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Deal 838: Haiku

hope, fundamental
to leaving marks on the world,
socks the typewriter

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Catching a seasonal cold. 

I get sick almost every season. This started when I was fourteen and only worstened. It started with summer then worked its way over to fall, winter, and spring. 63 more words

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The Trunk: Hope, sock
The Canopy: Loyalty, sunk, Free Will, Phone
The Aerie: quill

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Deal 837: Why? Not sorry.

The chicken contemplated the long ribbon of black asphalt. The occasional car passed at breakneck speed, certainly faster than any decent bird could fly. The afternoon sun beat down, and the black pavement radiated heat. 206 more words

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Deal 837 Preview

The Trunk: chicken, sock
The Canopy: Hope, Spatula, quill, silence
The Aerie: Gentleman

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Deal 835: Michel drinks

Michel concentrated on his practice and reached. He knew that the more he practiced, the better he would get. And yet, the half-full bottle on the desk kept distracting him. 713 more words

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Deal 835 Preview

The Trunk: Knowledge, tuxedo
The Canopy: Endurance, sock, Limited, Loyalty
The Aerie: Beer

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