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At times I ¬†get frustrated when I see ¬†people who hurt, use or discard others and seem perfectly ok with having done so. I picture the path they are traveling and it’s lined with those who were bent or broken along the way. 142 more words

Don't believe her, she's bipolar.

My mother worked hard to isolate me from the rest of the world.

She did it in childhood by instilling into me a fear of the outside. 1,227 more words

A Disconnect

“Hello? Where did you go? You never replied to the question in my last text?”

“Hi, I was just thinking, I haven’t heard from you in a few days. 1,213 more words


Top 10 Signs You are Dating a Narcissist

At the beginning of a new relationship it is difficult to know what is normal and what is pathologic. Here are some red flags that should make you question whether or not you are with a…
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If you’ve ever found yourself explaining that your love for someone was the result of loneliness, desperation, attention you weren’t getting from the one who is supposed to love you or any version of a mistake. 9 more words

Honor Thy Father?

This is the shortened conversation I had with him regarding his son.

Me-you need to talk to his mother. Him-I have nothing to say to that bitch. 566 more words

Narcissistic Abuse

The Blame Game

When you realize YOU just became the back up plan. Discarding ME meant discarding his children. The ones that “he misses so much”. And he got a job, but I refuse to believe from sun up to sun down he’s there every single day. 364 more words

Narcissistic Abuse