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PTD Wild West 2: Conquer Fear

Due to restrictions on YouTube, I’m freeing my podcast from their tyranny and posting audio directly to the site. This is a repost.

Anyway in this podcast I discuss a simple technique to conquer fear and inflate your balls, then I highlight some of the fucking awesome articles recently featured on RESURGENCE, I’m psychically attacked by Woody Allen on the air and I finish it off with an advertisement for our Apprenticeship Program, oh ya and I play heavy metal! 9 more words


Monica Lewinsky: The Price of Shame

In 1998 Monica Lewinsky became famous for her very public affair with at the time POTUS, Bill Clinton. The story exploded over the internet and dawned the age of social media. 254 more words


Strong Black Man (Sheriff) "debates" Weak Black Man!

“Positive” Street Gangs in the Black Community?

Can you imagine a rightwing politician advocating an approach that glorified the Aryan Brotherhood and the KKK as a family unit? 36 more words

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Rape and The Miracle of Forgiveness

Today’s Guest Post is by Chris Kimball.

Although nobody accuses me, every time the (now out-of-print) The Miracle of Forgiveness comes up, I cringe and feel guilty. 595 more words


"Julius Pleaser" on Women-Blaming

Another ridiculous conspiracy theory that is meant to shift the blame from weak white men to other external factors is one that claims women are responsible for the down fall of Western society. 77 more words

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Boycott the Fags at ESPN!

As part of their pro-homo, pro-transfag, anti-family, anti-male agenda… ESPN has now taken it a step further to drive away nearly every segment of their target audience: heterosexual men. 125 more words

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