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Why Soulja Boy is the Father of Internet Rap (and your favorite dance crazes too...)

Rule #1 of the music industry: Unless you can put out consistently successful records, you could be irrelevant tomorrow.

I’m not trolling, nor joking, nor busting your balls. 665 more words


Soulja Boy's Brother Says "Our Mom's Still On Welfare" (Audio Song Inside)

Soulja boy and his dramatics had just started to die down however his brother Deion Jenkins isn’t a happy camper. Most family members feel a tad entitled when one member of the family blows up an makes a lot of money. 87 more words

Soulja Boy Pranked

Soulja Boy takes another L as an Instagram photo posted to his account today (February 7) announcing a new baby is not even his.

Soulja was apparently pranked by his friend M2 Tha K, who filmed himself posting the picture of the sonogram while the Atlanta rapper was sleeping. 185 more words

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New Soulja Boy record where he raps about how ballin’ he is. Recently it was rumored that Soulja Boy inked a $400 Million dollar deal. 34 more words