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An Experiment.

I’ve had quite the relaxing summer. No major trips, no classes, no conferences. Just movies, binging on TV shows, reading books, and listening to podcasts. It’s been great, save for one bad habit that just got worse: Facebook. 219 more words

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Two Popular Sites that Every Food Lover should Go Through!t blog post

Two Popular Sites that Every Food Lover should Go Through!t blog post

Are your taste buds reminding you about the lip-smacking Chinese, continental or any other cuisine? 481 more words

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Fake Friends believe in rumors, Real friends believe in you!

There is a saying “A friend of everyone is friend to none”. This is so true!

Recently I came across a random post which actually kind off triggered me to write this. 399 more words

Social Networking and Smart Women

The buzzword today is Social Networking. We use this platform to showcase talents in every field. It is a must, to be updated with latest inventions and discoveries. 307 more words

Google+ turns 5 and is somehow still alive — TechCrunch

People who love Google+ sure love Google+. That hasn’t changed since Google first launched what at the time seemed like a credible Facebook competitor back in June 2011.

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Homescreen.me returns with a new site for sharing your favorite apps — TechCrunch

One of the early startups in the app discovery space, Homescreen.me, is relaunching its service that lets you browse what apps others have installed on their iPhone, and now, Apple Watch, too.

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Social Media

Facebook brings emoji to VR with 360 Reactions — TechCrunch

Watching 360-degree videos alone on your Gear VR is about to get a little less lonely. Oculus just rolled out the ability for users to see and leave Facebook’s five emoji reactions on 360 Videos within Gear VR’s video app.

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