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On Age

“I’m an ooooooold black man,” he was always saying. She wished he would knock it off; he was only five years older than her, and they were both still in their thirties. 261 more words


The Settling Fix

About 3 years ago, I settled….

Oh, ooh, my oh my….

What did I settle for…?

Cheating, lies, hate, and absolute confusion….

So why am I telling you this…? 168 more words

On Marriage

The lovers had just met. He didn’t leave her place for several whirlwind days. On day two; he asked her to marry him.

Wwwwhat? No. 646 more words


On Cigarettes

She was a smoker of cigarettes. He was not, and never had been. He hated that she smoked. Honestly, she did too–she’d started at the tender age of 16 and maintained a pack-a-day habit ever since–and was always on herself, mentally, to quit. 813 more words


A Love Story: Part II

As time passed, she noticed a pattern in his disappearances: he always left when she was at her most vulnerable; when she needed him, her ‘rock’, the most. 667 more words


A Love Story: Part I

Once upon a time, a slightly crazy, but warm-hearted and sensitive ginger fell in love with a wonderful man. Although her heart had been damaged by a past full of cruel people and failed relationships, and her ability to trust men was questionable, this one was different. 476 more words