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Madison Reveals “Agency” in her Life

Madison Winstead, my Cousin Keith’s daughter, signed on with her local university to swim with their team as a high school junior last year. This year as a senior she asked her future college coach and then the NCAA the unthinkable—permission to suit up and swim with the team in competition this year. 555 more words

Who  I Am as a Writer

I wish I had the ability lure with my words with the cunning of a hungry wolf who has an eye for elderly women and girls draped in red capes. 506 more words


Fiction as Reality: Reader-Response Criticism of the Selected Igbo Novels

Department: Igbo, African and Asian Language Studies
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

Igbo novels are great works of art which evolve from imaginative revelations of the past age, the present age or even the future age. 286 more words

Faculty Of Arts

Utopia Book Review

The original meaning of the word Utopia is more akin to peaceful coexistence than it is to paradise. This is just one of many important points that Thomas More tried to explain in his short novel Utopia. 114 more words


Status (from classical sociologist Max Weber)

When translated from the work of German sociologist Max Weber (1864-1920), status refers to a type of social honor or prestige associated with positions held by, for instance, an esteemed professor, a judge or member of the clergy. 394 more words


Deconstructing the Declaration

So, it’s time to introduce the students to the theory of deconstructionism. This is the idea that, since there are no absolutes, there’s no way to perfectly communicate an idea from one person to another. 963 more words

A Politically Sacred Cow

In preliminary education level, writing an essay on Cow is very common in India. I think, most of the essays are based on utilitarian perspective with some sacred content because most of the children are socialize with benevolence and religious connectivity of cow. 835 more words