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Real Life vs Social Media

Everyday scrolling through social media you see posts advertising an amazing weekend, a V.I.P event someone got to attend, or a high-end new product they just purchased. 522 more words


Be kind.

I don’t get the human race sometimes.

We are capable of love, compassion and kindness but I feel like we are living in a world where difference of opinion is causing us to be horrible to one another, to hate something that challenges our views, to believe that our opinion is the only one that is right. 178 more words


Listicles, what are they and why are they so popular in this day and age?  A listicle is a type of blogging that is part list and part article (ThoughtbubbleAU, 2015).  298 more words


My Privacy

Whilst setting up this blog I decided to turn back to some of my social media accounts that I had abandoned. I think I stopped using them because I wanted to stay away from the norm, to prevent myself from the ‘brainwashing’ that this form of media has been said to cause and I viewed the whole thing as some type of entertainment, as a distraction (which I still believe to an extent) but I have realised that the phenomenon that is social media is not the terrifying ‘666’ mantra of the twenty-first century. 580 more words

Gin Links

Be you an aging Aboriginal, Bioengineer or a complete virgin in the world of Gins… or maybe you are ed… 75 more words


Social Media Presence: A Shame Not To

The 21st century is an era that is continually growing the use of technology and social media. To put today’s technological and social media use into perspective, brandwatch.com, states (as of July 2015) the Internet has 3.17 billion users, with the average user having 5.54 social media accounts. 428 more words


Visual Design Concepts for Digital Marketers

Visual design is becoming more and more relevant in digital marketing. Social media channels like Instagram and part of Facebook are built upon it and so it is important that digital marketers learn what the basics are of visual design so they can get a sense of what concepts are aesthetically appealing than others. 1,388 more words