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Psychopaths don’t have a sense of right and wrong, and don’t feel fear; while sociopaths do understand right from wrong, but their right might just look a little wrong to the rest of us.

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That Psycho

Too many sodas
Break it up break it down
Starting to taste better
Done raw
Stumbling over the chills
Rumbling through the weather
Talking to the sidewalls… 60 more words


I’ve been exposed to a frighteningly large amount of sociopathic behaviour lately. I’m trying to process it all through writing about it. (It isn’t really helping to be quite frank.)

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Catfish, Sociopath or Scammer? Kaitlin's CAD TALE

He’s just a scammer, not  a sociopath! You know…. a catfish con artist. Other than that, he’s a nice guy? Right?

Yup- that’s what the police officer told one recent victim when she described her harrowing run-in with the heartless con artist who defrauded her of sex, love and assets.

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MANY masks i have seen
and a few i have known
but the most diabolical
are not masks of evil
nor the grotesque
but the innocent faces… 11 more words


via ‘How to Spot a Pro-Social Psychopath’ – the psychopath’s response | No Psychos, No Druggies, No Stooges.

“If you ignore everything you were told when you were 4 and trust a complete stranger with your money, your belongings, or your life just because they have a nice smile and lots of candy in their van, you’re a sucker and you deserve everything that’s coming to you.”

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When I first saw the cast for this film, I was mildly confused. Mark Duplass, the antagonist, is known to typically play comedic roles. The movie Creep, is a very intricate look at how a sociopath may go about making friends, lol. 100 more words