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Please Reply!!!

Nothing annoys me more than not getting responses to my emails.  I don’t know if it is a societal thing or people are just assholes.  Maybe both. 147 more words


My Best Lunch Buddy

I used to get depressed during lunch as I would leave work and eat in some nearby restaurant all by myself.

I would sit there and look at all the people at the other tables talking to each other and having a good time and slip deeper and deeper down the hole. 98 more words


Raymond Aron's Memoirs

It’s been 34 years since the death of that independent-minded and incredibly lucid writer — Raymond Aron. I chanced upon his Memoirs: Fifty Years of Political Reflection… 7 more words


VIDEO #9: Afrocentrists, Like CONservatives Are CON Artists and F*cking Hypocrites

In this video, I expose the hypocrisy of many ideologists, especially Afrocentricity and Conservatism. I elaborate on some things Advocatus Diaboli said about conservatives in a previous topic he has written about… 14 more words


What Makes God Any Different From a Deadbeat Dad?

I had thought of titling this “The God Delusion” (a book written by Richard Dawkins). And after engaging in a very lengthy conversation with a very close family member of mine about the difference between the supposed true “god” and organized religion, I have created a very unpleasant but realistic comparison in my own mental map of the world… 1,077 more words


Why "Nation Building" Sounds More Like Voluntary Slavery

Over the past several years, there has been a lot of babble and mental orgasms exchanged throughout certain segments of the black community – particularly via YouTube and the likes of fraudulent snake oil… 964 more words


Why do women ignore me like I don't exist?

I am always amazed as I wander the planet that women completely ignore me like I don’t exist.

I smile at them but they are just not there.   179 more words