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Africa Day & World Tarot Day

19 The Sun – UBUNTU
ubuntu n. (-ntu) : Humaneness; humanity; human nature

Today we celebrate World Africa Day and World Tarot Day, a day to truly live and honour the concept of uBuntu.  492 more words

ITongo Interpretations

Ray Lawler, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

Widely recognised as a classic of Australian literature, Ray Lawler’s Summer of the Seventeenth Doll explores a number of issues distinctively relevant to the Australian identity. 1,798 more words


Kako zaustaviti brexit

Prikaz knjige Nicka Clegga „How to stop Brexit (and make Britain great again) / Kako zaustaviti brexit (i učiniti Britaniju opet velikom)“.

Živimo u vremenu gneva, ali i kajanja. 3,517 more words


The Delegitimisation of Climate Change

Although scientists are frequently challenged by people with contrarian opinions, the social, political, and economic interests of others have the capacity to influence scientists and make them vulnerable to spurious, and even falsified, argumentation. 1,692 more words


Polish Perception of Woman

There appear to be two major concepts of womanhood in Poland. The first concept of the ‘Polish Mother’ originated in the 18th century when Poland was partitioned with most Poles fighting for the country’s independence. 235 more words


This is America?

(Before we start, let’s get straight to it by watching this video here.) This seems to be a question everyone is talking about. Is this the America of today or are we in a period of transition to something different, something better?  329 more words


Floodgate: Controversy Erupts With The Intervention Of The President's Counsel Before Two Highly Classified Briefings

Emmet Flood, the latest lawyer added to the White House as part of its defense to the Russian investigation, was meant to bring experience and order to the chaotic legal team around President Donald Trump.  241 more words