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Is it Important to know the sources of Truth? - Henry David Thoreau, Yes and Know

Maybe it has always been this way, but why does it seem so vital to associate an insightful aphorism with a famous person?

“Truth strikes us from behind, and in the dark, as well as from before and in broad day-light.” 547 more words



I do not know you.
So what shall we talk about?
Small talks and witty jokes,
perhaps, bashing with no offense
Or probing with a sterilized component… 41 more words

Hate Crime in 2017.

So, a little while since the last post, but I have just finished watching ‘Murdered for Being Different’ on the BBC iPlayer. If anyone is yet to see it, I highly recommend it, a very moving and insightful documentary/drama – now I don’t want to ruin the plot for anyone, but it features the murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007, something which I had previously heard about, but I’ve never really known too much about it. 486 more words


The Great(ly Misinterpreted) Gatsby

In 2013, director Baz Luhrmann released his five-year long project – an adaptation of the classic American novella, The Great Gatsby – to a regrettably anticipative audience of fans, critics, and casual cinemagoers. 885 more words


So many Modes of Communication, So little Communication

We have so many means to communicate, but are we communicating? In this day and age, there is no reason for losing touch with somebody; the technology just won’t let you. 554 more words


Breaking News: “Despacito” is about sex, dirty, dirty sex!

“Despacito” recently became the most-streamed song of all times- just a few months after being released! I guess you can’t expect for such a smashing hit not to attract some haters, or for people not to write the most asinine pieces just to catch some of Despacito’s glitter. 890 more words