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Lisa McKenzie Lecture

 I see myself as a critical and radical sociologist … I believe strongly that theory helps us to expose and critique power.

In this lecture, delivered to students in Ireland, Lisa McKenzie talks about her book…

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Lisa McKenzie

Dichotomy 1: Pipelining vs. Escorts

I’ve been pondering on creating this dichotomy for several months now…

A “Dichotomy” by definition is “a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.” For some strange reason, the word “dichotomy” has intimidated me for a while. 1,148 more words


BBC's The Women Challenging Sexism in E-Sports

A quick one to share today:

Apart of their 100 Women of 2016 series, a series of videos and articles about influential women in varying industries, the BBC has put together a video and… 71 more words

Video Games

Pipelining Will Potentially Destroy Gynocracy Beyond Repair

Recently, I wrote a topic about how female sexuality caused a serious blow to traditionalism, including the fragile male ego. In this one, I’ll take it in another direction: Pipelining (a type of “hookup culture” lacking geographical restrictions) has already destroyed traditionalism further, but it can potentially destroy gynocracy. 1,180 more words


Voice Actors Are Striking: Why You Should Care

For the last couple of weeks SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents many voice actors in the video games industry, have been picketing and striking outside of major video game developers and tomorrow, Nov.17th, they plan to picket Insomniac Games in Burbank. 464 more words

Video Games

Pipelining: 101

Earlier this year, I overheard a conversation among several brothers (black men) during a trip to a non-western pasture. The term “pipeline” came about and was used several times by several men. 967 more words


Disgraced Video Game Criminal

So this is just a quick post to explain why my blog is called “Video Game Criminal”, another intro of sorts. 647 more words