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Flag Burning, the Bill of Rights, and Leaving America Behind: Fourth of July Special

Yes, the American Revolution was special. It’s not yet uncool to recognize facts. You are entitled to your mistaken and unsupported opinions, however; this is a free country. 724 more words

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I’m completely fed up with seeing articles about schools banning girls from wearing short skirts or makeup. The headteacher’s justification is always the problematic notion that it’s ‘distracting to the boys’ which irks me more than enough, but one that really got to me today said… 1,057 more words

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Number of ‘extremely proud’ Americans drops by 3 percent – poll

Number of ‘extremely proud’ Americans drops by 3 percent – poll — RT USA.


July 03, 2015

Reuters / Carlo Allegri

The number of Americans ‘extremely proud’ to be citizens of the US continues to fall, with a new Gallup poll revealing a three percent drop from the previous year. 203 more words


The Communist Manifesto and its relevance today. (Part 1: Bourgeois and Proletarians) BY DANIEL CANNON.

The Communist Manifesto has been around since 1848 yet Marx and Engels ideas are still shared by millions of people all over the world today. In four articles I’ll be looking at whether the ideas of Traditional Marxism have relevance today. 1,926 more words


A comparison of Turbo Capitalism and Fascism BY DANIEL CANNON

This article aims to compare both systems, and raise the question ‘Is Turbo Capitalism better than Fascism?’

When we immediately think of the systems of Fascism we think of the leaderships during the 1930’s in Germany and Italy. 728 more words


The Soul of the Condemned

When I read that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was to be executed for his role in the Boston Marathon bombing, I immediately scrolled down to the comments. I was not surprised at what I found, but a little dismayed. 496 more words

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