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lurkers and berserkers

i was thinking
they were slinking
as my doubts were hulking
i feared they may be skulking

then as i started blinking
my sureness was slowly sinking… 98 more words


How To Social Sell To Boost Your SEO

The most common way to use social media to increase traffic to a website is to put a link on a Facebook page and hope enough people click through to make a difference. 478 more words


Favourite Mobile Applications

A great mobile application is Instagram.The name Instagram comes from ‘instant camera’ and ‘telegram’. Instagram is a great online photo sharing, video sharing and social networking app that allows you to take pictures and videos and apply filters to them and share them on a variety of other social networking services. 129 more words

Guest Post by Seumas Gallacher ~~ Why Author Seumas Gallacher has a blog....

I ‘met’ Seumas in Blogville several months ago. He’s a delightful man with a great sense of humor.

He is also the author of several crime-thriller books that are hugely popular. 437 more words


Seumas Gallacher reblogged this on Seumas Gallacher and commented:

...many thanks to the gracious Jackie Phillips for allowing me air time on her blog ... mwaah :) ALL MY BLOG POSTS ARE FREE TO SHARE OR RE-BLOG SHOULD YOU SO WISH---BE MY GUEST!

What a waste.

She could do so much more with her life.
But she chose to…
*scroll* *scroll* *scroll*
A like here, a like there.
A favourite tweet here, a favourite tweet there. 9 more words


Exploring Social Networking

Being rather late on to the tech/Web 2.0 bandwagon, I am rather minimalist when it comes to social networking. I use FB and Reddit, primarily. Being a quizzer, I am a member of several online quizzing/trivia groups on FB. 171 more words