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A step-by-step guide to have a good argument

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.

There are times when I get annoyed by stupid people, but there is something that annoys me more – it’s a lazy argument.

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Weeks of feverish preparations, all for naught....


“Don’t get hit.”

~~ First rule of fighting ~~

The Beauty of Aging

Hell, I give up… I’ve been sitting here staring at this screen for twenty minutes, without a single idea for an intro going through my head… This means I have to admit it isn’t going to happen today. 771 more words

Daily Pearls Of Virtual Wisdom

Divergent as Socrates' Ideal City

In Plato’s Republic, he discusses Socrates’ description of the “ideal city” -a city that is completely rooted in justice. To Socrates, justice means that every person does what he or she is meant to do, whether that is to provide for the city (merchants, musicians, educators, etc.), to guard, or to rule. 435 more words

Political Theory And Pop Culture

Grey Area

After reading the dialogue from  Plato’s Republic, I have found myself disagreeing with certain aspects of Socrates’ arguments. Particularly, Socrates makes claims about people that are black and white, but in reality people tend to exist in the grey area. 344 more words

Ancient Philosophy

The Perplexity in Learning or Knowing

To summarize the two selected sections of Plato’s Meno, Meno begins by saying that Socrates has “baffled” him about what being good really means, and that he has “got no idea how to answer the question. 460 more words


Kierkegaard and Socrates: Does the man who thinks you can suspend ethics have any value for the 21st century?

Why should “Mr. Rationalist” read Kierkegaard?

I’ve just finished writing a brief essay for a course I’m taking on Kierkegaard. If you have read my writing for a while you may well wonder why I’d spend my time studying the guy who started Existentialism and who was one of the 19th century’s biggest proponents of irrationality. 2,181 more words

My Moral Code

Sócrates and the Corinthians Democracy

WITH HIS BEARD, UNKEMPT HAIR AND STERN LOOK, THERE IS AN AURA of a revolutionary about Sócrates. In some ways he was the footballing equivalent of Che Guevara, with his political opinions backed by his activism. 1,513 more words