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Not Knowing Why

I know how

can see the distance is real

a universal reality

We all notice when we take

the time.

Question is how do we ever… 38 more words


Quest for the Immeasurable

I wonder how much first world disease and sickness is rooted in people living in a way that is “well adjusted” to a profoundly sick society. 366 more words

Journey To Wellness

Solidarity for London

22.3.17 – just another number to add to a growing series of dates which mark terrorist atrocities. The trend begun with 9.11, and those images so ghastly that none of us could believe our eyes. 287 more words


Do men still outnumber women in sailing?

Got this email recently from Windy at US Sailing. Windy is the Youth Recreational Pathways Manager there.

Hi Nick,

Hope you’re doing well—we met briefly down at the SAYRA Conference in Hilton Head this past January.

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Beyond Casual Colloquialisms: On Annie Proulx's "The Half-Skinned Steer"

It is the uneducated utterance of “them Indan drawrings” that first suggests a cultural divide within the otherwise idyllic “stony landscape” and “stiff-branched mountain mahogany” of Annie Proulx’s Wyoming ranges. 242 more words


The Left is no longer interested in challenging Social Norms

When I was younger I considered myself a leftist, and I was all for challenging traditional gender roles, the traditional family, religion and so on. Now, years later, however I consider those things challenged and the traditional values came on top the challenge against ideologies of the modern world. 435 more words


The Chiefs Who Lead

If you’re wondering if you possess the abilities of a leader begin by asking yourself if you’re a selfless person.

A few weeks ago I sat in an interview where I was asked how I would combat disobedience as a leader. 462 more words