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The End of the Enlightenment?

What’s the matter with Kansas? wondered Thomas Frank [1]. They don’t seem to vote in favor of the programs and candidates that would benefit them most. 1,804 more words


The Tree Of Knowledge Is Not An Apple Or An Oak But A Banyan

The tree of knowledge has a plurality of roots, and structures of knowledge are multiply grounded in the earth: the body of knowledge is a single organic whole, no part of which is more or less dispensable than any other. 34 more words


Gay Pride Month

As I was exiting the subway station this morning, I noticed a TD Bank advertisement that read something along the lines of “celebrate pride month, celebrate pride year.” Once I left the station, the first thing I noticed was American Eagle’s window display for Pride. 333 more words


London's Poor Need Saving from Government Help

It just keeps getting worse for the poor souls living in high-rise social housing in London. It’s now being reported that 27 high rise blocks in 15 council areas in the UK have failed fire safety tests. 1,664 more words