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Using Technology to Create an Interactive Classroom

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been using a ton of great websites and technologies that can be used in a classroom to increase the interaction the students have in their learning! 907 more words


EdTech Adventures

Wow! I have had a heavy week in my EDTS 325 (Tools for Teaching and Learning in the Digital Classroom). We covered many interactive systems that are being used in classrooms and explored their versatility for both students and teachers. 1,541 more words

Learning New Things

Padlet reinvents itself...again

Every semester in my #EDtech class for pre-service teachers, I do a section called Interactive Systems. First they wear a “student hat” where we play with several easy access web tools that increase student engagement and student voice. 549 more words


Creating an Interactive Classroom

Throughout the last few weeks in my Educational Technology class, we have been exploring various interactive websites to use in the classroom. Some of these websites I have used as a student in my classes, and others I experienced for the first time in this class. 888 more words


Time Saving Formative Assessment Options

I recently read a post about “Why feedback is so time consuming and how to fix it.” Formative and common assessment is a hot topic these days and everyone is required to use it. 738 more words

Integration Ideas

Using Student Response Systems

There’s an interesting post by James Lang over here, giving an honest and really practical account of how to use student response systems in class.  285 more words


Socrative vs. Nearpod

Socrative vs. Nearpod


What is Socrative?

Socrative is a free online learning platform which allows teachers to create simple quizzes for students to do quickly on internet enabled devices such as: Computers, Laptops, Tablets and smartphones. 798 more words