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Win Love, Be Real

I knew a woman that did anything that a ‘gentleman caller’ liked to do. This was not a young, pretty woman with a nice body. This was a woman around fifty years old, with a puckered, homely face and a pear-shaped body. 356 more words

Doppler (2004)

9. Doppler by Erlend Loe

This book is about a man who befriends a moose. Seems pretty simple, but there is a whole underlying story and personality that really reeled me in. 154 more words


I Had A Stroke - I Ain't Deaf!

This is the first in a series of posts about things Strokees wish you knew.

“I had a stroke, I’m not deaf!” I want to say this a lot sometimes. 309 more words


when you looked at me

did you not see the Irish green in my eyes?
Or was it overcast by the bronzed shade of my skin? 35 more words

16th century rape culture

I was reading Montaigne’s essay “De l’inconstance de nos actions” (On the inconsistency of our actions). As a particularly piquant example of inconsistent behaviour Montaigne tells this tale: 569 more words


Sweet Smell of Success (1957); And That Bad Taste it Leaves in Your Mouth

Our current social climate has bred us to do two things: fear one another and give in to our own greed. Somewhere in the mix of this inbreeding, we’ve bastardized empathy through cognitive dissonance that has allowed us to ignore unspeakable horrors we may cause as long it gets us ahead. 818 more words

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