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Day 14: Be an angel for someone

Ooops, this is a day late, but better to be late than never!

The prompt is simple.  Be an angel for someone today.

Brighten someone’s day by doing something kind, generous, fun or thoughtful for them.  180 more words


Seek And Find

Long overdue and leave no stone unturned….


From all of the things

That have gone wrong

We must search and seek out… 310 more words


Cristiano Ronaldo annonce son prochain objectif après son 5ème Ballon d’Or

Cela fait une semaine jour pour jour que Cristiano Ronaldo la star portugaise du Réal Madrid a été sacré ballon européen pour la deuxième année consécutive. 58 more words


The Cruelness Of It All

A serious issue that requires more than just thought, it needs action and immediate change….


Taken away from your land… 346 more words


Parents in a Remote Amazon Village Barely Talk to Their Babies—and the Kids Are Fine

Recently, I heard a podcast on two approaches to parenting – the gardener and the carpenter. Today’s needull looks at a society vastly different from the westernized rich society. 73 more words


No Photoshop movement

It’s well-known that models bodies are unrealistically perfect, don’t get me started on the Victoria Secret angels. However moving ahead, Missguided took a step in the right direction, with their #MAKEYOURMARK campaign, where they announced that they’ve now banned the photoshopping of removing stretch marks off of the models, showing everyone that even models aren’t perfect, #KEEPONBEINGYOU. 301 more words

Dear Time,

Dear Time,

I know you don’t wait for anybody but please can you make an exception for me? It feels as though my life has flashed before my eyes and now I am stuck with hardly have any time left infront of me. 296 more words