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August 2015: SXSW proposal, language disruptors, vintage internet slang, back-to-school link roundup & linguistics + X

I’ve started working with SwiftKey, a mobile keyboard app company, on analyzing some of their extensive data on how people use emoji. We’ve got a panel proposal up for South by Southwest Interactive which you can… 213 more words


A changed attitude towards language learning

Today, I realised that I had not updated the ‘Norwegian language challenge’ page in months. This mainly concerned how much Norwegian I have read: twelve chapters of the fifth Harry Potter book since I had last updated the page. 390 more words


Open thread: let's talk about accent training (by Lauren Godfrey-Smith)

The other day, I was walking along Barkley Street in St Kilda, Melbourne, and I noticed this small sign in a shop window.



Since part of the BILD goal is to start conversations about sociolinguistic happenings, I’m flipping this blog-writing business on it’s head this week and want  to hear from YOU. 23 more words

Soci(olinguistic)al Mancunians in York

As the summer conference season comes to an end, one of the last – and biggest – events of the season is yet to come. There will be a healthy contingent of present & past Mancunians at UKLVC 10 in York this coming week, including one of the plenary speakers: former LEL lecturer Benedikt Szmrecsányi, now at Leuven, on… 209 more words


Martial Arts and Sociolinguistics

Earlier this month we published Lian Malai Madsen’s book Fighters, Girls and Other Identities. In this post, she explains how her interests in martial arts and sociolinguistics came together in this volume. 381 more words

Applied Linguistics

The Guidebook to Sociolinguistics For

Linguistics is the study of language. Knowledge of linguistics, however, is different from knowledge of a language. Just as a person is able to drive a car without understanding the inner workings of the engine, so, too, can a speaker use a language without any conscious knowledge of its internal structure. 189 more words

Sociolinguistics and Language Education New Perspectives on Convenient

In Scotland, in the history of education and training, 17 century compulsory education free of charge at the end of 19, in German teacher education and training have affected David Stowe was founded in Glasgow Normal Seminary for teachers. 253 more words