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21st Century; A boy; A girl; The Society.

Is he handsome? No.

Is she beautiful? No.


They are fat.

That’s what the society says; the society says someone who’s fat is not beautiful, the society says someone who’s fat ought to be shamed and yet we continue to stay quiet. 740 more words


First Principles: The Right To Freedom Is God Given and Cannot Be Given Up

“If men … give up any essential natural right, the eternal law of reason and the great end of society, would absolutely vacate such renunciation; the right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty, it is not in the power of Man to alienate this gift, and voluntarily become a slave.” 29 more words

First Principles

The Elite Stands to Lose Everything – No Wonder ‘Defeat Socialism’ is Its New Mission | Novara Media

Clutching at unfounded fantasies, the Corbyn and McDonnell ‘spy’ smears show the desperation of an elite which is all out of credibility and ideas.

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The edge of the work week, and the start of something glorious… hot dang!

Everything’s coming up roses…

Rock on! Have a great day!

-I am Crandew… 45 more words


More democracy, more guns

I’ve long been suspicious of John Dewey’s celebrated aphorism “The solution to the ills of democracy is more democracy.” It’s brilliant, of course. Pithy. The frisson of paradox and a nugget of truth. 202 more words


The Final Countdown!

I wish I were speaking of some rock song from the 80’s….that would be great….the song sucked but to talk about it would be great….because come 23 April net neutrality will end. 342 more words


Shady Quip

I have no problem with someone else being in charge, as long as they do what I want.