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Kraftwerk or De Kooning ..?

With all the talk about how, in the end, all of our jobs may be taken over by automatons, and us being left with nothing but idleness (as, e.g., … 561 more words

Innovation (technologicallly Driven)

Sarika’s Anthem

Inspired by http://sarikacullissuzuki.com/

Perpetual nature, would you
Make our lives sustainable
Teach us to live in green-forever

That sweet birds might visit our dwelling
With a clear sky and a loving future… 89 more words


A Word to (Mistaken) Feminists

Feminism has always been a very simple idea. Equality of both genders.

Yet, within this community of feminists, political philosophy does apply. This blog might just be called a (scathing) attack on the feminist left. 913 more words

The Pen & Ink

The Soul of Man Under Socialism

NB: This isn’t a comprehensive review – I think a compilation of annotation and notes would be more appropriate.

Oscar Wilde writes beautifully, and in The Soul of Man Under Socialism, it shows. 276 more words


To study; unconscious compliance, conformity

A quite good analysis here, of this book.

Which throws a wrench in many discussion positions for or against privacy … also in the light of… 52 more words

Information Security

I say it! It must be so...

While we talk about privilege as a way of being a special gift or talent given to a certain group or people, there is a more subtle form of privilege which is no more than an extension of the above title.  317 more words


Aggregation is stripping noise; close to emergence but ...

Still tinkering with the troubles of the aggregation chasm (as in this here previous post) and the hardly visible but still probably most fundamentally related concept of emergent properties (as in… 592 more words

Innovation (technologicallly Driven)