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If Men Could Menstruate - Gloria Steinem (1978)

I honestly adore this piece of writing, I just had to share it on here so that others could read it (and so that I had easy access to it in the future….) 975 more words

Gloria Steinem

Charleston Syllabus

The following reading list is available on the website of the African American Intellectual History Society. Although it is not meant to be exhaustive, it should help all of us become better informed about race relations in South Carolina and the rest of the U.S.   4,512 more words


Ethnography Special Issue

I am so pleased with the special issue of Ethnography that I co-edited together with Mats Trondman. Although it won’t be published together for a while, the articles are appearing in Sage’s OnlineFirst. 644 more words


Read Jelani Cobb.

Jelani Cobb, in his writing at the New Yorker, and on Melissa Harris Perry’s MSNBC show, almost always points out the complexities of racial issues in prose which elucidates and enlightens. 18 more words


Upcoming special issue of Ethnography

Way back in late 2012/early 2013, my colleague Mats Trondman and I floated an idea to Paul Willis, who, at the time, was editor of… 148 more words


Comment on: Durkheim’s “The Division of Labour in Society”

The question of Durkheim is a classical one: How is the society possible? What brings people together? Why the society is not falling apart? This question becomes essential in his time because individual was becoming more autonomous. 606 more words

Reading Notes

Comments on: “Introduction: Habermas and the Public Sphere” by Craig Calhoun

In this introductory article, Calhoun offers a synopsis of The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere as well as a few critical comments. The public sphere is essential for formal democracy. 888 more words

Reading Notes