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Deal 949: Spots

The lights went down, and the audience held their breath for a moment. When the single pin spot appeared picking out a man standing alone on the dark stage, they applauded. 348 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 949 Preview

Veiled Secrets:
On a puddle of blue (#80b1d3) are thrown
Bomb, darkness, sock, Poison, prince, Strength, and Past experience

Daily Deal

The Lost Socks of Neverland

Hey all,

Today I’m going to write about a “silly phenomenon” that everyone has experienced at leastĀ once in their lives. And if I’m straight out honest, I don’t think I will find a solution to this terrible, but hilarious, mystery. 477 more words


playing (and losing at) yarn chicken


You buy yarn, to begin a new project.

You run out of yarn mid-way through, so you have to buy some more. 218 more words


I am a sockĀ 

I’ve always been a worrier, as much as I try not to be, I am. And that’s okay. Recently it seems like everyone else has also been worrying. 261 more words