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Yesterday was an interesting hair day, and it all spins around the topic I brought up yesterday: societal norms focusing on the reactions toward women with short hair, and how difficult it is for a women to have short hair without receiving backlash for breaking the traditional views on aesthetics. 736 more words


Still Busy In Wonder: Silent Thoughts... Chapter 13

In silence there’s noise. The untold can be so pure and valid. We often judge people on what we see and hear, removing context and ignoring the fact that we are constantly playing roles in society. 298 more words

Resurrecting Faith

As a consummate lover of language, I have been made to concede that sometimes even the most persuasive of words fall on deaf, indifferent ears. 113 more words


Economix // Michael Goodwin (Illustrated by Dan E. Burr).

I’m not sure how and what sparked my interest in economics, perhaps it was Kathryn Tanner’s Economy of Grace or the fact that I’m disillusioned by both capitalism and communism or the fact that I am in near constant financial crisis (aka, the normal graduate student life and post-American-college-with-their-stupid-student-debt). 260 more words

Book Review

"How to Confront a #PathologicalLiar"

By Lisa Mooney

Oct 15, 2015

Pathological lying is defined as telling lies to the point they are persistent, extremely exaggerated and often told without a discernible reward. 493 more words


What I Believe: The Fall

The Garden of Eden appears to be an anomaly. It was unique and set at a particular place on the earth for God to create in two particular people, Adam and Eve, the psychological and sociological characteristics that would eventually come to all humanity. 134 more words