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Living Life

February 9, 2016

I love to sleep. It seems that as I have gotten older I need more than I used to. I used to be able to burn the candle at both ends, so to speak, but it was necessary at that time. 703 more words


"Belief in all-knowing, punitive gods aided the growth of human societies, study says "

“Belief in moral-watching, all-knowing, punitive gods might have helped human societies grow far beyond small, close-knit groups, a new study shows. Researchers who ran an experiment with a total of 591 people in eight different small-scale societies around the world found that people who believed their deity of choice knew about their misdeeds and would punish them were more likely to play fairly in a game where money was on the line.” 45 more words



Though the title of this blog sounds like an attempt to make voting seem “cool” and “hip” to the younger generation, let’s ignore that for the moment. 366 more words

Cool Stuff


Hello guys, hope everyone is bright and shining and ready for the evening ahead! Or failing that, tired and sleeping with a blanket and ice cream. 228 more words


The test of love...

When it’s good, it’s good.

Emotions are running with the both of you.

You’re so happy, you promise her the moon and the stars.

You tell her you’ll always be the one to protect her, and never leave her sight. 120 more words


By Any Mean Obama Will have More War*

By Any Mean Obama Will have More War*

By Jack A. Smith

The Obama Administration is expanding its military power and threats against Russia and China as well as increasing its war efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria while preparing to restart Washington’s old war in Libya. 1,207 more words


Cultural Marxists are pushing their agenda in East-Asia as in the West

One thing I’ve heard people who harp on about White Genocide say is that the Marxists are pushing their multiculturalism only in the West, that only White countries are expected to increase their diversity. 1,360 more words