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New Research Finds Adult Men are Choosing Video Games Over Full-Time Work

It’s the end times my friends: Video games are destroying our economy.

New research coming out the Princeton, The University of Chicago, and University of Rochester has found a correlation between the abundance of high quality video games and uneducated adult men choosing to remain out of the workforce. 410 more words

Video Games

Capcom Investing In Benefits To Keep Female Employees

Really Quick one today:

Japanese game developers have traditionally been slow towards creating more diverse work staffs, which makes Capcom’s announcement that they’ll be investing in medical benefits to encourage employees with children to stay with the company. 234 more words

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What the Recent Tension Between Blacks and U.S. Law Enforcement Finalizes

I’ve come up with a very necessary conclusion after several recent observations about the rampant failure of race relations in the USSA…

Recently, there’s been many blog topics discussing the failure of BRP (“black respectability politics”), which makes mention of how the internet and lack of accountability of the police has allowed Gen-Y blacks to appreciate the depths of white racism. 1,261 more words