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Vanity of Vanities: The Un-examined Life

Saint Augustine, an early Christian philosopher, stated: “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.” Similarly to one’s experience of the physical world, one could compare the examination of the basic, fundamental aspects of life to a book. 478 more words


Old Waters

in the belly of seas
ancient rains
once washed
truths taught
by myths
of Olympus
gave glisten to
Greek golden age
under Pericles
bathed the… 68 more words


Why you should be an academic

I sent this meme to my friend the other day:

I dare you not to laugh at it. I dare you not to watch it over and over again and giggle every time. 629 more words


A Vindication of God Seeking His Glory

Many argue that God could not be good because He seeks after His own glory. God commands worship, and God commands that we do all things for His glory. 713 more words


Boleh Berbagi, Asal...

Alkisah, Socrates mendapat kunjungan seorang teman lama. Tamu ini datang penuh antusias, seolah ada hal penting yang hendak disampaikannya. “Socrates, aku ada kabar penting tentang murid-muridmu,” ujarnya, seolah tak sabar untuk sekadar berbasa-basi terlebih dulu. 360 more words


Is Humanism Right for You?

Discovering Humanism was an important turning point in my voyage to atheism. If you’d like to understand why humanism is so appealing, both for myself and possibly for you, read on. 1,242 more words

Religion & Atheism

Phaedrus and The History of Rhetoric

Plato, whether unintentionally or deliberately, very clearly categorized the practice of rhetoric into three analogies – that of the non-lover, that of the selfish/evil lover, and that of the noble/good lover. 367 more words