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If All Lives Mattered, There Wouldn't Be #BlackLivesMatter

If All Lives Matter in our society, there wouldn’t be such disparate experiences of violence or of poverty along racial lines. Yet, an examination of  crime statistics, of poverty statistics, of education statistics, of employment statistics and so forth, show that clearly, our society does not act as if All Lives Matter. 367 more words


Modern He-Art.

I will curl
My cone-shaped
Like modern day art
In the corner
Of this carti-rib cage
And try to hold on to
The little soul the world hasn’t taken yet. 239 more words


A Wanderer's Wonderings 1: The Impossible is a Reality (deep thoughts from Turkey)

Istanbul. Where impossible contradictions make up an intricate carpet woven by a potpourri of tailors, over centuries of historical events central to the world as we know it. 790 more words



Every time I think of the word society or what society is I would get confused.  I would refer to society in the exact way I define community.  266 more words


the tradition of giving gifts

Two people are getting married. It could be a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Doesn’t matter. Why do there have to be so many gifts for so many people? 285 more words


the never ending guest list in indian weddings

I have been to many, many weddings since I was a child. Like a lot of people, I love eating at wedding functions. Sadly, I don’t think I even knew the names of the persons getting married in at least one third of the weddings I have been to. 280 more words


hello, world!

Hi, Everybody. Hope you’re doing well.

This is my first attempt at blogging. :)

What I’ll be posting about: I am very opinionated about many of the society rituals and traditions which exist around us. 103 more words