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Childcare vouchers and Autumn 2015 changes

Childcare vouchers are a government initiative designed to help working parents pay for childcare. You can convert part of your salary into vouchers before your usual tax and NI contributions are… More information


Blind Dates With Spanish Food

While everyone else took Spanish in high school, I picked German because of a heavy metal rock band from Germany that I adored. This decision, although hardcore, has turned out to be a poor one. 320 more words


Plane Rides to Madrid are for Royals

The most thrilling aspect of travel? Hands-down, the airplane food. Glorious, free, packaged and have I mentioned free? They even asked if I desired pasta or chicken (for inquiring minds: I clearly went with pasta being a rational person). 249 more words


World Facilities Management Day 2015

For eight years we have celebrated World Facilities Management Day. It is a day “dedicated to acknowledging and applauding the men and women across the globe who undertake the challenging responsibility of maintaining the safety, efficiency and usability of our workspaces” writes Gary Herald, Senior Vice President at Sodexo. 39 more words


CORPCHEF – An Inter Corporate MasterChef Tournament in Mumbai

Being a culinary expert, my relationship with food has always been special, and the immense pleasure which I get from cooking is beyond measure. During my stint in an IT firm, I did not encounter with a single person who liked – or I would say loved – cooking, and I started believing that the art of cooking is losing its charm these days especially in case of the corporate professionals. 671 more words


PFI Prisons in Numbers

Click here to see the interactive infographic.

PFeye collected figures and statistics from a variety of sources to create this infographic about PFI prisons. While some figures may be disputed depending on the source, we have tried to provide the most objective ones. 60 more words