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Should you give to Panhandlers?

Panhandling seems to be getting worse in San Antonio.  I don’t know what it is like in other cities but there are many intersections where they camp out every day with their cardboard signs and guilt you into giving them your change. 578 more words

Video Game Music: Discussion and Resources

I often find myself listening to video game music as background music while I read or write. It makes sense, most of the tunes we hear in video games were meant to be just that: background music to your adventure and experience. 846 more words

Video Games

Meet my friends...

Our fascination with celebrities seems to be reaching its peak, or is that just me? Surely there will come a time when we realise they like us are just flawed humans. 477 more words

Life Goes On

There have been three deaths in my community band over the last few months.  Just last week one of our clarinet players passed away walking out to her car after rehearsal.   277 more words


Wondering Where It Started

The quest for parental guidance is still a mystery.

I moved out West last summer with my boyfriend. We packed up his car with the few belongings we kept and hit the road. 330 more words

The Queerness and Games Conference

Just wanted to give heads up to a exciting conference in the near future: The Queerness and Games Conference at The University of Southern California, taking place April 1st and 2nd, 2017. 59 more words

Video Games

Games Studies and The Sociology of Video Games

Having started upon a path towards advanced degrees with an emphasis in interactive media and online communities, it has increasingly become evident to me that there is no singular route to studying the emerging field of video games. 937 more words

Video Games