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4 Concerns Regarding Christian Celebrity Culture

I am all for having role models and people to look up to. It’s fun to observe others’ lives unfold and to learn from them. We also find ourselves drawn to those who do the things we dream of doing. 255 more words

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A Few Thoughts About Giving Advice

Giving advice is a tricky task. A lot of times people aren’t actually searching to hear what you have to say about a given situation. They want you to listen so they can think out loud. 306 more words

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My Toes Knock Loose The Pebbles

Jump. It’s all the same. There it is. The cliff. I’ll never know what’s down there because I’ll never jump. I’m a safe bet. I’m all exterior curves, smooth and sinuous. 137 more words

Dear Diary...

4 Ways Focusing on Relationships Has Changed Me

Four years ago I didn’t know how to have and maintain relationships. As I reflect and write, I still don’t feel like I have arrived, but I have learned some valuable lessons about the worth of relationships. 243 more words

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Disgust towards 'The Great Wall of Calais'

For some time now in the UK, there has been a buzz about the UK’s future following the EU referendum. Many were excited by Brexit, many were left disappointed. 410 more words


4 Ways We've given up on Relationships

Outside of my salvation, I cannot think of anything I value more than my relationships. People are precious to God, but at times we act like they are our last interest. 278 more words

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The university academic year begins for me this week, and—not for the first time—my thoughts are heavy with the implications of the grave responsibility of educating the young. 1,044 more words