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MacKenzie and Schleef publish methods book

Laurel, Erik and Miriam Meyerhoff (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ) have just published their book Doing Sociolinguistics: A Practical Guide to Data Collection and Analysis… 200 more words


YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH: grammar scolds, upadana, bullshit and the good news

So, I’ve got some glad tidings for those of you reading this.

I am here to tell you that something that you might think is important really isn’t that important, and that you should stop worrying about it. 1,425 more words


Book Recommendation 2: Through The Language Glass

While this isn’t a book about translation (the art of technique, theory, history, or etc), it IS an EXCELLENT read if you’re interested, as I am, on the effect language can have on how you think! 126 more words

Language Student Life

Don't sweat the small stuff (aka There's Something about Urdu)

If you’ve lived in the UK it’s highly unlikely that you’ve never encountered Urdu. It’s written using an especially ornate version of the Arabic script ( 815 more words

Language Learning

Input: Language of American Pop-Punk

The article named I made a linguistics professor listen to a blink-182 song an analyze the accent (Dan Nosowitz) published on Atlas Obscura deals with the development of language behaviour of American pop-punk bands. 207 more words