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I’m emotional for a tough old dude. 

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Most men will openly laugh at humour, yet, hide in the shadows to shed tears towards painful or downtrodden events.  255 more words


Just Another Existential Hazard of Being a Woman

This was originally posted on 13 November 2012, when I was living and working in Cusco, Peru. Though this was five years ago, and I am now based in Seattle, things haven’t changed. 1,562 more words


hashtag me too

glass jar, darling
it will hold the fireflies in;
fluttering wings
& blinding rings
of merry-go-rounds;
it’s not a trial to escape
(but we aren’t the judge, 201 more words

Black Days


Five years with this blog, nine years with my Blogspot site



Understanding climate change's impact on early societies

A new study linking paleoclimatology — the reconstruction of past global climates — with historical analysis shows a link between environmental stress and its impact on the economy, political stability, and war-fighting capacity of ancient Egypt. 38 more words

Climate Change

Every Silver Cloud has a Dark Lining

It is important to remember that we and the media usually notice the exception to the rule, compliance to the rule is rarely noticed or reported and that warps our perception of the world around us in a negative way. 14 more words

I Dream of Do-Nothing Governments and Faithless Bureaucracies

George Orwell once said, “some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.” This was an astute observation, which is as true today as it has ever been. 1,010 more words