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A generation of artists were wiped out by Aids and we barely talk about it

A new film about the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is a shocking and brilliant reminder of the devastation HIV and Aids wreaked and still does

There are many shocking images in the brilliant new documentary… 931 more words


A silent grievance

Both my wife and I love to live in harmony with everybody in the neighborhood. We know what does it feel like to be seen as a bad neighbor and hence, we don’t want to be quietly scorned at by people whenever we walk in and out of our house. 913 more words

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Microchip madness: human implantation slowly grows in popularity

The Czech Republic now has 11 citizens who have voluntarily gotten microchip implants placed inside their hands. They use the NFC-chip to unlock the doors to their homes and to make Bitcoin payments anywhere a chip reader is available and Bitcoins are accepted. 342 more words



They stood in solitude among thousands, as the snow fell melancholically, frostbitten by the coldness of letting go, facing each other in despair. The time to say a bruising goodbye had come, maybe they could survive the ocean that will divide them, but even with all the positivism of the universe, there still remained a fracture that could shatter their eternal bond. 65 more words

By Ori Aander


Die brilliante Kübra Gümüşay über #organisierteLiebe


North Carolina Tow Truck Driver Refuses To Assist Disabled Driver After Spotting Sanders Sign In Her Car

I have often been mystified by how some people justify the most base or hateful acts with religion. That seems to be the case with two truck driver Ken Shupe, 51, who was called to an accident where he found a disabled woman, Cassandra McWade, next to her car. 326 more words