alter Palestinian perception – a failure or a success?

Israel’s massive spending on social media to gain the international support as well as to alter the consciousness of Palestinians towards conflicted-zone and to accept its hegemony can be viewed in a broader picture that how social media platforms are being used by Israel’s government and military as a crucial part of their defence strategy to achieve their vested interests. 1,032 more words

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Live Life Unfiltered: How I Changed the Way I Use Social Media

by Rashi Purohit

Going through a bunch of photos of myself, I can finally choose one that I can work with. All I need is some filters to make my skin look flawless and my jawline more prominent. 612 more words