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When Education Becomes a Social Game

I have written in a previous blog about our modern world’s propensity to rank and monetise all that is of human interest (https://johnhtfrancis.wordpress.com/2014/03/08/capitalism-and-social-information). Equating intangibles with money is no modern invention; even barbaric societies in Europe around two thousand years ago used to price life and settle blood feuds with money. 1,007 more words

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Let Amazon's big data tractor trailer drive to you

Americans like big trucks and hard drive space so why not put the two together?

Amazon announced the new service, confusingly named Snowmobile, at its Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this week.

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Emotional dump bucket

I’m tired of being used, and certain people trying to use me, as some emotional dump bucket.

Don’t get the wrong idea: I take friendship as seriously as marriage. 189 more words


All progress in the ego gradually eliminates the individual from his herd

By ‘progress’ I mean advancement, growth, strengthening etc. This ego which in common language is referred to as ‘the self’ has a very short existence. In fact the very sojourness of our world is the ego metaphorised. 319 more words


Is it for  you

There are a lot of reasons people wanna make changes

  • For a loved one
  • To keep a job
  • Because of what others might think

I could go on, but if it’s not for you then it will more than likely fall.


Chapter 12 Analysis: Education and Religion

By Group 5 Memebers – Natalyia Coleman, Jeremy Field,
Aaron Williams, Carlile Welch, and Obai Kabia


Education and religion are both institutions in which sociologist Emile Durkheim terms, “a complex of ideas and beliefs that influence ways of seeing and of feeling.” Schools and religions instill much of our characteristics and values into our maturing self, from the early years into adulthood. 529 more words

Chart of the day: How much do Americans earn?

From the U.S. Census Bureau, a look at how much Americans earn, and how much those earnings differ by age, gender, and education for those who year 12 months a year: