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Student feedback in real time?

I think that teachers always want and need to know if their students are understanding what they are teaching. I read this week about a couple tech applications that allow teachers to poll or quiz the class as they teach or after they finish teaching, or also allow student feedback. 293 more words


There are practice assessments open in SOCRATIVE for you to use to review.

Most of these assessments contain more than 50+ questions. The questions and answer choices will scramble each time you start the assessment. 83 more words

Unit 3

Self-Regulated Learning Assignments 

By Renee Wright

One way to encourage tenacious behavior is to create opportunities for students to use metacognitive and self-regulatory strategies. Carol Dweck, Gregory Walton, and Geoffrey Cohen… 747 more words

Formative Assessment

This path is continually reflective – knowing where you are, adapting to serve the student, finding what you need…

Online assessment technologies – examples – kahoot, formative… 159 more words


Next Level Exit Tickets with Socrative

Socrative is a great EdTech tool that allows teachers to create quizzes and other content for use in the classroom.  While there are a lot of options for doing this,  231 more words

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A Tale of Blended Learning as an Itinerant Teacher: My Pass and Fails...

CC Image via Pixabay by geralt

Did you note the plural on “fail” in the title… Yup, that was on purpose. As a classroom teacher, I really enjoyed using a blended learning approach with my students. 1,094 more words


Socrative's tutorial clip

Please check it out to know more how to use Socrative

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