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The man for 'The Job'

When you grow up open minded, especially in our generation, there is an increase in social awareness. We become aware of issues such as racism, sexism and class oppression. 821 more words

David Cameron

What's the Secret?

Ahh, This Question (I get tired of it). It takes many forms. I’ve asked it many times in the past. People always seems to want an answer to a question, that in my opinion, doesn’t even need to be asked! 1,165 more words


Network-based Citation Metrics: Eigenfactor vs. SJR

Is the influence of a journal best measured by the number of citations it attracts or by the citations it attracts from other influential journals? 1,447 more words


The Outsiders

From a young age, I was drawn to outsiders, to those who did not seem to ‘fit’ with the rest of society. 889 more words


[CfA] 10 PhD Scholarships in Political Science - NASP/University of Milan

A call for applications for 30 PhD Scholarships (10 of which in the field of Political Science) is now open at NASP and the University of Milan. 520 more words


What's Your Definition of Sex?

My definition of sex would be when two people engage in skin to skin sexual activity with either one or both genitals involved. This encompasses oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal penetration. 1,104 more words

Morality is the defence of the weak

Morality is the defense of the weak

“The devil can site scripture for this purpose”

Hasn’t the devil been known to defend his evil sometimes by quoting the scriptures? 463 more words

Reshma Thomas