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Football: Drogba fait une révélation sur les performances de Neymar au PSG

Alors qu’il se trouve actuellement en Colombie aux côtés de l’organisation internationale Peace and Sport, l’ancien international ivoirien Didier Drogba a donné son point de vue sur les sujets d’actualité du football, et notamment sur le PSG. 51 more words


Want to become a florist in Louisiana? A home-entertainment installer in Connecticut? Or a barber anywhere? You’re going to need a license for that—and it’s going to cost you. 12 more words


Women- an object of beauty!

“Ohh! See, her complexion is fair, she is so beautiful.:
“She has such a perfect body figure, from tomorrow, I’m on diet.”
“Bro, she is damn hot, talk to her.” 823 more words


On Alcohol

This past weekend was one of the top days in the year for drinking without restraint. Not only that, it fell on a Saturday so there was little keeping people across the US from getting completely blasted. 758 more words





Attention shown

To those who

Really need it and

Never taken away or gone

Being in loving arms and calling

This home due to feeling concerned with… 108 more words


Word of the Week #103:


Generally, I love science fiction, especially the futuristic ones.

And while I do enjoy a good post-apocalyptic dystopia, tonight I am talking about the more urban futurism, the kind one would expect from something like I, Robot or Avatar or Fifth Element, or even Altered Carbon, more recently. 294 more words