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Fuck Flaubert, Fuck Socrates and Plato

One of the effects of moving around all the time is that you’re never doing things for as long as you think you are. Even when you feel like you’ve been doing something too long, and that you’re becoming boring and stale, you have been doing things for less time than other people. 413 more words


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new - Socrates

Change isn’t easy.

Let’s view change differently. Change is necessary when your habits aren’t working. Instead of trying to change habits, why not look at ways to replace it? 41 more words


Quotes 3/28/17

Lets keep the ball rolling for another great day!!

Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.


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In the Aristotelian tradition, the soul is composed of three parts: the rational, the animal, and the vegetative — each of which is responsible for a specific function. 2,111 more words


Buddha | Socrates | Confucius 

My thoughts on these three great thinkers

Buddha – nothing is permanent. The storm will pass. A new day will bring peace to you. Embrace the storm as it too just doing a job.

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Socrates' Elenchos

In this paper I want to deconstruct Michael Frede’s account of the elenchos as demonstrated by Plato’s Socrates by identifying if some points within this account need to be revised, taken out completely, or be supplemented by additional points that I believe his account needs based not only on my own reading of the relevant texts, but also an account by Hugh Benson, which appears to me as a more adequate account overall. 1,511 more words


A Place to Post Philosophy Papers

To whom it may concern…

Given that my tenure as a Philosophy major is coming to a close by the time late summer arrives, and realizing that I will no longer be put to the test, so to speak, with regards to exercising my understanding of the relevant texts in my classes, I thought I might enjoy extending that duty to a place such as this; I don’t know, writing for itself, by itself, may be of some benefit to me. 152 more words