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"I don't care if people accept me" is bullshit

Whoever created this meme tapped into a bigger truth than he/she perhaps realizes. On the surface, it’s an affirmation of how cool, detached, and independent people can be, but I see it as yet more proof that people are so full of shit… especially when they’re trying to convince you that they don’t care if others accept them or not. 207 more words


South Florida welcomes Obama's advocacy on Earth Day

While 98 percent of scientists are certain that climate change is a threat to our planet, some doubtful officials argue it’s just a theory.

Want to know  what South Florida is doing pertaining to climate change?

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Sex Stereotyped Marketing

Recently, I read an article on Huffington Post about how women “have to” pay more for female versions of common products.  Several women left comments pointing out that they circumvent this sexist pricing system by sensibly buying the male versions of the product… 950 more words


ISIS Is Real

I have to admit that my overall positive attitude to life has recently been challenged by the negative input relentlessly coming from the world. Each time I feel good about my own life, I feel guilty because I cannot ignore the massive suffering going on elsewhere. 617 more words


ESA 2015 Essential Facts About The Computer & Video Game Industry

It’s that time of year again when the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) release their  yearly findings on the demographics and make up of the video game industry. 895 more words

Video Games

What Does One Do With A Life?

What does one do with a life?  These words should echo forever within an individual’s mind – periodically breaching the surface of conscious domain, demanding immediate contemplation and resolution. 1,762 more words


Evaluating the view that the nuclear family is in decline (part 3/3)

Some commentators argue that the extent of ever increasing family diversity has been exaggerated

Robert Chester – The Neo-Conventional Family

Robert Chester (1985) recognises that there has been some increased family diversity in recent years. 393 more words