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Delusion of injustice

This post builds on my previous posts on the recent revelations of distant past offensive behaviors of currently successful people.   Instead of describing these cases here, I acknowledge that they range from unwelcome sexual attention to sexual assault.    1,631 more words


Miss McCarthy

Look at her
Turning heads

Only dead men left
When she’s done spinning tales

No one is safe
‘cept the president

The inquisition has returned… 42 more words


When the campus sexual harassment policy doesn't work

Which is, let’s face it, a lot.

We would all prefer a system for handling sexual harassment claims that used a fair and rigorous process of investigation and delivered proportionate consequences in a timely way. 495 more words

Me @ Work

Research Paper Assignment

Write a 2 page APA research paper on one of the following topics:

Vent Enter Search Concept ‘VES’ or How to ‘Read’ smoke at a structure fire. 30 more words

Academic Papers

Kant's Deontology of acting morally

Explain Kant’s deontology of acting morally. 100 words discussion.

Academic Papers

Thought for Today (11/18/2017)

When I was young and in either middle school or early in high school, a young man moved to my hometown.  This guy had charisma and everyone immediately liked the guy from the moment they met him.  733 more words


Self-driving cars could benefit suburban residents the most

While reading an article considering what daily life may be like with autonomous vehicles, a thought hit me: suburbs – compared to cities and rural areas – will benefit the most from self-driving cars. 236 more words