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Take me out. . . of the ballpark

I subscribe to the notion that when we know better we do better.  I know there are many examples where this is not true, but I do generally do believe this.  2,290 more words



OMRARO 2016.10.19

These are some quick and random thoughts for this October 19th date including: (1) People to Watch; (2) Progress and Recommendations; (3) Despair: Profit over Purpose; and (4) Humorous Family Ties. 1,507 more words


10 Reflections from 22 Years

Although I am short on wisdom and come up empty when asked about my “extensive” knowledge of the world, there are a few things I have learned from my short time on this earth. 321 more words

Practical Christianity

The "self-made" millionaire / billionaire delusion of capitalism

Capitalism generates a lot of self righteous and delusional beliefs, one of the worst of which is the “self-made” delusion.

In fairness … no one on the planet is, ever was, nor ever will be a “self made” anything … it is the privilege of our lives which presents this delusion. 336 more words


Cassini vs. Capitalism

In the year 1980 development began on the Cassini-Huygens expedition spacecraft, comprised of an orbiter (Cassini) and a lander (Huygens) – which you can read more about here ( 497 more words

The longer you leave it to solve a problem ...

I don’t know if this is a popular saying or not, but it’s something that’s been with me since childhood:

” … the longer you leave it to solve a problem, the harder it becomes to solve … “

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Competition Fallacy: Capitalism vs. Relativity

The Fallacy:

There’s a fallacy presented to the world which states that all species must compete for scarce resources. This is taken to be true because it is assumed that all should – in the interests of fulfilment, self preservation, and survival – fight for the greatest share of all resources … but is this actually true? 2,151 more words