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A blog? What? Why?

Greetings everyone who clicked the link to this page! Thanks for your curiosity!

Welcome to BlumersBoosters, a blog that will discuss significant people from the past and present. 346 more words


Master Apprentice series - "Love"

Apprentice – Master, I think I am in love.

Master – Good, I am happy for you, you are experiencing the most profound sensation in human history. 87 more words


The Examined Life

Socrates famously stated that the unexamined life is not worth living for a human. Dogs, koala bears, snails, and other such creatures get a free pass, which explains a lot about why they always seem so happy—or at least nonchalant: … 832 more words


Master-apprentice series - "ART"

Apprentice: Master, how do I understand art?

Master: There is not much to learn there.

Apprentice: Yet I would love to understand art the way everyone does. 115 more words


My reading list for philosophy

For my philosophy class, I have to read a series of books on many topics pertaining to philosophy. All of the books are available for free on PDF format, but after a few days of trying to find an app that would allow me to highlight and make notes, I broke down and decided to purchase them all. 272 more words

Philosophy 5

Explaining the LAMP Camp Cabins: Socrates

LAMP Camp is divided into cabins of 5 Campers each. Each cabin is named after a game-changing thinker who inspires us to contribute everything we can to this world in our time here. 149 more words

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