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The Likers

Who are they? How do they attack? Are they dangerous or wild? Many questions have been gathered around the myth of the Likers. Here, we will give you some of the answers, thanks to one scientific who studies them. 483 more words


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Do you read what you' 'Like"?

[Webinar Invitation] Is Your Brand Missing the Link to LinkedIn?

To build your brand, harness your network to find and engage prospects.

If you know how to use it, LinkedIn’s database of 400 million members can be a tremendously powerful vehicle for raising awareness of your brand.  200 more words

Brand Strategy

Social Networking

Social networking sites have helped us in so many ways. They helped us in finding long lost friends, resources at disposal in need of support, love and fun, meet people from different regions, states, countries, colors, race etc, stay informed about world economy and politics  and has brought world closer by allowing travelers/workers(out of state) stay in touch with family and friends. 729 more words

Time to say HelloTalk!

At the start of this Spring quarter, now’s the time to meet new friends and reconnect with classmates and teachers from Winter quarter. Say hello, chat, study together, and hang out! 114 more words


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Before Facebook came Orkut in the field of Social networking. Orkut was thrown out of the race by Facebook as Orkut lacked speed, functionality and privacy settings.   152 more words

Writer’s Block

‘Hey, why you haven’t been on twitter, facebook, instagram for past few days!! I came to check whether you are alive or not?’ Dia said sarcastically as she entered hostel room. 130 more words

Why I deleted my social networking accounts

So, about a good 7 months ago I had my friends messaging me and strangers hating me because I’d unfollowed them on all my accounts. But little to their knowledge did they know that I hadn’t unfollowed them, I just deactivated my account. 1,147 more words