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She Did it!

I am breaking my hiatus to mark the moment: Hillary Clinton is accepting her party’s nomination for presidential candidacy.

My emotions are not as strong as they were eight years ago, when Barack Obama accepted his nomination. 215 more words


Responsibility Problem

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Alien on Earth.

Let’s call government what it is, a constant struggle against irresponsible oligarchy. Unless a group is minuscule, there will always be a small segment of the group administering over the majority. 435 more words


What Americans Get Wrong About Undocumented Immigration

There are very few people in the United States who have been so unfairly exploited, marginalized, vilified, and scapegoated in political smear campaigns than the undocumented immigrants. 8,589 more words

United States

Here's a piece on optimism, prefaced with negativity.

I usually am not the type of person who quickly believes everything in what the news says, as newly-released stories will always be updated and supported by other sources thanks to technology. 599 more words



Tim Soutphommasane is Australia’s unwanted, un-needed, and unwelcome Race Discrimination Commissioner. Born in France of Laotian parents, this clammy fraud rakes in $300K as a Rudd Government appointee. 2,263 more words


Koestler on the Intelligentsia - The Yogi and the Commissar (1945)

My impression is that, historically, an intelligentsia was characterized by:

  1. a capacity for social reflection (whether it is direct, or mediated by personal reflection is irrelevant—personal reflection usually holds a mirror to society)
  2. 1,115 more words