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the appeal of Donald Trump

As to the appeal of Donald Trump, perhaps many people are tired of, even exasperated with the corrupt, craven, career politicians.  Someone from outside politics appears novel and refreshing to some voters.   128 more words


Toxic truth

What’s worst then feeling rejected by your own kind

Hopping one day they will not mind


The concept of perfection has drifted infinitely

We are all wanting to fit in apparently… 105 more words


Jeremy Corbyn's Interview with Andrew Marr

A small interview with Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn. Its a bresh of fresh air to see a leader not back down from any questions.


Here's to being a better person.

I am going to set some rules for myself. They might not all actually contribute to me becoming a better person. Some of them might be “safety measures” to protect myself. 836 more words


The Fortress

Pebble by pebble;
Stone by stone,
this fortress was built up
by the hands of our own.
Now destined to fall
from the distress of cracks, 134 more words


A New Political Experience.

Nearly everyone has an affiliation to one Political Party or another. I am so disillusioned with the way those, who we have voted into the House of Commons, behave at PMQ’s and the total disregard of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in British society. 222 more words