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Socrates on Criticism

“If the criticism is just, I must try to reform myself. If it’s untrue, it doesn’t matter.”

Guess, what – 99% of criticism doesn’t matter. Raise the middle finger and keep living your destiny without the chains of cucks dragging you down.

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Nationality: Greek

Style: Lyric Poetry

Lived: 630-570BC

Themes: Love, Religion, Sex, Marriage, Suffering, Mortality, Gods

Quotes: “To have beauty is to have only that, but to have goodness, is to be beautiful too” / “Virginity, virginity, when you leave me, where do you go? 833 more words

The Only Way is Down

“From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.” Edvard Munch


If you lie awake, drenched in the tears of your past, present and future, you’ll find yourself being pulled towards the downward spiral, that is life. 195 more words


Euthanasia Controversy- Yea or Nay?

*This is a delicate post and is a way of understanding, not judging. Please express your opinions in the same manor. 

The concept of Euthanasia is such a complex and complicated matter. 1,875 more words

Quote Tuesday (Feb. 21/17)

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.”



Thoughts On The Gorgias

In the Gorgias dialogue, Socrates travels with his friend and follower Chaerephon to the house of Callicles, whose name means “famed for visible excellence”. At Callicles’s house a distinguished guest and self-proclaimed Rhetorician from Sicily resides, along with his follower, Polus. 545 more words


Is there a Moral Obligation to Obey or Disobey the LAW?

The title of this topic is as it is because there is actual uncertainty about the topic as long as the historicity of philosophers on the topic is concerned. 617 more words