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From Barack Obama to Beckham

Volume 2, issue 2 of the open-access undergraduate journal Lifespans and Styles has now emerged, and three of the contributions are by Manchester undergraduate students! 119 more words


What's, like, the point of 'like'?

Like  has become one of the bugbears of parents, teachers and the conservative media. It’s seen as a filler, a marker for stupidity and a lack of vocabulary, a ‘sign of our times’ (I assume not a good sign). 811 more words


Code Switching: Deficiency or Tool?

Imagine you’re on the highway, driving a car faster than the car in front of you. To avoid the trouble of slowing down to stay in your lane, you maintain your speed but switch to the lane to your left. 971 more words


New article by former French at Stirling PhD student

For those with an interest in French rap and/or sociolinguistics (and the ability to read French…), great new article by our former PhD student Martin Verbeke available online here!

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An Illustrated Style Guide?

I heard about The Elements of Style Illustrated
on the radio this past weekend. Illustrator Maira Kalman  had worked her magic on the ol’ Strunk and White chestnut and I was intrigued.  106 more words


Corpus-based Grammars and Style Guides

I gave the keynote address at the AWELL Conference a few months ago, and one of the practical suggestions I included in my talk for writing teachers working with English language learners was to try to draw on corpus-based grammars and style guides based on real language use vs. 515 more words


Shaken, not stirred - a spotlight on Sean Connery's /s/

When I think of Sean Connery, his characteristic speech is the first thing that pops into my head (quickly followed by my favourite Sean Connery joke – what time does Sean Connery turn up at Wimbledon? 669 more words