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The Gender Gap in Economics

While preparing my applications for graduate studies in Economics, I noticed that most of the MPhils in Economics are male-dominated. They tend to have a 70-30 (male-female) split or less. 253 more words


So Trump is President..

So what?

Nothing is changed. Nothing will ever be under the false freedoms and the well-oiled machines of this society. Only now are people rioting, but they will stop soon so they can work tomorrow. 79 more words


Sunny suicide

Mild wind in blue sky with sun glinting

off snowy Cretan mountain peaks

and bird song amongst orange groves

ripe with fruit waiting to be picked, 93 more words


All That's Left Is Loving My Country

All That’s Left Is Loving My Country

President Obama seemed loving and somber at his final press conference on January 18, 2016. “Our core values may be at stake,” he said. 644 more words


The inaugural address: us against them

The President had much to say to “forgotten Americans,” who feel full of resentments. Fair enough. But what about the rest of us?

Trump talked of a Washington political elite that prospers at the expense of everyone else. 413 more words


This Post Won't Make Sense.

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to articulate my thoughts these days. They contradict each other as much as Clegg contradicts Farage, Corbyn contradicts Blair, and as Bernie contradicts Trump. 1,690 more words