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Don't Wait! Profit With Social Network Sites

The primary step to getting the most out of social media network websites is to understand exactly what they are and exactly what they can do for you. 576 more words

The participatory culture and viral videos

Viral videos are video clips that became very popular in a short period of time through online user-led distribution. In other words, these videos have been posted on various social networking sites (SNS) and have millions of views. 498 more words


New YouTube Community

Last year, YouTube launched a new feature enabling users to connect with each other on the platform. Before, creators had to look for other ways to talk to their audience, but now with the advent of YouTube Community tab they can ask subscribers for any input, feature new content or tease the best moment from videos. 368 more words


Why LinkedIn is Still Imperative for Non-Business People

As an undergraduate business major pursuing a career outside of the business realm, the lack of value placed on networking, especially social networking, in certain fields consistently appalls me. 672 more words

YouTube Rewind 2017

Like every year, YouTube Rewind is back and shows what shaped the pop culture of 2017. The clip features all the best moments captured from videos. 134 more words


What Are We Going To Do With All These Photographs?

Last night, while suffering from a limb ache, a thought just popped in my head, what are we going to do with all these photographs? I am not a person who takes a-lot of pictures. 203 more words


Taking Too Many Selfies Lately? Here Is Why?

Today’s digital cameras and smartphones have made it easier and easier to take a photograph of yourself (otherwise known as a selfie) and social media allows you to readily share these selfies with literally everyone. 640 more words

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