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Social Cues

Something my friend and I started discussing in the past few months is how cluster b personality disorders are either rather ignorant to reading social cues for example body language or tone of voice and most likely the latter is they can and just don’t care. 637 more words


My Grandma, the Sociopath and Dementia Patient

Every time my grandma tried to hold me as a little girl I’d defiantly bury my head into my mum’s stomach, refusing her outstretched arms. At the time, my mum thought it was just my shy nature that stopped me from showing my grandma any affection. 1,162 more words


His silhouette was dark in my doorway, my bedroom dark, the light of the hallway casting an amber aura around him. “Is there a reason why you can’t fully close the toothpaste cap?” 2,727 more words

Blog Tour - All Signs Point to Murder - REVIEW

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Today, I’m thrilled to be bringing you a stop on the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour for All Signs Point to Murder… 606 more words

Book Reviews

I Said No

It’s Saturday, 8:30 pm, and I just came in from work. I could be with him, but I chose to stay with myself. It feels strange but it also feels good. 114 more words

What could be worse than bath time?

****not for the faint of heart********barf warning*******seriously*******

Butt time.

No, not like that….

As far as I understand it, dogs have these glands near their anus, and they were designed by satan himself. 142 more words