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The pink hat

He was wearing a hat I keep in my wardrobe
for a never occasion
I started to itch because the pub sofa probably had some sort of infestation… 90 more words


Christmas - Holy Days?

 Christmas – The Mass of Christ?

As the holidays, or festive season, have once again arrived, we could perhaps ask ourselves what it is that people who call themselves Christians are actually celebrating during the Christmas and New Year period. 1,501 more words


Sequel to my post earlier this day, I mentioned a way of living which can be summarised as living for others. I know the weight of that statement “living for others” can be quite bearing.

309 more words

Day 997, speak to yourself.

Intertwined with loneliness,

the silence when you speak to yourself.


Verweven met eenzaamheid,
de stilte wanneer je tegen jezelf praat.

I always lived more in my head than in “real life”. 603 more words


Huffington Post's Recent Attempt to Demonize Russia for Media Control

Reading through, day by day, mountains of articles, we learn quickly just how outlandish some pieces are.

The one I saw today led me to want to offer an opinion. 356 more words

Semantic Activism in the Service of Ideology

A review of Kate Manne’s Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny (Oxford University Press: New York, 2018).

“So maybe the thing to say,” to the apathetic, indifferent masses perniciously ignorant about the misogyny prevailing in our culture, Manne writes near the end of her book (page 290, to be precise), “somewhat reluctantly is—fuck ‘em, in the limited sense of ceasing to even try to catch the moderate with mild honey.  2,961 more words


What about me? .....

‘What about me’ – is a post inspired by a girl I class as my blood. I call her my little sister but we couldn’t be further from related. 2,056 more words