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My Stage is Society

Perpetuating inequity, plays its fiddle on this mind

Seeping into fingers, then riddled into rhyme

The keyboard my piano, its tempo off beat

Fingers find letters, no pedals for feet… 156 more words


This Week, Only In The USA - 3/23/15

What happened this week in America the beautiful?  Time to catch up on politics, pop culture, and other cray cray news:

#1 Republican Ted Cruz is the first official presidential candidate for 2016… 52 more words


Emotions vs. Education

Last January, I went to Holland with my art history class. We spent an afternoon in Haarlem visiting the Frans Hals museum, and at the time there was an exhibition on called “Emotions : Pain and pleasure in Dutch painting of the Golden Age.” 1,071 more words


My gripe about the misappropriation of quantum physics by new age woo

A  few years ago I ended up consulting someone over a health matter. This guy seemed to be talking sense, until he started up about ‘quantum healing’. 781 more words


"because i'm white"

“because i’m white” is my new blog I am going to be working on along with this one. The new blog is dedicated to trying to get people involved in talking about race relations in America. 39 more words


Sexism still sells cars

I’d like to spend some of your valuable time today thinking about a topic nearly everyone would call “sexism.” I’m not quite sure what to call it, myself, but when you look at this Buick ad, you will know exactly what I mean. 1,534 more words

Ways Of Knowing

Could co-pilot's murder-suicide be tragic consequence of affirmative government action?

It’s just a theory, which may never be proven, but it seems plausible. From what’s been reported by the media about Andreas Lubitz’s background, it seems possible that he may have been defined as ‘disabled’, according to disability law in Germany. 705 more words