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The Old Person in My Wallet


Several years ago, an old guy got into my mirror. He looks just like me except much older. It’s always a surprise: I walk into the bathroom, expecting to see my 30-year-old self in the glass, and instead I stare into the eyes of an elderly man. 586 more words

Society & Culture

The #MeToo Witch Hunt Claims Another Victim

Allow me to ask you a question dear reader. Let us assume that you are a young woman, in her twenties, and that I am an elderly politician known for his deeply social conservative political stances. 790 more words


Those Fabulous Fakes

We live in a world of fakes — fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake scandals, lip-syncing musicians, and the ever-popular bare-faced lie. So we shouldn’t be surprised that some aspiring self-published authors resort to fake book reviews. 1,017 more words


A Culture of Innovation

In an era dominated by postmodernists striving to deconstruct the modern world, it can be easy to disregard our culture and identity as important foundations upon which we build and progress further. 3,077 more words

Society & Culture

Episode 107: Warring Worlds of Media: Dear David

Each time a new media technology arises, people fear what it will mean for our culture. It’s as if the new platform threatens to melt away all our credulity and healthy skepticism melt away in the burning rapture of our wonderment. 379 more words


Don't be that guy ['Live PD' Edition]

If you’ve ever felt down on your luck or wondered whether or not life could get any worse, all you have to do is watch “Live PD”, the newish cable TV show that’s Sweeping The Nation. 930 more words