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Seven Years Solitary by Edith Bone

I have a friend who’s a rellie of Edith Bone and as a consequence discovered her story which is truly astonishing, every bit of it that we know and no doubt the parts that will continue to unfold as classified documents from MI5 and Soviet counterparts are made more available. 431 more words



I’ve noticed for the past month I’ve been the victim of mansplaining.

  1. I went out with a friend and he took time out of our night to explain his view points and his opinion about me.
  2. 407 more words

Cause of Pedophile On Neurology's View

By : Dick Swabb

The shocking scale of child abuse within the Catholic Church has come to light in recent years. The first cases emerged in the United States, then in the Ireland, where, within the bishopric of Dublin alone, hundreds of children were abused between 1976 and 20014. 1,656 more words


Punca Pedofilia Dari Sudut Neurologi

Oleh : Dick Swaab

Perkara yang mengejutkan tentang penganiayaan kanak-kanak dalam Gereja Katolik telah menjadi jelas baru-baru ini. Kes pertama timbul di Amerika Syarikat, kemudian di Ireland. 3,139 more words


Adventures in Sociology| Vlogging

so Catrific’s  latest video is about the truth of YouTubers which reminded me of another video by the Vlogbrothers about making videos for youtube.  much like Asante the Artist’s spiel about… 922 more words


Incident at Vichy by Arthur Miller

I can’t see that we are ever so good that this play can be missed. At its most obvious it’s about what the Germans and their collaborators did to Jews and other inferior types. 873 more words


After Romulus by Raimond Gaita

If you thought that this was obvious, a sequel, cashing in, you couldn’t be further from the truth. This companion to Romulus, My Father is the product of, on the one hand, the needs of the philosopher Gaita to process various ways in which the consequences of this book affected him and on the other, the needs of everybody who read it. 797 more words