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Don't Bother Calling

A lament? A song of victory? A passionate plea? It’s probably a mix of all these and more – and it is enigmatic and remarkable.    13 more words


The Importance of Knowing Yourself

These are fascinating times to be living in the good ol’ United States, aren’t they? Negotiating new highs and lows in society, dredging all sorts of muck up to the surface. 512 more words


Man-oh-Man.....the linguistics of change.

I’m asking you man-to-man: how in the world can we find enough man-power to eradicate all those man-made sexist expressions we’ve used all our lives! 461 more words


Til(l) Now

we toil in toxic soil

planting intentions,

nurturing our contemplated

marinated seedlings of hope

and it feels righteous

downright righteous

is this not the path to peace? 143 more words


I can’t eat none of that.

No worries, we’re only half way through the 1st month of the new year, and I made the conscious decision to curve my intake of certain foods. 214 more words


Irritated Nipple Syndrome

This blog I re-publish every year due to my chronic INS.

I’m poor – can only afford cheap polyester t-shirts and, dammit, my nipples are sore!!! 1,101 more words