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from the OTHER archives: Socks, Part 3, Chapters 24-26

Welcome back to another installment of From The Other Archives, where I lose my will to live through reliving all the repressed memories attached to the books that I wrote in middle school. 1,549 more words


Showing Off My Socks!

Today, I got to show off my new gray and purple pussy willow socks. I was sitting outside of my early class (please do not ask about this class today), knitting my current socks so I could get to the heel flap. 497 more words


Socks Bring Your Style To Life

I’ve heard socks say a lot about a person’s personality and if you’re listening to my socks they are saying FUN FUN FUN!

Enjoy your day.

Sayonara my Friends!

Sauce Of The Day

Psychedelic Yarn

I started what I’ve called my first official knitting project. Now I’ve attempted to make things. Like my first sweater and a small blanket. But this project I’m doing right now is going to work. 157 more words


Rainbows Make Me Happy

I have been keeping a pretty rainbow on my bedside table. The Rainbow Bright vanilla socks have been my zen bedtime knitting.

They only get a few rows here and there but I’ve managed to work through a complete set of stripes. 23 more words


Here's the other one

Finally, a pair of socks.  I’m so happy with these – my first ever successful knitting project.  Please see my previous blog entry on socks to discover the amazing woman and her blog that enabled me – a non-knitter – to do this.   30 more words