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Is Technology Changing The Way We Think?

Our relationships with technology in the information age is something extraordinary. It is something which would have been incomprehensible in the minds of human beings 50 years ago. 322 more words


Entitlements and Liberties

This semester, I change my minor from being music to being sociology. In addition to me sucking big time in the music department, I fell head over heels in love with my last sociology class so much so that I took another class by the same professor about the basis of liberty and morality in America this semester.


proudhonian cosmopolitanism

Cities, eventually, will scare us. — Nick Land

the individuals of the global society aren’t human individuals or nationalities, but cities. this is the society that is fed by human individualism, and it’s the society that is forming its organs beneath the unaware eyes of statesmen, priests and warriors. 615 more words


Mono No Aware: A Style Analysis of Only Lovers Left Alive

When I do research for these kind of analytical fashion essays, I tend to let my search flow from the way clothing makes me feel before I come up with any kind of thesis. 491 more words


The astronomical orientation of the urban plan of Alexandria

Here we present the abstract of the corresponding publication by researchers Luisa Ferro and Giulio Magli: 138 more words


Screen-addicted teens are unhappy, study finds

Happiness is not a warm phone, according to a new study exploring the link between adolescent life satisfaction and screen time. 440 more words


New article by Simon Bennett in AIR International Magazine

Author and Series Editor Simon Bennett has published on the ‘National Police Air Support’ in AIR International Magazine, after flying with the unit to witness the UK police force at work. 31 more words