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The "Alt-Right" redpills Millie Weaver and Infowars!

Ignore the retard in the Boston hat screaming about you know who… the other 3 young gentleman were spot on target!

InfoWars Redpilled By the Alt Right at Unite the Right – Millie Weaver, Alex Jones Show


30 Years Ago In White Supremacy

Thirty years ago I was a sophomore at BYU majoring in English. I lived in a house with 4 other women just two blocks south of BYU campus. 1,241 more words


There's No Rational Argument For Keeping Confederate Statues

In light of the renewed debate over the removal of Confederate statues and Baltimore’s recent decision to remove four of its Confederate monuments, a number of very specious arguments have appeared in opposition to the removal of these statues and monuments. 1,187 more words


Sacrificing our Retirement for Socialist Policies

With the 82nd anniversary of Social Security, the government’s state-imposed retirement plan signed into place by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in August of 1935, upon us, it’s time to take into consideration some of the implications of this program. 1,190 more words

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Fired Google engineer says the company is hiring and promoting based on race and gender. No Shit!

CNBC – James Damore, the former Google engineer fired over a memo criticizing the company’s diversity efforts, says his former employer is discriminating in its hiring practices based on race or gender. 285 more words


The President spoke about Charlottesville, VA . . . now it's my turn

In Charlottesville, VA this past weekend, intolerance took control of the hearts and minds of the participants on ALL sides. It’s always been there and the white separatists are partially at blame in this case, but NOT, as the media wants you to believe, totally to blame. 548 more words

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Down to the Felt...Demon Dealers of Las Vegas

Join Jamey, Adam and Sam this episode for discussions of Ballers, Streaming and the four Dealer Archetypes in Las Vegas.  Topics will also include the Netflix-Disney rift, cross over comics, GoT and the Las Vegas Raiders…plus a special report on Weed Town – and  of course, the Topless Report, Nerd Alert, Gear Grinders and Area 52. 359 more words