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Second-Hand Weed

In America, first there was alcohol. It was legal. Then it was forbidden. Then it was legal again.

Next, there was marijuana. It was legal. Then it was forbidden. 173 more words


The Left are always Right

Trump protests raising questions over mainstream media bias

Liberal hypocrisy through the roof?

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Muh Racism: The Double Standards

The Chinese don’t give a shit about political correctness.

Here is a commercial put out by a Chinese laundry company:

How shocking and evil it is that an Asian woman would want her own kind!!!??? 73 more words


The "Evangelical Ethic" in Africa: What is it making of us?

The phrase “Evangelical Ethic” is an intentional juxtaposition between a phenomenon occurring in Africa today and the pre-conditions and conditions of Europe and America’s industrial revolutions — the Protestant Ethic. 2,164 more words


The Miraculous Process

Every great accomplishment must incorporate the element of time.  Growth and development do not happen overnight.  A child does not grow overnight, a plant does not go into the ground as seed and by the next day grow into a tall tree.  330 more words

If Jane Austen Wrote the Book of Mormon

I was considering a post on the Book of Mormon & the Bechdel test when it occurred to me that Gospel Doctrine class is kind of like a book club.[1]  Which got me thinking how much better, and perhaps with more vocal women in it (as well as a few more humorously identified human foibles), the Book of Mormon would be if Jane Austen had written it. 1,314 more words


Examining Migration Governance in India

In this article, the migration expert, Dr. Irudaya Rajan argues for a stronger and better coordinated migration policy which focuses on the well-being of Indian migrant workers at all three stages in a migrants life-cycle. 701 more words