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Real Christian Existence

What is a Christian Life? What is it to be a Christian? You think you already know the answer, I am quite aware of it. But, for the time being, allow me to tell you, that being Christian is not what most so-called Christians think it to be. 685 more words


Science skepticism

Also at Aeon, Bastiaan T. Rutjens reports on his findings in What makes people distrust science? Surprisingly, not politics.

My colleagues and I recently published a set of studies that investigated science trust and science skepticism.

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The loneliness of the extremist

Nabeelah Jaffer explores the psychological and social roots of extremism at Aeon in a piece titled In Extremis.

A few years ago I discovered that my friend Tom was a white supremacist.

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Faith Restored

On Monday afternoon, my struggle against inadequate disabled facilities continued. Keeping the recent experiences outlined in “A Long Way To Go” firmly in mind, I considered things to have hit an all-time low when I was guided to a cubicle in a local car park by a friend in my time of need. 839 more words

Messene western Peloponnese from Methoni

So here I am, baggage dropped off at our spacious apartment at Ilias apartments on Methoni beach and I find myself having late lunch on the seafront at the brilliant Varka Bay restaurant (biggest portions of homemade delicious Greek cuisine around at incredibly reasonable prices) in camping Methonis, reflecting how I got to decide what brought me here given I have no family connections, neither special recommendations by friends or acquaintances. 756 more words


Semiotics of wildlife warning signs

Semiotics is the study of signs, specifically how meaning is made by signs and symbols. Some symbols make sense, like a drawing of a tree. 627 more words


How Your Head Meds Work Pt.1

Understanding the science behind mental illness is a huge passion of mine. Past G.C.S.E Biology & Chemistry I’ve never really re-studied any form science so needless to say when I began researching why antidepressants (in particular SSRI’s such as Citalopram, Sertraline, Fluoxetine, etc) made my condition worse, even the pretty coloured diagrams were way above my level of digestion ability. 602 more words

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