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Accents are fun

Lippi-Green (1997) reminds us all that accent or dialect discrimination (in the first language- L1 dialect) is based on a misconstrued and false assumption that some grammars or dialects are superior to others. 199 more words


Excuse me, Mx.

There are a few things for me to blog about since they’re all in my head. The race-based culture shock experienced by my sister in University compared to my own sex & sexuality and gender based culture shock in the same campus, although different environments (We enrolled in different faculties).  710 more words


Tip #2: We know students need more vocabulary, but what words and how to teach them?

In the most recent tutor training session that I led, some questions came up about what vocabulary we should be teaching students.  One of the tutors mentioned that sometimes our textbooks teach words that may have regional differences.   438 more words



While following the style of expression to which possible 2016 contenders for American presidency resort, I was surprised to find out that they try to avoid using the term “middle class”, although for each of them it’s critically important to win that social stratum over to their side.  431 more words

Does reading a story affect the way you talk afterwards? (Or: do linguistic tasks have carryover effects?)

So tomorrow is my generals exam (the title’s a bit misleading: I’m actually going to be presenting research I’ve done so my committee can decide if I’m ready to start work on my dissertation–fingers crossed!). 918 more words

Sociolinguistic Noticing: On Being a Sociolinguist among Normal People (by Dr. Alison Crump)

Sociolinguistic noticing is something I do pretty much all the time. It is something that I encouraged my recent cohort of grad students to do as well. 1,149 more words

Students no longer occupy the backseat: Can their demands make a change?

I read a recent article in the National newspaper about Abu Dhabi students demanding that the language of instruction for some of their courses be in Arabic instead of English. 624 more words

Arabic Language