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The Journey of Life-2

Past the fake, or illusory, Facebook smiles most people live through a silent despair life brings with dawn every day. As if each one of us is carrying a weight inside us. 435 more words


Four Aspects of Mindful Parenting-2

Time (Samaya)

The most important question is do you have time for parenting? Luxuries, best education, gadgets do not make up for time. Good parenting requires that you give your children time. 533 more words


Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light

Darkness hides oneself from others, in absence of light

Light exposes everyone, in absence of darkness.

Yet, when we are under darkness – we find ourselves very alone, 131 more words


Aging and My Beauty Dilemma

So instead, an entire generation of feminist and postfeminist women who stormed the barricades of the American work force, planned their reproductive destinies, and even got their partners to fold the laundry occasionally are now engaged in an odd sort of collective self-delusion.

76 more words

No Perfect Candidate

I admit that, once upon a time not so long ago, I was one of those who liked Donald Trump when he first came onto the political stage. 939 more words


Dispatches from Nowhere - 09/26/2016

​Salesman came to the door. I had to say no. Where do these people come from?

Just let it sink in.

1. Writing

Riffs from a bookstore… 929 more words

Dispatches From Nowhere

The Truth About Drunk Driving

I started off with a great Monday, which as you might know, is a rarity for most. I love Monday’s. They mean a fresh start, a new beginning, but for me, today they meant. 734 more words