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Saudi Cleric Declares That Women Lack the Intelligence To Drive

Saudi Sheikh Saad al-Hajari has reportedly come out strongly against the movement to allow women in the Kingdom to drive.  Sheikh Saad al-Hajari said that the ban should remain because women “lack of intellect” compared to men meant they should not be in control of a car.   380 more words


The Industrial Man: American Leisure and the Strenuous Life

At five o’clock on any given weekday morning you are likely to find dozens of dazed looking men and women walking down the avenue carrying lunch pales and quietly conversing amongst themselves, dressed probably in the same grease-stained clothes they wore the day before. 984 more words

Diary of a Sunday [09-24-2017]

Indeed, I had to take extra care not to inadvertently type “Dairy” in the title. I think milk is commandeering my brain again. I probably (really) should resume my angelic adherence to a dairy-free existence. 1,096 more words


Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen 2017-09-24 (RBN)

A proper description for Dougs show will hopefully be up by tomorrow.

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about a great range of subjects including the Rothschilds and who the police are in the in all end all… 14 more words

Free Speech

Same discussion one more time!

Shall love be suffocating or liberating? Specially love from my parents. Should their worries for me, a child to them, put barricades on my passion? From past few months, during which and still, I am trying to follow what I think is best for me as career. 232 more words

Grey Skies

As of the 27th, it has been 5 weeks.

In some distorted version of reality, it’s been about 3 days.

My body and brain feel like it’s about 9 months. 356 more words

You Are Not The Boss Of Me

Does a higher position mean power over everything, everyone? Well maybe yes. But if we’re going to be real here, everyone is the same. Whether you’re the president or just a beggar on the street, we’re all the same. 37 more words