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Seems Like Only Yesterday

I read today that the Greatest Show on Earth is shutting down.  What?!  Yes it’s true. According to the report, The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus will no longer exist after May.   644 more words


Photo Friday: Soda Fountain Memories

One of the iconic businesses that existed in most Kansas towns of the 20th century was the local drug store and pharmacy. The business, itself, underwent great changes as the patent medicine sellers whose medicine could barely be distinguished from the wares of snake oil salesmen, began to fade into obscurity, and the pharmacy business took hold in America. 927 more words

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Soda Fountain and Chocolates

Yetter’s in Millvale, PASaturday morning.

I wanted my grandchildren to see an old time soda fountain. It was too early for ice cream so we bought some things to-go, for later after the Children’s Museum-snacks, bottles of water, chocolate coins and some sour patch kids from the candy selection. 14 more words


Marble Topped Soda Fountain

Cherry On Top

This week, share a photo of a detail that makes a good thing even better.

Marble Topped Soda Fountain

‘Cherry On top’, took me off the photo detail plan and right back to our little small-town Soda Fountain in the front of the drugstore. 334 more words

Fresh Banana And Caramel Ice Cream Soda

Fresh Banana And Caramel Ice Cream Soda

Brown Sugar Caramel*
Fresh sliced bananas
Dulce de leche Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Soda: original or New York Vanilla Cream Seltzer… 188 more words


New York Raspberry Ice Cream Soda

New York Raspberry Ice Cream Soda

Fresh Raspberry Syrup*
Fresh Raspberries
Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Ice Cream
Raspberry Sorbet
Soda: original or New York Raspberry Seltzer… 145 more words


Hamlin Pharmacy and Fountain

Long before the days of fast food chains and drive-thru lanes, folks who wanted to go out for a soda or burger had few options. One of those options was the local soda fountain — a place where a soda jerk took your order and prepared your soda or flavored drink. 374 more words

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