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Anti-Semitism vs. Rational Thought 

Yesterday, I made the mistake of commenting on a post lauding the brilliance of Mr. Netanyahu’s speech before the American Congress.

For the temerity of questioning the wisdom of any leader of a vassal state who injects himself into the heated rift that exists between the American Republican Party and the President of the United States, and for questioning whether Mr. 684 more words


Why Bandwagoners are Losers

In my life I deal with many people who pretend to be who they aren’t. They pretend to have beliefs that in reality would never represent them, they pretend to love things that in reality they would hate, and they just act like something they could never be. 178 more words

How 'Fat Monica' on Friends Stuck With Me All These Years

Friends has a few recurring backstories — Phoebe’s shady past, Ross’s divorce — but one seems to come up again and again: Monica used to be fat in high school. 1,332 more words

Supporting Women

I recently commented:

‘We women build each other up to tear each other down. As emotionally open as we say we are with each other we are never honest. 630 more words


A bad poem about the truth of the matter

This place has no place for me
Let alone the person I hope to one day be
It once did a time ago
But for the sake of political power we let it go… 17 more words

Be Careful What You Ask For...

When you ask for truth from our teenage society members, be careful, you will receive. Truth and living through our past to the present is what makes us whole…or in the teen sector in some homes what makes them cool, survive or give up hope. 382 more words


Implicit bias

I came across a site called Love Has No Labels.

The site asks the question, “Is it possible that we’re more biased than we know?” 72 more words