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Alaska suburbs to become less Alaska, more suburban

Changes are coming to the suburbs of Alaska:

PALMER, Alaska — For years, pet owners in this Anchorage suburb of big homes and lawns have fretted over snares set in the local parks by fur-trappers going after fox, lynx and rabbits.

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Born Believers

I have been asked some time ago ” What is your identity”?

Actually I have multiple identities, my answer will be according to your question, which identity do you want to know. 1,516 more words

Cell Phones and the Danger to Our Social Well being

Here is a great video I found on YouTube in my recommendations by a professional intellectual named Simon Sinek.

First off, phones are very problematic, and I’m glad someone can articulate why cell phones are a problem in this culture. 961 more words


Opinion of the Day: America Was a White Nationalist Country Until Last Week

The author of this opinion piece is a graduate student in history and, until fairly recently, in agreement with the rest of his family that white nationalism was a good thing.   307 more words


SOCIOLOGY: Family as an Agent of Socialization (Assignment)

When I taught “family as an agent of socialization,” I had my students watch an episode from the television show Wife Swap.

The episode that I selected (Boss/Guastaferro families), a mother of a cheerleader switched into the family of a feminist. 61 more words


SOCIOLOGY: Family as an Agent of Socialization (Notes)


Family:  traditionally a social institution that unites individuals into cooperative groups to oversee the bearing and raising of children.


US Launches Probe into China's IP Practices

The United States has formally launched a trade investigation into China’s intellectual property (IP) practices and alleged forced transfer of American technology transfer, IP and innovation to determine if the behaviour is “unreasonable or discriminatory” or restricts US commerce, US Trade Representative  1,002 more words