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The wrong martyr: Kim Davis

It is a defect of the modern Catholic neo-conservative movement that it fits every news story into its false neo-con “narrative,” without looking or thinking more deeply about what the issues represent.   561 more words

God's Laws Defended By Clerk In Kentucky

We’ve been watching the situation in Kentucky where a Clerk is refusing Gay Marriage licenses. We salute this women for her courage in Defending God’s Laws on Traditional Marriage. 38 more words

Lord Byron's Secret Obsession by H. C. Brown

I was curious. How does an historical romance involving two men compare to one about a man and a woman? I picked up Lord Byron’s Secret Obsession by H. 470 more words


What is Oregons AG Ellen Rosenblum and Human Rights Campaign Together For?

“I’m still grinning ear-to-ear about the historic Supreme Court decision to expand the freedom to marry to all Americans. The Human Rights Campaign dinner this past weekend was quite the celebration! 180 more words

Evangelist Ray Comfort uses topic of homosexuality as an intro to witness for Jesus

To promote the crowdfunded movie “Audacity”, which depicts how a Christian lovingly witnesses to homosexuals, Living Waters ministries recently released videos of evangelist Ray Comfort witnessing to young people on or near a college campus about their need for Jesus by getting their views on homosexuality. 33 more words


Fame Pro Veritatis - Is it any wonder?

Is it any wonder?

Our world is rapidly spinning out of control on a downward spiral of moral decay. With all the immoral and inhumane acts that plague our societies at this daunting hour, and with so many good hearten people who have chosen to sit by and just watch things “take their course” without interacting and standing up for what is right, is it any wonder that our world is in the shape that it is in? 1,236 more words

Fame Pro Veritatis