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I was going to be a baseball player

In middle school, one of my teachers asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I remember timidly responding, “I want to be a baseball player.” Well, it wasn’t for a few more years that I would lose my love for the sport (and haven’t ever regained it :)) but up until then, I believed I could do it. 267 more words



MOSUL, Iraq – Faisal Jeber arrested and interrogated suspected Islamic State militants during the battle for Mosul. Now he is taking up a new fight that could be just as crucial to the city’s future. 853 more words

Daily News

Be yourself!

Sitting on top of the boulders which overlooked our house was the perfect place to be for Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, especially on warm, sunny days. 484 more words



was, all i

could ever




Forgotten Folk

India is a vast and multicultural nation. It defied experts’ predictions of imminent balkanization after its independence. Despite having a multitude of faiths, cultures, languages, castes and sub-castes, the Indian Union has stood the test of time. 1,395 more words


Some Thoughts on Education - No Click-bait-y Titles Here

Anyone who has held a prolonged conversation with me can probably tell you there are several topics that will send me into a spiral or rants or musings, depending on the nature of the discussion. 1,501 more words

Mindless Musings

Millennial Stereotypes In Reality

Kathryn focus on the job before her. She held the celery firmly to the cutting board with her left hand, the right gripping a sharp knife that ripped into the vegetable with a sound so crisp it launched her into a catatonic daydream. 732 more words