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Free Culture Calling

For the purpose of this blog, I have used “intellectual property rights” and “copyright” interchangeably. They construe the same reference.

In recent times, I’ve been going through some copyright law. 1,531 more words


Assurance... No; continuous blockchainproofing will be

Accountants (of the certifying kind) have seen the light of continuous assurance coming. The vast majority of them reacted by being the rabbits ; though assuming the headlights were and are still very distant, sitting quite still… 228 more words

Innovation (technologicallly Driven)

Ebow to lower prices, up the sharing ec

OK, here we have these two trends:

  • Ebay still being around (although slowly, coming under attack from entrants; check your feeds if you’d have missed that) but when people get tired, they bid lower and lower, when at the same time sellers want decent prices or retract and retreat.
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Innovation (technologicallly Driven)

Time with her Long Storm and Rainbow Nose

Until it puzzled came
I blinded centuries with my will
To continents of ecosystems entertained
Until the arctic got her drills

For oil, diamonds and the last hurray… 103 more words


Sexism in the Military

In early 2014 the BBC released a report exposing the subculture of sexism and sexual violence that exists within the British and American military services. 1,298 more words



“I don’t understand. Why would you, with all your experience and training, vote for a needle exchange program that supports the habits of drug users?” Her question was not rhetorical. 1,368 more words