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Stream of consciousness Sunday: The accumulator, part four...

Here we go again; it’s time to plunge into the literary lucky dip that is SoCS and continue this strange tale by pulling out a prompt from Linda G Hill, who this week left us this to play with… 662 more words


#SoCS - Panic

I wanted to go. I was ready to go, to cut the cord between me and my family. Scholarship in hand, I stood with my mom, dad, and baby sister in the cool autumn breeze at the bus station. 233 more words

Flash Fiction

Bus Stop - Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Julia stood at the bus stop at the edge of town, a single suitcase sitting on the ground at her feet. She looked at the watch on her wrist. 403 more words


Let's Throw Him Under The Bus!

There’s almost no week that passes without our eyes and ears exposed to horrific abuse of power by men in uniform. The repetitive killing going on in the US is really a huge cause for concern, that it makes me wonder when men who are meant to protect and serve have turned into outright judge, jury, and executioner.  502 more words

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday.

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Powerful words from a Mother.

SoCS -- And Now This?!

Moo recently discovered that the local elementary school, the girls’ former elementary school, no longer allows walkers. Even the kids whose homes are literally across the street. 712 more words


#SoCS - Bussing

If a busser bussing tables runs into you in a restaurant, is it like getting hit by a bus? I’ve always wondered why they call it “bussing.” And why does my spell-check not like the word? 344 more words