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The Messages That We Send

I believe that the topic of messages sent is a very important thing to talk about, especially in a divided society full of protests, talk shows, and social media discussions. 1,135 more words



The sun is setting on a day of reading and thoughts mostly philosophising and pondering. Where is this going and how did it get here. Why am I reading a teen novel and why am I sucking on a LEMONHEAD that makes my tongue feel funny. 100 more words

Keep Calm and Carry On

This year the Danes have yet again been awarded The Most Happy People by a United Nations Poll. Third year in a row. What makes people happy? 360 more words


scumbags behaving badly - not quite a comedy

Jacinta: Let’s talk about power. Imbecilic and nasty macho rulers have disgraced our planet for centuries, and their female counterparts have been few and far between. 1,426 more words


The Left Has Only Itself to Blame

If you’ve read anything by Richard Rorty, then you know that–like many philosphers–his writing is dense and can be a slog to read. Some time back, when I had more self discipline, I read a couple of his books. 531 more words

When will it be enough.

I honestly don’t know when the world will have had enough. When justice will stand for what it means in it’s essential form, and not something that is altered by what seems to be the inhumane attributes of those around us. 905 more words

Luke Cage

So finally after delaying it for several months, I am done with the first season of Marvel Netflix’s Luke Cage. It’s definitely a quality show, addressing serious issues and providing some strong characterizations, but in comparison to the other Marvel Netflix shows there still seems to be something missing. 457 more words