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Justice or revenge?

Should I be happy because my country conducted a surgical strikes on its arch-rival? As I was scrolling down my news feed, I saw many people in my friends’ list ‘celebrating’ the strikes. 275 more words

First love

Human science suggest, we tend to get even more sentimental with age, especially about memories of long ago. They become more important with time.

They! Who? 274 more words


The Journey of Life-3

Like other emotions, contentment has to be cultivated in our consciousness. Anytime you step out, you will find people with better homes, cars, bodies, talents and wealth. 445 more words


राग-द्वेषका त्याग-3

अच्छा और बुरा लगता है, ठीक और बेठीक लगता है‒यह राग-द्वेष है । इसके वशमें न होना क्या है ? इसको तमाशेकी तरह देखे कि क्या अच्छा है और क्या मन्दा है ! 38 more words

Practical Advice

Official Sexism

As you can tell from the title, I have a grievance in mind for today. After such a long struggle for gender equality, it grieves me that we have given it up so easily.[1] Ah well. 1,065 more words

Living My Life

Can somebody please explain the difference to me?

Today’s Guardian carries a report concerning one Kevin Wilson. Back in December 2015, Wilson was sentenced to life in prison for attacking his heavily pregnant girlfriend and killing their unborn baby. 456 more words

The Takers and the Givers

I think there are two kinds of people in the world;

Those who will take everything

and those who would give anything


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