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Life's Strangest Mystery

Gravity has let me down,

Because I’m falling up,

And I’m floating away.

And I can’t even hardly see the ground,

But I don’t even see… 117 more words


Concrete and Cider

Sat on the digger that’s ruining my summer he says “that’s why the government let THEM in. It boosts the economy in the short term” he emphasises the word short with a wink and a crooked smile. 82 more words


Changing Accra: One Month June 3 disaster

A lot was said in the immediate aftermath of the June 3 flooding and fire disaster that killed over 150 people. After the blame game settled. 564 more words


Gay Marriage, Get Over It Already

Holy shit. If you read the comments sections of any article dealing with the recent gay marriage decision by the SCOTUS you would think they had just passed a law legalizing rape or something. 1,746 more words


Cool Story, Grandpa. 

Growing up is creepy. It freaks me out a bit in its commonness. Like you hit an age and the whole world knows your life story because all those sitcom jokes turned out to be based in truth. 1,583 more words

Do some women enjoy mansplaining?

A lot of things that women claim to hate about men, they may actually enjoy, at least from the right man.

Here is a quote I found on a Tumblr site. 216 more words

People with light-coloured eyes had a higher incidence of alcohol dependency than thos with dark brown eyes

University of Vermont says that people with blue eyes might have a greater chance of becoming alcoholics, according to a unique new study by genetic researchers.  160 more words