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Knowledge worker

From the beginning of October, two new employees who joined this company this spring came to a team next to my team. The team is involved in factory sites, so the team members need to have knowledge about machines and processes. 259 more words


Empty shells

I like to think and say that I am smart and the members of my family are smart too.I don’t mean that we have incredibly high IQ or we all went to college to get a diploma.I rather believe we are well-read and curious.If we make an opinion about something we always know the background information.We always build our views on something. 370 more words

Multiethnic London English - a Glossary

“The post-racial, non-rhotic, inner city,

Th-fronting, cross cultural,

dipthong shifting, multi-ethnic,

L-vocalisation, K-backing fusion of language”

As a linguist and lexicographer who once worked as a designer, I have long nursed the idea that an iconic reference work, especially one which celebrates and explores creative, exotic and subversive forms of language, could – should – also function as a work of art. 356 more words

Modern society ? Busted!!

Misha don’t want to trouble Shantanu, so she never told him about any such incidents. She knew she only has to understand and she is doing. 379 more words


Daily Quip

No one ever said life was easy, but it is worth the effort!