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EXPECTATIONS: Helpful and Otherwise

Overheard in a college hallway: “I am who I am! I cannot be responsible for his expectations of me.”

The tone of voice was stressed, angry. 649 more words


Swa(r)m(i')s anyone ..?

OK. That title needs some explanation. This is that.

First, a pic to display the right mood:

Yesterday it struck me that some years ago already – time flies like an arrow (eight interpretations) OR when you’re not working (traditional interpretation) – there was this fad in organisationland called ‘swarms’ in which agile (sigh…) little bands of independent professionals would come together all bringing their individual expertise and competences (as swami’s) to do a certain project job, then disband to go off to other ventures in yet other swarms. 177 more words

Innovation (technologicallly Driven)


The expressions of a pervasive sense of impending doom are on the increase, whether you read/listen to the armchair experts on social media, or the professional experts in science, economics, philosophy, or religion. 746 more words


Why the news is bombarding you with information you don't need

In the world of today, news is a common medium to gain more information. It is simply not possible to travel the world and become informed about every happening on the globe yourself. 1,095 more words

Known Unknown

Launch Time Is Drawing Closer!

It feels good to be able to meet deadlines, doesn’t it? Only about a month to go on this one, and I’m doing pretty all right. 296 more words


Video Project: Hedda Gabler

In our film project, we portrayed Hedda Gabler as a high school student. We also added the twist of depicting Hedda as a male character. We thought it would be more appropriate to depict Hedda as a male character because her actions were more masculine in nature. 247 more words

Class Assignment

We’re all from immigrant fathers

We’re all from immigrant fathers

I’ve been busy I must admit
Performing an autopsy on my shadow
It’s a tedious tumbling of self with not-self… 128 more words