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Moved by a motion picture

Just now I have seen a report about a slum, where women peal garlic for 2$ a day – in the ugliest unhygienic conditions possible in that slum, with a cat on it, garbage and dirty water all around. 260 more words



Next week I’ll be turning 30.

I’ve been embarrassed about my age for one reason or another for the past two decades. I never felt like I was in the right place. 563 more words

On the psychosis of society

Excerpt from page 472 of Total Man.

In speaking of society and not individuals, however, we must beware of the possibilities of mystification. Society is not an actual thing or object which can exist in the absence of human beings. 142 more words

Total Man

Who gets to feel their feels? On the power and politics of academic emotions

I want to begin with a full disclosure: I am not going to do this topic justice in this ill-structured blog post[1]. My inclination here is to dash off a quick response to a few points, and to try to do so thoughtfully and in a way that acknowledges – rather than invalidates – the Feels in circulation. 2,027 more words


“The European peoples were enabled, some four hundred years ago, to extend conquest over the entire ‘native’ world. The ‘natives,’ who were just as good, man for man, as the Europeans, lacked the superior material equipment of the latter, and were either slaughtered or subjugated.

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We Are Family

And what’s so strange about a down-home family romance?*

Apparently, I am the only one…

…that has never watched a single episode of the reality show featuring a very fertile, conservative, Arkansan family with the surname of Duggar. 366 more words


“ has been accustomed to regarding himself as a supreme being for centuries. Now he faces a world which refuses to recognize him as such. With all his civilized values, he will have to go on the role of military tyrant.”

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