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A little philosophy is often more than enough.

DURING MY THIRD year at grammar school our English teacher once asked us to prepare a short presentation on any subject we chose. Being a bookwormish little swat at the time I did a piece on Socrates.

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Beauty // Natalie Carnes.

When one hears the word, ‘beauty,’ one undoubtedly is evoked images of physical appeal–specifically feminine. This was not the case 2,000+ years ago with Socrates and Plato. 280 more words

Book Review

What do I Know? Nothing...

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know  nothing”     …Socrates

According to Wikipedia, the above phrase was not actually uttered by Socrates himself, but was attributed to him by Plato. 626 more words

A Course In Miracles

At times you will fall and hit your ass pretty hard. It’s going to happen, perhaps a good many times! Some people in your life will leave, some will stay, and I say this… 100 more words

Poetic Journey

Aristóteles e o Mundo Antigo│Agnes Heller

 Antinomia physis-thésis

Atenas fazia-se em uma comunidade que se autoafirmava como Estado. Este Estado, essencialmente, interliga-se e se inter-relaciona explicitamente à religiosidade dos gregos antigos. Os deuses, as entidades, os rituais religiosos – todos possuíam um caráter coletivo representativo da moral (a posição do indivíduo perante os interesses e valores coletivos) que implica no modo correto, … 2,952 more words


How safe is abortion?

Years ago I did an informal study of the language associated with the debate over abortion.

At that time, forty years ago, both sides of the debate referred to “the contents of the uterus” as babies. 321 more words

Child Advocacy