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CyberMalice! What's online doesn't stay offline.

“You have one new follower request.” “You have a new mention from @_______” “@_________ just liked your photo.”

We live in an era where social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. 1,138 more words


The EU Directive that kills asylum seekers & refugees

Why are so many of the people fleeing from violence and destitution in parts of the Middle East and Africa travelling by boat when flying to Europe is quicker, cheaper – and safer? 860 more words


The Deformed Thief: Clothing Courage Kinds

The deformed thief called Fashion is even now on the loose. Hundreds of years after Shakespeare wrote his play, and the police are still not able to capture the one with the lock in his hair and the key in his ears (not quite sure which was which. 516 more words


Pacquiao VS Mayweather: WOW

It all comes down today. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will be fighting tonight at the MGM in Las Vegas (why does everything have to be in Las Vegas????). 209 more words


NDP: the only party that understands the economy

Alberta’s Wildrose Party leader, Brian Jean is quoted in a CBC article as saying, “You can’t trust the New Democrats with the economy — we’ve seen that right across the country, whether it be in Ontario or otherwise …They destroy the economy.” 504 more words


Baltimore Riots?

By: Rolf Li

The death of Freddie Gray was yet another example of the racism that is widespread throughout the USA, and yet again, the people of Baltimore and many other cities have had enough.  471 more words


Stop Wasting My Tax Dollars!


 Yet another audit on a City Hall construction project has just produced nothing substantive.  We (taxpayers) have just been forced to spend another $160,000 to satisfy the constant carping of a small group of NEVER elected individuals. 1,380 more words