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More protests to come ...

I would guess!

The people of Britain need better leaders than BJ and JC

Protests in London




Ananya's call for cancer patients

Actress Ananya Panday’s DSR initiative ‘So Positive’ is there to support and build a healthy social media environment with their medium. One such issue that is very common in children who are cancer survivors and are bullied on social media for their physical appearances. 272 more words


How the Pill Kills

You might guess that oral contraceptives cause developing embryos to perish, but birth control pills have also been found to cause death in women.  More than half of these deaths are caused by venous thromboembolism. 2,018 more words


A Nation Regrets

Last week Canadians watch those who would be Prime Minister debate the issues live on national television. There really wasn’t much debate.

The consensus of the people I talked with afterward was that it was more a recitation of talking points mixed with personal attacks. 458 more words