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According to Steven Seagal, Mass Shootings Are Engineered... LOLWUT?

There are few things as vile to me as writing off genuine tragedies as either hoaxes or false flag operations.  The Neo-Nazis did it with the Holocaust, and now third-rate actor, martial artist and general loudmouth Steven Seagal is doing it with the mass shooting epidemic in the U.S.  709 more words


A Critique of a Children's Book

For my Introduction to Sociology class I was instructed to critically analyze features of socialization in a children’s book. I chose The Adventures of Beekle: An Imaginary Friend… 786 more words


Blacks Should Be Grateful For "Illegitimate" Kids

There’s very common complaint among blacks who try to appear “respectable” in the eyes of people in and outside of their communities. Some of it stems from either face-saving, flawed perfectionism, religious training, sexual jealousy or a slave mentality. 1,215 more words


Systemic Misogyny

The most successful form of misogynistic abuse is when men convince women who influence other women to persist with ritualistic abuse and have women claim it as secret women’s business.   17 more words


Why Halloween Is the Best Holiday to Pick Up Hot Chicks

A little while back, I was at the gym with two guy friends (currently in their 30s) who are active in the game. So, we had a semi-argument about which time of year aside from Spring Break and Summer is best to pick up girls. 378 more words


The maladies of 'Y'

The ‘Y’ chromosome technically has 12.5% stake in my small family of me, my wife and two daughters. If I count my extended family with all the cousin sisters, stakes would plummet down further, may be somewhere at 2-3% in the middle of sea of ‘X’ chromosomes. 979 more words