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Too Immature to be Married

So, I have not hidden the fact, at least on here, that I’m a submissive babygirl. My husband doesn’t know because he’s very narrow minded and very unaccepting of sexuality in general. 253 more words


How to spot a sociopath

“A sociopath is one who sees others as impersonal objects to be manipulated to fulfill their own narcissistic needs without any regard for the hurtful consequences of their selfish actions.” 472 more words



Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine.

Today is going well, I am just here at work. There is nothing really to talk about. 270 more words

Helplessly, I Watch The Decline

I have mixed feelings about the general decline in society. It has been accelerating during the past couple of decades as wealth and profits came to be respected above integrity and quality. 304 more words

‘This is really not nice‘, you say….with no hint of irony.

After so many years:

  • hiding your crippling self loathing behind false masks of charm, vivaciousness, achievement and talent;
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Jasmine's Case Files Pre-Order

Book 1 in the series Jasmine’s Case Files is now available on Amazon for Pre-Order. It is also available through Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime. Jasmine’s Case Files #62016 Myles is the first book published with the next one in the series available in May. 78 more words

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Sex & Drugs

From the very first time our sex life was… nothing to rave about. Really and truly this should have been my cue to leave! Sex is a massive part of a relationship and without it there is always going to be some kind of emptiness and void no matter how much you think you love someone. 860 more words