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Ruddock: The man who called a refugee child "it"

In August 2001, 6 year-old Shayan Badraie, an Iranian asylum seeker who arrived by boat in Australia with his family, became seriously ill with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder… 583 more words


Indice Mo Ibrahim 2017: Voici le pays le mieux gouverné en Afrique

Le lundi  20 novembre, la fondation Mo Ibrahim a publié son indice sur la gouvernance en Afrique. La République de Maurice pour la cinquième année consécutive, a terminé en tête de l’indice Mo Ibrahim de la gouvernance africaine 2017. 45 more words


How a Political Refuge from Chilé gave me much to be Thankful for. #bloglikecrazy

“I urge you to celebrate the extraordinary courage and contributions of refugees past and present.” ~ Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General

It was the day after Thanksgiving last year. 1,429 more words


No Clothes, This Time

I wonder how it feels when the academic has no clothes? When their prejudices are revealed to the world and they stand naked, are they embarrassed? 514 more words


There's no reason to be a jerk to smokers

“You’re joining outside for a smoke?” The look of utter disgust on the faces of many non-smokers when hearing this sentence is often very telling.  Unimpressed by the change in social norms which made it so that people actually go outside to smoke in the first place, which wouldn’t have happened 50 years ago, numerous non-smokers have become intolerant. 303 more words


Collecting water

Looks from afar like it cannot be seen. The tide is heard, the disbelief is in a fog. Dripping down, not good enough or worthwhile. Put on the it’s fine face and play make believe so others feel better. 132 more words


The garden

Old songs to dance to, new ones to rave with. So sorry, again there’s a lost puppy running against the tide. Playing with madness, someone is offended because of a description. 182 more words