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Social Networking Popularity: Czech Republic vs United States

Social Networking Popularity: Czech Republic vs United States

Social networking is ever growing and evolving and has gained an influence on society in the last decade or so. 439 more words

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Why you need to befriend Pal - the new connection app

Forget Facebook (Well, many have now), Like ‘Meetup’ Pal is the brand new friendship app to allows you to connect and socialise with like-mind people like yourself. 226 more words

You Say Goodbye Orkut, I Say Hello to Hello Network

I don’t know about you, but, I have honestly been thinking of joining the #DeleteFacebookNow movement in the wake of the recent events that happened with the social networking giant.  872 more words


Social networking or relationship building - What to do to not have to delete people from your friend list.

In the pursuit of knowledge, something is added every day. In the pursuit of enlightenment, something is dropped every day.

– Lao Tzu –

There have been countless posts on Facebook/LinkedIn with details focusing on:

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Likes, Hearts, Shares and Followers - Are you playing the game wrong?

There is no doubt that social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc.) is used commonly in today’s information age. Almost millennials, who were born after 1980, spend more time for checking what is happening around themselves through those applications. 993 more words


How people in Russia use Social Media

Today if we think of the most popular social network in the world, we think of Facebook. However in Russia there exist many social networks that can be unfamiliar for people from other countries. 548 more words


Don't Wait! Profit With Social Network Sites

The primary step to getting the most out of social media network websites is to understand exactly what they are and exactly what they can do for you. 576 more words