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Credit as Relationship and Practice: the Sociology of Credit

This paper aims to describe the social studies of credit developed in France over the past dozen years. We argue that this French sociology of credit… 188 more words


Unconscious Denial

Ready for some challenging ideas? Today’s police need to view this film, think about it, and then engage in a conversation about it within their ranks and within the community. 213 more words


The Red Command

The Red Command is a very well known and successful gang found in the favelas of Rio, Brazil. Associated with violence, the drug trade, bank robberies, and other crimes, the group is viewed as a community danger to the police and the rest of the world. 318 more words


An Obvious Veracity about Reality TV, Pop Culture and TV Shows Like "Empire"

For the past decade, I couldn’t help but notice the rampant glorification of viragoes. While this type of female behavior has worsened over the years, I’ve observed various types of criticisms on social media and blogs about a popular new television show called… 1,175 more words


Brazil's Favelas: Is violence the answer?

In preparation for the FIFA World Cup and the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil has been cracking down on gang activities in the Rio favelas. This has been done as an attempt to decrease potential negative publicity that violence and drug sales of gangs could bring as the world zooms in on the city during it’s time of popularity. 369 more words


Essay #479: What impact has children's rights had on child-related policy and adult-child relations?

Category: Child-related policy, Rethinking children and childhood

Level: Graduate School

Topic: essay

Theme: A comprehensive discussion on child-related policy and adult-child relations in the UK. 28 more words

Children Rights

Ending the 'War On Drugs' Would Disastrously Obstruct American Revenue

My perspective on the futile ‘war on drugs’ finalizes that it is not only a total devaluation of humanity, but a blatant attack on common sense and pragmatism. 1,484 more words