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Empty Words for Empty Eyes

There is this little girl I know with eyes like flying saucers, brimmed green and gold and as hollow as a well. She is beautiful, blonde, but missing so many pieces. 1,012 more words


True Colours

#metoo from India. Painter & sculptor Jatin Das.

More public testimonies followed. Garusha Katoch, who was 20 years old when she started her internship at the Jatin Das Centre of Art in 2013, posted a detailed account of how Das had hugged and attempted to kiss her on her third day at work.

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Thinking ‘dangerous’ consumption

Last week the SSAC team took part in the Dangerous Consumptions Colloquium, which was hosted this year by Monash University in Melbourne. Drawing on social, cultural and critical theory to discuss ‘dangerous’, ‘risky’ and contested consumptions, the annual colloquium runs over two days with a single stream of papers. 505 more words


Love Without Boundaries

“It is when we lose ourselves in longing from an endless ache to be touched by love in the deepest recesses of our souls, that the path to barren lands of self discovery arrives.

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Just a thought on coffee

Isn’t it surprising that countries that are renowned for their good coffee (I think about Italy, Turkey & the Balkans…) don’t produce any, and countries that produce it ( 35 more words


A Book in the Making

As many of my friends and family know, I have been working on writing a book. It is a young adult fiction novel set in the future. 71 more words

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Judah ie Judea, NOT Judas. Don’t get it twisted.

My thirst for theological knowledge increases by the day. During my mission of spiritual enlightenment, I came across some rather interesting documentaries on the Gospels on Netflix. 750 more words