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Peace: Divinity Acknowledged - in Myself

I feel space and selflessness

when I soften

and just be.

My own private dramas

aren’t mine to own,

no more than my sister’s

road to sobriety… 39 more words


Revolutionary Gender on the 4th of July

It’s a beautiful morning on the first day of the month, this first day of July.  I feel at peace here on my patio of the apartment building, enjoying the sunshine, birds chirping and writing in my journal, taking a moment for myself to start the day off right before I move on to all the stressful shit handling I have to do. 1,052 more words



 It’s about 80 degrees at 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning when I finally decide tossing and turning for two plus hours, trying to sleep, isn’t really doing me any favors.  1,317 more words


The Necessities of Bad Art

Is bad art needed kind of like old reruns of Star Trek?  They show us how far we’ve come and what we’ve been through along the way?  1,317 more words


In the Night

In the night

the trees take a life

of their own.

The leaves look like small little black birds

swaying in the wind.

I can see the dark outline… 34 more words


Success and Competition - It's all how you see it....

With coming along in following a dream or being brave enough in discovering your unique path in life and actually treading it, comes with leaving behind old, unhelpful beliefs and habits, and also, being willing to go against the norm and be on your own.   714 more words