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We’re all from immigrant fathers

We’re all from immigrant fathers

I’ve been busy I must admit
Performing an autopsy on my shadow
It’s a tedious tumbling of self with not-self… 128 more words


Apparent Conflicts with the Constitution

India today happens to possess the most detailed Constitution ever in the history of humanity. Constituted of 395 Article, 12 Schedules, 2 Appendices, and well over 120 amendments till date, this mammoth record of the principles of the country is “amended more frequently than most people change their toothbrush”, in order to keep up with the times. 944 more words


Fragmentation and Perception of Identity Caused by Social "Boxes" -- Please Look After Mom Composition

Everybody presents a different facet of their identity when in different environments and interacting with different people. When operating with different social groups, people’s actions are confided by the standards of the groups’ … 471 more words

Class Assignment

Reaction to the Reaction to Slaves in Five Tribes

I find this kind of thing ponderous. An individual states “This particular thing is offensive to me.” And then there is the response, “Shut up.” Basically. 842 more words


Freedom of Speech & Expression Beautifully Summarised In A Paragraph

Justice Nariman, a Judge of the Supreme Court of India, on the freedom of speech and expression:-

“There are three concepts which are fundamental in understanding the reach of this most basic of human rights.

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Consumerism: Selling One’s Soul to Feel Good With Costly Repercussions

Lucas Ambrezewicz

Professor Dr. Nobile

History 18

23 March 2015

Consumerism: Selling One’s Soul to Feel Good With Costly Repercussions

In Morris Berman’s book Why America Failed he states this quote, “As one digs deeper into the national character of the Americans, one sees that they have sought the value of everything in this world only in the answer to this single question: how much money will it bring in?”-Alexis de Tocqueville, letter to Ernest de Chabrol, June 9, 1831 (1). 2,065 more words

Consumerism Culture

Supressing the Truth Doesn't Change Reality

If you can’t tolerate it, then suppress it. This is the message making the rounds in many people’s heads regarding India’s Daughter. 

For the unacquainted,  606 more words

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