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Economic and Population Growth: Their Association with Total Carbon Emissions

The Costs of Many


“The earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it  5,832 more words

The Mill Of Production

Hereby I represent a chapter of my work, originally written in Slovene, which I am slowly but surely translating, entitled: Capitalism as the main polluter of our environment, 1,066 more words

Environmental Sociology

The only compulsory service is LOVE

So, the government of Slovenia wants to reintroduce compulsory military service.

But, why would anyone in this world try to attack Slovenia? Why does our Government feel that we need more and more young men, trained to defend borders with killing? 382 more words



I don’t know if this is crossing subjects between sociology and psychology however I begin to theorise.

I once had a young lad from London misbehaving and I had to approach him, before I could say a word his behaviour became defensive, “don’t disrespect me, man!” I towered above him height wise. 167 more words


Forgiving The Insecure and Fearful

Just as I and my classmate entered the conference room where our professor hold her small classes, our professor told us that the class really waited for us because somebody said that I, particularly blurting out my name, did not understand the requirement. 606 more words