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College. One of the most questioning words of a teenager’s life. Where will I go? How will I afford it? Will I even like it? Today, society’s goals aren’t to promote education for our youth, but basically teaching them to set one goal. 314 more words


The Passive-Aggressive Nature of Indonesian SocMed Users

I’ve written passive-aggressive post on social media, so do most of my friends. Lucky for me, I’m naturally sassy, so when I can’t let go of something, or when I feel extremely humiliated, I’ll speak about it (like when I tipped a J.Co waitress 500 rupiah so she can look less sour and speak less rude). 589 more words


Announcement of a Twenty-First Century New Deal

This speech was born from my frustration with the terms of debate in this country. I began to imagine what would happen if the political system was functioning effectively, and the happenings of recent times got me dreaming about what America could look like. 2,935 more words


Memory loss... Do you think so???

Your forgetfulness is almost certainly normal if you can successfully carry on with your day-to-day life. Everyone forgets where they put things, has “tip of the tongue” moments, or walks into a room and wonders why they are there… 791 more words


A bad poem about a statistic cont'd

So many people trying to make being positive the only way to live
But in a world where negativity seems to be the easiest thing to give… 308 more words

Are Fathers the Most Important Person in a Girl's Life?

I won’t lie; I spend more time on Yik Yak than I probably should. None of the posts have ever stood out to me, unless they were hilarious or disgusting. 660 more words