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It's a set up

Narcissists set you up only to knock you down.  They plan this and do it with ill intent.

When a narcissist says to you:  “Your opinion matters.  196 more words

39. Read 52 Books in a Year (Part 4)

Today marks the halfway point of my goal to read 52 books in a year!  I started this goal about 5 months ago, so I am ahead of schedule (Thank god for lengthy commutes and audiobooks!).   393 more words

Letter To My Ex: I Know Who You Are

Dear Ex,

Because you live your life pretending to be someone you’re not,  you think that I’ll suddenly forget what you’ve done and who you really are. 426 more words


The Rainbow Connection

Early into our first year of dating, the narcissist informed me that he preferred to plan things out and wasn’t very spontaneous. I was the exact opposite, loving to do things on the spur of the moment. 2,808 more words

Real life and on-screen psychos

At some point in our lives, the average probability of meeting a serial killer is 7 times. Think about it, all those times you counted in your memory of seeing a ‘perfectly’ normal man/woman is the exact opposite of what you thought they would turn out to be. 132 more words

The Destructive Drive for Wealth

When ‘maximized profits’ is the goal, someone or something is going to suffer. How can a marketer maximize profits, while it’s already doing everything possible? One can make the product more cheaply and charge more for it. 188 more words

Made From Monsters

Right from the beginning, the narcissist presented his rather large family as close, loving, and welcoming. Almost immediately, I started to see cracks in that story. 2,534 more words