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Sweet Madness

Round 4 started off with a bang!  Usually, we get a kind of warning message and some time to gather our thoughts and tools before the pattern arrives.   320 more words

Why College Students Should Really Be Stressed Out

It was my final year of college, a year that should have been a little more relaxed and carefree considering I had completed my major by the end of sophomore year and was left fulfilling my remaining elective credits with classes that piqued my interest.  829 more words

Sock Sachet

Baby socks are adorable. So tiny and soft, they never smell or get holes in them, and they rarely ever stay on. Washers eat them, they get kicked off in stores, and they are quickly outgrown. 96 more words

Stance Summer Anthem 2016 - Big Sean

There was an unclaimed space. A once untapped piece of real estate that very few of us looked to beautify or corral. That three to six inch area right above your ankle is where Stance Socks has staked their claim, turning a previously overlooked and concealement worthy zone into the next focal point of any meticulously curated fit. 93 more words


6 Rows This Week...

I knit 6 rows this week. Yes, you can likely count them if I photograph this up-close.

Here it is, in all it’s glory, six rows…Finals are coming(which is almost scarier than winter is coming…I think) 28 more words


No Way Sock

I have frogged the linen sock. It was becoming less & less pleasant to work with. And I know, linen softens up after washing to become a delight. 126 more words


Socks Are Harmless Pt.1

Do you remember when you were younger? Did you fear the sniffling, dusty movements under your bed at night, shuffling you away from sleep? Did you ever see one lone sock who crept around like a single footstep, casting scary shadows on the wall – well, that was me – is me. 663 more words

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