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Zizek : 21st Century Socrates

“Come on. I don’t have any problem violating my own insights in practice.” – Slavoj Zizek

Ugly and unrepentant in his own ugliness. Logorrheic to the point of exasperating those he manages to lure into discussion. 1,132 more words


"The True History" by Lucian

The Island of the Blest

As we drew near it, a marvellous air was wafted to us, exquisitely fragrant. Its sweetness seemed compounded of rose, narcissus, hyacinth, lilies and violets, myrtle and bay and flowering vine. 895 more words


Socrates – a man for our times

by Bettany Hughes, The Guardian

Two thousand four hundred years ago, one man tried to discover the meaning of life. His search was so radical, charismatic and counterintuitive that he become famous throughout the Mediterranean. 1,570 more words


Open minds have room to grow

We are told that Socrates said, “True wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.’

This week I was empowered to pose the question, ‘The Easter Story: Myth, Legend or Fact” with my class of 8 year olds. 583 more words


The Overcrowded Book

I am in a state of perpetual distress. An overwhelming dense fog surrounds my sore temples, drowning them in anxiety. My tightened stomach coughs for more space, moving around my nauseous insides. 276 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Being an iconoclast (seeing the sun instead of shadows) does not make you automatically right

We’re teaching Plato in the 1st year experience course I have two sections of right now. Every year I get frustrated with Plato for intertwined personal and philosophical reasons. 546 more words

Daily Reports

Misology, the opposite of Philology

οὐκ ἔστιν ὅ τι ἄν τις μεῖζον τούτου κακόν πάθοι ἢ λόγους μισήσας. Plato, Phaedo 39D

It is not possible that anyone suffer an evil greater than that he should come to hate rational conversation (λόγους, lógous, lit. 102 more words