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Deal 1338: Hosed

Around the bend, the next door opened into a surreal landscape of mismatched socks. The socks were all sizes, colors, and styles. And as far as the eye could see, there were no matched pairs. 183 more words

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My Wife got more non-functional socks for the baby to spite me and my previous post. Look at those dogs…the struggle continues.


Deal 1338 Preview

Walk in The Dreamlands:
On a puddle of pale blue (#ccddee) are dealt
Certainty, sock, Carrot, Temporary, silence, Purity, and Limited

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I don't know what I'm doing anymore

Some time ago, I read an article. Somewhere. I don’t remember where I saw it. The article was discussing whether you put your socks and shoes on sock-sock-shoe-shoe or sock-shoe-sock-shoe. 468 more words


Deal 1336: Socked

I glanced out the window as I passed, and was startled to see a sock blow by. Then a second sock, that naturally was not a match for the first. 102 more words

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Deal 1336 Preview

Walk in The Dreamlands:
On a puddle of pale peach (#eeddcc) are dealt
sock, window, Knowledge, Past experience, Beer, Loyalty, and Typewriter

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Stealth Mode aka Stalking my Yarn Swap Partner

Hi All,

I signed up for a sock yarn swap hosted by Kat of felinity knits and I’m so excited to have received my recipients name. 247 more words