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My First Virtual Reality Groping

A very interesting needull. This gives us a glimpse of the future. A future where people would live in virtual reality and laws would be needed to regulate life inside this society. 61 more words


Pipe Gangs of New York By Irish Briar Pipeworks

The “Westies”
Chamber 3/4″- Depth 1.25″- Height 1- 5/8″ Length 5.25″- Weight 1.0 Oz
Italian Briar with Ebonite Stem.

“Five Points”
3/4″ Chamber- 1.25″ Depth- 1.5″ Height- Length 5.5″- Weight 1.4 Oz.

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Pay attention to the details

Every newspaper, newsmagazine, news site, et al., has hyper-focus on one thing:

Clinton v. Trump, 2016.

Now, obviously, the election of the next president in the US is front-page news. 320 more words


Donkeys and Elephants, Oh My!

Who am I going to vote for? Someone even suggested that I could help the congregation discern the right path by using code phrases in my pastoral prayer this week, tipping people off as to whom I think is the better candidate. 901 more words


Letters on Tuesdays - Until A Basket to Reach Into

Dear Wilton,

Though we are thirteen years apart, as siblings growing up with nearly identical upbringings, we have many similarities. You grew up surrounded by the very books your sisters and I read. 607 more words


Just Hold On

A friend posted a link to an article regarding a topic I’ve written on before, but I think it deserves revisiting. There is so much societal focus on relationships and the stigma a person can face when one isn’t “boo’d up”. 644 more words


6 attempts at utopian settlements and where they are now

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The word “utopia” is made up of two Greek words, together meaning “no place.” The word suggests that no place on Earth could possibly be perfectly egalitarian, free of conflict, and sustainable. 1,582 more words