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Transgender Activists Are Playing With the Lives of Children

Transgender activists are playing with the very lives of millions of children suffering from gender dysphoria, “that is, the feeling that the body they were born with doesn’t fit their true gender identity.” 407 more words


The Real Motherhood Challenge

So, by now you have all seen the motherhood challenge.

I don’t like it. It made me feel uncomfortable. And no, not because I don’t have children.  1,007 more words


The language we use

A recent debate on Twitter bought an interesting idea to light. The idea that the language used by testers can be separated from ‘testing’. The argument goes, 410 more words


Onsdags godheder. / Wednesday treats.

Jeg ville bare lige kigge ind med lidt flere fotos – af min eftermiddag. Som i dag er fyldt med kanelsnegle, lidt sociologisk læsemateriale og godter fra Custommade (ej sponsoreret). 87 more words

Everyday Magic

Women Have Man-Testing Genes: 6

In the previous installment, I’ve tastelessly likened LTRs/marriages to “Russian Roulette” – and briefly, U.S. Football. Now, I’m going to get into some more deep psychological shit, as it deals with the current obsessions with black group economics, ‘game’, primal mind fucks and women’s lust and submission for power dynamics. 1,483 more words


How to read non-fiction

If you’re more of a fiction reader like I am, it can sometimes be hard to get into non-fiction in the same way. If you visit my Goodreads page, you’ll see that in my “Currently Reading” list, there are generally a few non-fiction titles that have been there for a long time. 239 more words