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Bargain of the day: ASOS pink unicorn socks!

Storm Imogen may be ruining our hair do’s and it may be a Monday, however if there is anything that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face it is a bargain. 55 more words


oh but also

on another note isn’t it just theĀ cutest when people wear socks with no trousers? but with underwear obv. it’s just like awhh. but then I try and do it and I remember i hate socks and they are the devil’s work.

What I have been up to

  1. I finished these socks for my mum and found two more knots, so there are four knots in one of the socks. I made sock blockers out of card board and a lot of tape.
  2. 278 more words

Elderberry Socks, Part Two

I’ve finished my first pair of socks for 2016 and I might need to rethink my goals. One of my resolutions was to knit 10 pairs of socks this year… 191 more words


Fixing Those Darn Holes in Knitted Socks

One of the reasons I love knitting socks is the fact that they rarely get holes. Back in the days of store-bought socks, I was dealing with holes every few months, which meant I had to keeping buying more socks. 612 more words


Secret Santa Socks and broken blog

Last Wednesday my secret Santa gift finally arrived, it only took about a month and a half to reach me from Canada. I do a lot of gift exchanges on redditgifts.com, and can highly recommend it to anyone who thinks that exchanging gifts across the world sounds like fun. 222 more words

Some progress, a new pattern and a GIVEAWAY

Hi there, I hope you are doing fine and looking forward to your week. I’m super happy because I just received a great email announcing that I had WON a knitting pattern! 1,149 more words