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“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

-Mother Teresa

The other day I was walking and there was a special needs kid walking too and he walks frequently.

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Life Blog

Achievement and agency

I try to interpret other viewpoints charitably. This post is an attempt to unpack some typical leftwing explanations for differences in achievement between populations and offer what I think is a fair response. 1,149 more words


What the literal... HUH???

As I sat and watched the world lose their fucking mind last weekend, I wasn’t so much thinking about anything related to which side stands for what. 653 more words

General Musings

Bitter Sweet Memories

       In this post I have decided to speak about some experience in my life and some of you here may have encountered the same i.e., “ 960 more words


A Short History of Carter's Cafe

As a segregated community, there are places in North Omaha where few or no white people have ever gone. I am a white person, and I don’t claim any special access to African American culture in North Omaha. 1,281 more words

20th Century

A Sweet Gum Tree

Through a valley
A creek runs from the spring flooding.
Its water spills over the rocks like flowing glass
That does not shatter,
But splashes and splatters in drops. 169 more words


The Spiritual Cost of Scandal

I saw “The Keepers” on Netflix recently. One thing that remained with me was that a reckless act perpetrated on a child by a person the child trusts can scar the child for life. 167 more words