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Of Dislocation....

How to put my current feelings into words?  I’ve recently made a giant move; one that both rips part of my soul away, whilst also empowering what little remains of it.  304 more words


"Feel The Pity"

Sociopath Pity:

poor psychopaths get all the

attention and guilt!


Is this the final discard...?

Ok, so I’m at day 17 of my renewed NC (No Contact) with the narcissist ex. And I’ve been strangely ok, this time around. Let me clarify: by “ok” I mean I’ve been able to keep working at my job, and have not been in an emotional heap on the floor, after work (at least not every day, lol). 1,238 more words


Profile of a Sociopath

Compliments of Exit and Support Network

Profile of a Sociopath

A number of religious cult leaders may exhibit many of the behavioral characteristics of a sociopath–an outstanding ability to charm and seduce followers. 1,116 more words

General Interest

Cameron: A Sociopath?


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Is Cameron a sociopath?

What kind of person deliberately makes life more difficult for people who already struggle with disability and chronic illnesses by forcing them to seek work they are too ill to do, work that does not in any case exist or sanction their meagre benefits. 1,948 more words

Human Rights

Sociopath -'it's your fault I lie - stop asking me questions'

As we know, Sociopaths do not feel ‘guilt’ ‘remorse’ or ‘shame’ for their actions. If you try to think about their behaviour with a normal analysis of YOU, you will only end up confused, and at a further loss as to why they can behave this way. 2,381 more words