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One hazy summer evening, I took a stroll around my neighbourhood. Glancing at the park across my house, I saw children playing with their parents; there was a soccer game of World Cup proportions going on, cries of excitement abound. 1,516 more words

A country full of kindness

Last week when I was in La Jolla, after doing some shopping I was walking back to my hotel, when I saw a woman sitting on the floor asking out loud for people to please buy her food, she was hungry; she must have been in her late 50s. 662 more words


The Real Guru

Question: Sir, a very famous preacher I know of, is a renowned spiritual Guru rather Sadguru of contemporary times. I am quite influenced by him. 3,160 more words



She wrote of war
Boxed in
Within the four walls
Of her book-filled room.
She spoke of death
Like she knew
Something about it
That others were blind to. 163 more words


Dublin’s Inner City Police State

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Rarely, and only in daylight hours, will you see a member of An Garda Síochána – the Irish police force – walking a beat around the council flats of the inner city. 440 more words


Fahrenheit 451- Words & Quotes

Words from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury:

  • bestial- feral; crude
  • filigree- a delicate or fanciful thing
  • pedant- one who makes an excessive or inappropriate display of learning; one who overemphasizes rules or minor details; one who adheres rigidly to book knowledge without regard to common sense…
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