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The Miracles of Modern Science

Less than a hundred years ago, this was one of the stock phrases of our vocabulary. People wondered what new miracles Science had in store for us – and looked forward to them eagerly. 263 more words


The Laws of Redundency and Overusage

In a similar vein to Godwin’s Law

“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approached 1“

I had my own thoughts on Nazis and the internet.

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Recommended Movie: My Dinner With Andre

For anyone in the mood to eavesdrop on a philosophical conversation, the full movie is on YouTube::


The New Right - Unit 4 - Theories


The New Right is functionalism with a ‘political edge’ because they wish to influence social policy


Marketisation – school should be run like businesses. If the school does will they will get money and better students which means more money, etc. 339 more words

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Feminism - Unit 4 - Theories


Types of feminism

  • Feminist Fran Ansley famously said, “Women are takers of shit”. Feminism therefore exists to tackle patriarchy, inequality and sexual discrimination, and to explain how these manifest within society.
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