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I never understand how one person can look at me and see beauty and mirth while others only feel disdain and enmity. I do know that not only do they perceive me through their eyes, but there is no other way that they will be able to see me.        81 more words


Things I Hate About Being Filipino (Entry 1)

It’s been 5 years since I moved back here. Back to Manila, the Philippines. The place where I was born, where I grew up. Where most of my family and friends live. 388 more words


Is It Right To Change Yourself?

In one of Brandy’s most memorable songs, Camouflage, she aptly captures the reaction that comes easiest to us when we are called out on being imperfect. 224 more words


Trump in a Leather Jacket

Trump: the A-hole boyfriend we dated to rebel against our controlling parents. Why him? How do we get rid of him? How about: why do we have controlling parents in the 1st place? 9 more words


Discrimination, Against Whom?

Recently, California just passed a law banning state travel to any other state that California deems as “anti-LGBTQ.” According to the law, California “would prohibit a state agency and the Legislature from requiring any of its employees, officers, or members to travel to, or approving a request for state-funded or state-sponsored travel to, any state that…has enacted a law…..against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression or has enacted a law that authorizes or requires discrimination against same-sex couples or their families or on the basis or sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression…” 1,013 more words