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I spy... half the world away

In Metro, January 16, 2017

The striking juxtaposition of two items on two halves of the newspaper clearly exposes the values (or lack of such) of western society. 1,158 more words

I Spy

LSA / SPCL 2017

I spent last weekend in not-so-warm and sunny Austin, Texas going to the Linguistic Society of America conference. As usual, I stuck pretty close to the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics talks, but I also managed to see some great talks from the other sessions (the Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics panel was especially inspiring). 494 more words


Bailey in PWPL

LEL PhD student George Bailey has a paper in the latest issue of Penn Working Papers in Linguistics!

The paper deals with Automatic Detection of Sociolinguistic Variation Using Forced Alignment… 20 more words


God, pronouns and freedom

I have written previously about what pronouns should be used for God, regarded as a genderless being in most faiths. Should we refer to Him in the masculine, Her in the feminine or even Se in the neutral? 479 more words


What’s in a name? Everything

I used to remind my students that our culture here in the USA is pretty informal. Some of my students grew up in communities where the level of formality outside of your own family is much higher, and I wanted them to understand that no insults were intended when/if strangers or acquaintances addressed them in a way which seemed too familiar. 1,358 more words

The Stuff

Trees within trees: the Bundle Model

Reposting here, an illustration I whipped up a few days before Christmas, for a debate on the validity of the tree model in linguistics, held at Academia.edu in an article draft session by fellow historical linguists and linguistics bloggers… 4,484 more words


I spy...Skirting the issue

In Metro, January, 5, 2017

“An individual woman who appears as the spokeswoman for the freedom of all women is a pathetic and isolated creature. 620 more words

I Spy