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Shedding light on ‘deepest, darkest’ Peru

This blog post was created by Kim Reeves, Retail Category Manager Hot Beverages for Sodexo and was first published on Sodexo’s Quality of Life blog. 593 more words


Students Standing Up to Sodexo Services

By Kacie Candela 

In early December, a petition on Change.org was posted, asking Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of the university and Christopher Rodgers, dean of students, to “Make Fordham University Sodexo-Free.” As of print, the petition has 680 supporters. 825 more words


Fordham Continues Food Provider Negotiations

By Theresa Schliep 

With the current Sodexo contract ending in June 2016, Sodexo will likely avoid a $3 million penalty for landing on The Princeton Review’s worst food list again this year, a dining services contract liason announced Wednesday. 797 more words


Sodexo's Future at Fordham Uncertain

By Theresa Schliep 

While students can temporarily count on drinking Sodexo coffee with their Sodexo pancakes and sausage for breakfast, the Fordham community cannot count on eating the same food next fall semester. 559 more words


Men in squalor: Britain's prison overcrowding problem

Overpopulation in Britain’s prisons continues to be a chronic problem with one operating as high as 183 per cent of capacity, latest government figures reveal. 474 more words

Social Justice

On Campus Dining Services: Sodexo

Director of College Counseling, Karen Ekman-Baur, explains to prospective students that on college campuses, “meal plans vary greatly across the country and from one institution to another.” Some have won awards for high quality and nutritious options, while other campuses meet the bare minimum requirements, offering generic and repetitive meals. 1,308 more words

The Cafe Column: A bi-weekly review of the Allen Dining Hall

By Clay Dubberly, Editor-In-Chief

The Allen Dining Hall, commonly referred to on campus simply as ‘the Cafe,’ provides food for Shenandoah University (SU) students daily — from mashed potatoes to grits, cheese burgers to tacos, and on very rare occasions, steamed red lobster and mouth-watering venison. 2,457 more words