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Hill, Reginald. Dialogues of the Dead.

NY: Delacorte, 2001.

This long-running mystery series (of which this is the 17th volume) started out in 1970 as nothing remarkable. Well enough written, but pretty standard stuff about the detecting adventures of the bluntly profane and bearlike Superintendent Dalziel, head of Mid-Yorkshire CID, and his sidekick, the university-educated Peter Pascoe — originally a detective sergeant, now a chief inspector. 328 more words

Character Study

Sometimes You Need To Know

People don’t just turn out crazy. People doing crazy things to them, make them. Thats the real crazy conundrum for you to figure ..’ Why? – Aremuorin…

420 more words
Anthony Everest

These words 

These Phrases, Their Meaning … Now Make Me Unnerved I love You, Trust Me

These Words, Their Definition … Now Leave Me Disturbed – Mask, Hoover, Supply, Cogntive Dissonance, Discard, Idealization, Gaslighting, Devalue, Triangulate… 13 more words

The story so far.

Signed up for school, finished Online Orientation, applied for financial aid and CalFresh, and went to RCIA like a good baby Catholic.

Quit another job that exacerbated my chronic pain. 75 more words


What I learned from Dating a Sociopath Psychopath

You are going to heal.

You are going to recover.

You will get better.

You are not forever damaged.

Who they are. Is NOT a reflection of who you are. 794 more words


Let's Talk Dysfunction 

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my house and a few of the kids were nearby when my phone rang. I looked at it and thought my insides would hit the floor. 302 more words