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Sock Yarn Variations

I do not make a lot of socks on the knitting machine. Truly, I have not found them to be that comfortable inside my shoes. Even on the standard gauge where the stitch size is small, I can feel those stitches and just prefer purchased socks. 233 more words

Machine Knitting

The Anti-Martian Defamation League

I haven’t got a lot to say today, except, of course, if you don’t think Marvin the freaking Martian deserves to be included in Space Week, well, I’m not sure we can be friends. #Marvin4Life


Of Solstices and Socks

Just a reminder that today is the “Summer” Solstice (yeah, winter for you folks down under…) and the longest day of sunshine in the northern hemisphere (shortest in the southern). 502 more words

Human Interest

The Four New Secrets to Happiness*

*WARNING: Not tested on humans. May not be any more effective than the Old Secrets of Happiness. May cause weight gain. May contain traces of irony. 1,337 more words

Generation X

The beginning

A new chapter in my life needs a new book! I can now finally put all the ideas I have in the middle of the night into one place. 753 more words


Lesson 21 - Finding Balance, Dry Lips and an Aloe Festival

Happiness is: Warm fuzzy socks

This week’s hack: Hang your shirts and dresses on hangers to dry, rather than using pegs (unless it’s very windy).   154 more words