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Really bad political arguments

In his column of August 12, which is an important contribution to today’s debates, Frank Bruni introduces Professor Mark Lilla, of Columbia University. Lilla comments that “classroom conversations that once might have begun, I think A, and here is my argument, now take the form, Speaking as an X, I am offended that you claim B. 1,318 more words


5 Ways to Be Enthusiastic and Positive

These days it seems to be increasingly difficult to maintain an active and energetic approach to life. Work, worries, money, the whole shebang just weighs our minds down. 1,284 more words


Peaceful co-existence

Often we find that we are unable to get on with our parents, or siblings, or spouses. The reason is no one is without the thought of self. 403 more words


52 Seconds of Patriotism : Freedom Sales.

It takes 52 seconds approximately to recite our National Anthem and that is how long the sense of patriotism lasts for the day, and the rest is for Freedom Sales, freedom from routine, freedom from work, freedom to relax and freedom of spirit flowing through our veins. 6 more words


True Independence

True Independence is when you understand

~ Freedom for speech & expression

~ Freedom for independent choices

True Independence is when you stop judging others… 85 more words


How to be a Likeable Human Being

It’s tough isn’t it?

We as busy human beings have to worry about either school (test scores, getting those co-curricular activities, social drama); work (surviving your boss, getting a promotion, that annoying workmate); or life (being successful, finding happiness, discovering purpose)… AND yet social situations force us—against all the hullabaloo—to try to be likeable? 650 more words


A Moral Dilemma

A Moral Dilemma

Can you lead your life in absolute black or white?

Some questions have no answers, many questions, in fact, have no absolute answers. 863 more words

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