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What they don't want you to know about the 2018 Deadly #Flu #flushot #Influenza #pandemic

It’s no secret that mainstream news outlets cannot be trusted to provide objective facts or accurate useful information. But does the mainstream media and health organizations want to wipe out innocent people? 320 more words


We Have it Coming

For a generation that owns its stereotypes like a boss,
And binge watches TV shows as an accomplishment,
That has more pseudo-intellectuals than the other kind… 96 more words

Free Verse Poetry

Post-Truth‚Äč Feminism

Why is feminism today a concept that is steadily deteriorating in terms of relevance and appeal? Why do the open-minded, educated, well-read, sections of our population denounce feminism as a fanatical label, despite asserting their belief in gender equality? 740 more words


Surviving the 2018 Flu season (Jupiter in Scorpio) entry in progress

How to survive the deadly flu season of 2017-2018.

1. Nutrition and Vitamins are #1 defense

  • Vitamin A (overall immune booster)
  • Vitamin E (lung/respiratory health best way to prevent developing any type of Pnemonia)
  • 270 more words

Sociological trends of Psychopathy & Narcissism

This has been a topic I’m fully aware of and have been observing, researching from a personal POV to a collective sociological perspective.

I have a thorough background in psychology as well as Astrology and I continue to incorporate mental health and psychology into traditional medical astrology theories to contribute to the holistic therapy fields which has been demonstrated by many therapists /astrologers throughout the years. 236 more words


Health Horoscope for January 2018! (IMPORTANT)

Check out the lastest #TransitTalk by Chaos Astrologer Rae Reinhartz. Pandemics, Outbreaks and possibly deaths from weak immune systems and viruses.

Confirmed Reports related;

Deaths from Romaine Lettuce… 365 more words