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Russell Brand's universalism and "The Truth"

If Jesus did actually exist but was not the son of God, as many Christians around the world believe, then what kind of person was he? 807 more words


Social Science, Big Data and Gut Instincts: The General Election 2015 in review

Reflections on the 2015 General Election
by James Addicott, 2015© 

During the 2015 elections in the UK, what I found quite baffling was that, even as a PhD student (without blowing my own trumpet), I really did not feel that I had enough knowledge or facts to make an educated decision about who to vote for.  1,140 more words


"We are quite certain..."

“We are quite certain that our habit of allowing people to ‘fall in love’ to choose their mates on the basis of private passions, is superior to a pragmatic approach to coupling. 155 more words


Don't Cater to Her Bullshit

One of the hardest things most of you will ever face is dealing with the hard cold fact that no woman will ever love you for who you are, except your mothers, daughters or sisters.  1,455 more words


Thought of the Day: May 15th, 2015

As I close Year Two of my blog, I just wanted to post something here that I’ve recently come across.

I made a topic weeks ago about… 301 more words


"In reality, heroes are ...

“In reality, heroes are heroic because they, despite their weaknesses – and sometimes because of them – do great things… Their strengths and weaknesses could… 87 more words


"Romance is the jewel....

“Romance is the jewel in the crown of capitalism. Scratch an engineer, a worker, a fashion designer, and you will find a slumbering romantic. We grow up expecting that some magic day… 128 more words