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Nostalgia for shopping malls amid decades of critique

Many shopping malls are in dire straits. The potential end of shopping malls can also induce nostalgia and good memories. Add to the decades-long critique of how shopping malls have harmed communities and societies and we have an odd moment: should we celebrate or lament the end of shopping malls? 242 more words


Memory in a Social Context

Memory in a Social Context: Brain, Mind, and Society 1st ed. 2017 Edition by Takashi Tsukiura, Satoshi Umeda

This book explores new points of view of human memory in the link among mind, brain, and society. 218 more words


Mind the Gap

I recently found myself sitting in the enforced shared space of a metropolitan commuter transport system, negotiating the awkward stares, the pervasive mild paranoia and the shallow breathing of dozens of complete strangers who I can only assume were all undergoing similarly visceral and emotional discomfort at the immediacy of this negation of their privacy and their personal space. 885 more words


RuthAnnTALKS - Episode 2:

“From A Distance.”

© 8/24/19  Ruth Ann Scanzillo.   Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel (Ruth Ann Scanzillo). Thank you for respecting original material, including that due any tenets and theories espoused in this interpretation.


Summer Travels Part 1: Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, New York

I’ve been active doing video game related things this summer and thought it was finally time to sit down and share. I’ll be breaking this up into multiple post, so stay tuned for most posts in the near future. 352 more words

Video Games

the man

Guys! Taylor Swift dropped a new album yesterday… and damn… it may be her best yet.  I don’t want to say that because I liked the dark angry taylor we saw with reputation. 1,002 more words