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Your Soul is a River 

Not a big poetry reader, but was completely captivated by Nikita Gill’s on Instagram from her anthology Your Soul is a River. So decided to some lettering of one of her heartfelt poems. 41 more words

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Julius Caesar and Limits of Cultural Politics

In Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars from 4Chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-right, Angela Nagle writes, “Politics has been hollowed out too much into little other than a purely cultural politics over the last half-century, which the ugly spectacle of the Trump-Hillary race represented the logical conclusion of — politics as culture war.” 1,506 more words


A poem that I carry in my heart 

I have always loved this poem (I carry your with me) by E.E Cummings ever since I watched the movie “In her shoes” years ago. I actually cannot even remember much about the movie but I have never forgotten this poem for some reason and always go back to read it. 💕💕💕

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Letter to Jeff Bezos -- a short story

Jeff Bezos is closer than ever to becoming the world’s richest person. — news item

“Dear Mr Bezos:

I LOVE Amazon! I use it constantly. I grab my friends by the lapels and shake until they agree to join Amazon Prime (the greatest bargain since time began!), and I thank God every night that you created it all. 218 more words


Books that stole my heart 

Hi lovelies,

There are lots of books out there, some are amazing, some are not, some we read to pass time and some we read because the movie is coming out soon. 560 more words

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Never Ending Civil Rights Battle


In this episode I welcome my first guest host, Teron Buford, and we cover a team that is fighting for civil rights as well as their “enemy” who is fighting for the same thing. 360 more words

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Elizabeth Banks, Steven Spielberg, and "The Color Purple"

The issue of female representation in Hollywood films is a popular issue. From the controversy surrounding how people reacted to last summer’s female-led Ghostbusters film, to recent discussions about  863 more words

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