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Too Much Sexuality, Not Enough Substance

On a daily basis I am bombarded with over-sexualized images of women. One one hand I am all about freedom of expression, but on the other hand I want to cover up these women and beg for them to stop posting photos of their bare bottoms on social media. 354 more words


It's okay not always to be okay

I get many messages, asking how I’m always so happy and how I manage to always spread positivity on my social media. I have no clue, to be honest. 557 more words



She worried about a lot of things.

From the wrinkles on her neck, and the crookedness to her teeth,
the collarbones that wouldn’t carry quarters, to the frizzy hair she was unable to keep. 110 more words

Words that Matter

I read my newsfeed. all of it. the quotes, the sad shares, ahadees everything. and i have realized that the impact of words has dimmed considerably. 240 more words

Snapchat me that... 😸😽😺 ...

It’s a regular night; you’re chilled in bed, the group chat’s popping and everything in life seems to be running well- that is until you see a little notification from snap chat appear at the top of your screen. 439 more words

The Marina Joyce story :O

Hi everyone!

So I was watching youtube vids when I stumbled across the Marina Joyce story and I have to say it really is creeping me out!!! 433 more words