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The Boy Who Was Raised by Wolves, Part II

In which Victor is introduced to society and language

A young physician named Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard who worked with deaf children requested to take care of Victor in order to teach this “wild child” how to communicate. 1,483 more words


Code-Switching: Barack vs. Bill

Has anyone ever told you that you had an accent, but you insisted that you didn’t? There’s a reason they’re picking up on it, even if neither of you can figure out why. 2,847 more words


The Boy Who Was Raised by Wolves, Part I

Victor, the Wild Child of Aveyron

The legend of Victor’s early childhood mirrors Mowgli’s in The Jungle Book: the story goes that he was raised by wolves until early adolescence, never learning to speak, dress himself, or any other basic skills needed to live in the human world, until deciding one day to join the village next to the woods that had been his home for as long as he could remember. 752 more words


More Language Awareness!

Part of the reason I love using Twitter in my professional life is coming across newly published articles that might not make it onto my radar otherwise. 410 more words


Fishman Gender Study

Hello all! Click here for the Fishman study on Gender dynamics in discourse.


Multilingualism and statistics

I am a big fan of statistics, which my father -a former university mathematics teacher- always considered “idle mathematics”. We used to watch almost one basketball game on TV per week and he would always point out how shooting stats are faulty in the following way: if a player has a ratio (I will use the typical Spanish TV stats representation) of 33 % (1/3 or 1 basket out of 3 attempts) and another player has a ratio of 33 % (3/9 or 3 baskets out of 9 attempts) you are not considering how, when and where the shots were made when seeing those stats out of the blue and they both seem equally bad. 778 more words