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The Dead Innocent Kid

Deep down in our hearts, we’re all little kids,
An unnoticed innocence lies within, nurtured by our soul,
Our thoughts and intentions, are benign at the core, 176 more words


The Best Campsites in Upstate New York

Upstate New York is a beautiful forest area with plenty of rivers, lake, hills, and much more. You can go fishing, rock climbing, and hiking in upstate New York, as well much more. 227 more words

Mark Hilst Stevenson Ranch

The Magic 

we are all born, with magic
embedded inside us. we all
have, from an early age, the
capability to dream, and imagine,
and create. we can read the… 222 more words


The People Still on Screens- Poem for Life

Sometimes words
Are not enough
And often are obscene
What deeper thoughts
I’ve often seen
From maybe Maybelline

The things that seem
They ought to last… 181 more words


Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa - mea utter culpa

One thing I can tell you: I almost never try to comment bad or good about all the religious BS that gets posted on social media but am now obliged to say it’s BS. 900 more words

The Heavy Thinker

In A School Daze About Today's World

These days, I am ever-worried about how the school is educating kids these days.  Just seems so far-removed from the carefree days when we were younger.  316 more words

Thoughts On Life

Do we have to check our brain at the door to be spirually enlightened?

I am thinking about people who say that others thoughts on the written word of a faith is wrong.

Here’s what is making me think of it: I gave a well thought out argument about the Bible in a comment on a People Magazine article about the Duggars. 984 more words