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The History of History 10: More Words about Weber and Protestants

This week, we began class by returning to Albert Soboul’s essay “Classes and Class Struggles During the French Revolution.” Using Marx’s framework of historical transitions, Soboul writes about the French transition from feudalism to capitalism. 1,160 more words



Election day is quickly approaching. This year is the first year I will be able to vote, and of course it is the shittiest election ever known to man. 327 more words


What is Sociology?

To put it in simple terms, Sociology is the study of society. It analyzes social lives of people, groups and societies. Sociology covers many diverse aspects of socializing and it can range from individual to global social differences. 329 more words


The Communal Systematisation Of Childhood.

In other words, Childhood as a social construct.

Childhood. We’ve all been through it, we’ve all lived it, loved it, hated it, regretted it, we’ve all smiled back at it, and if you were that embarrassing and weird then you’ve probably, most definitely cringed back at it!

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Charts of the day: Call it opposition polling

In the world of the political operative, opposition polling tracks rival candidates, but in Campaign 2016 the term could take on a whole new meaning, given that the largest single factor driving voters in the camps of the two major party presidential candidates is opposition to the rival candidates rather than support of their own. 57 more words


Trip Report - RV at Medina Lake Oct 2016

Day One:

I had 1.5 days left of my Use it or Lose it vacation and the year is running out quickly. A rare fall cool front passed through San Antonio and being outside would finally be nice so I took Friday off, loaded up the RV and headed for nearby Medina Lake. 2,286 more words