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You ever put a sock on that’s almost new, like, bought a month ago, and you find a hole in the toe, so you think about that sock and what you paid, and the hole in the toe, and how cheap some things are made, and how you should take it back to get a refund, but you probably don’t have the receipt, so you decide you should throw it away instead, because it has a hole, but then decide, screw it, nobody will see it, it’s just a sock, and I paid good money for that, so you put it on anyway, and then you can feel your toe sticking through the hole as you’re walking around, reminding you about how cheap it is, and by extension, how cheap you are?

Yeah, me neither.

WIP times three on Thursday

Yet again the stars did not align between work schedule and hobby schedule to allow me to post on Wednesday about my works in progress. So, just before Spanish lunch time, I can report on my progress. 93 more words