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The Vesuvius of Mendacities

Trump has been called the Vesuvius of mendacities

but I don’t see how than can be

because that Eruptor of Lies

is only tearing the country apart,

not mending any cities.

Jerome Bruner On Cultures That 'Breakdown'

InĀ Acts of Meaning (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1990, pp. 96-97), Jerome Bruner writes

When there is a breakdown in a culture…it can usually be traced to one of several things. 556 more words


What a load of wheelchair!

I hate being stressed. Anxiety builds in me like a pressure cooker and I get a lot of stress oozing out in the shape of stomach cramps, lack of confidence and utter sadness. 910 more words


Realizing Certain Things:

Realizing; May Never Become a Professor:

I recently found out after many years focusing on my academics more than anything, even while working in the tattoo community. 486 more words

Now, I Am Believed

Well, well. As Safeco hired the Independent Inspector, I expect to never see his report. When he presented himself here, he seemed fair and even-handed, I might even say fair-dealing emanated from him. 437 more words