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Ink, after drawn, can blur, but a pen can tear through paper. Borders are a human invention. At times, they stand in the way of geography. 1,138 more words


Prayers for the president...

On the cusp of this historic inauguration, although I have a heavy heart, I am compelled to pray for a prosperous and peaceful term in office for the leader of the most powerful nation in the modern world. 80 more words

Women And Society

Tomorrows From Yesterday

” Nihil sub sole novum. ”

There’s nothing new
under the sun.

One thing that is
patently observable from art —

Our concepts of what the… 261 more words


More and more bullshit. Trying to modify my loan payments so I can save up faster and pay them off quicker.

S showed me an invitation to our dead friend’s memorial early in February. 349 more words

Blame the System

We all need to realize that we have a system set in place that eventually turns out a president or vice president. In that system is electoral process, delegate process/primaries etc. 360 more words

MLK Jr. and The Boondocks

Martin Luther King Jr. Day makes me think of Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks. There is an episode in season 1 that is a “what if” scenario, and it has Dr. 348 more words


Caught By Surprise

Once a week I have three hours to kill in East Austin. I kill them at Denny’s, because it’s close to where I need to pick up R when she’s done, and because they play 60s and 70s rock–my music. 713 more words