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Wesley and the Sin of Sodom (Part Three in the Series, Wesley and the Way Forward)

In this series, the next word from Wesley is “sodomy.”  Wesley uses this word in several places. While we often associate this word with sexual sin, and even homosexual practice, Wesley takes a much broader and more biblical view.  763 more words

The Missouri House Wants To Impeach Governor Grietens While They Work With A Black Sexual Predator And Bill Cosby Wannabe

This quote is for all those upstanding righteous Black Preachers (and Republicans named below) who stood by their Black NOW CONFIRMED LYING St. Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner and her hooked at the hip former FBI agent and BIGAMIST William Tiasby! 3,828 more words



Why ignoble,love’s noble way
When’s doomed to sin, their rendezvous
Who see the world, drenched in blasé
Amidst the storm, of a sublime coup!

A lizard yawns, on the toilet roof… 78 more words


More male kids raped than female

This is the shocking reality:

A 2007 survey by the ministry of women and child development, which sampled 12,447 children in families, schools, at work and living on the street, found that more than half had faced sexual abuse, and 53 percent of victims were boys.

440 more words

Weirdest Religions in the World: The Church of Euthanasia

The Church of Euthanasia is a cult based on political ideology, that was created by Reverend Chris Korda. They believe the world is overpopulated enough, so women should abstain from having children. 7 more words


HIV-positive man arrested, another man wanted in kidnap, rape of 12 year-old boy!

L-R: Kevin Walker, Kelvin Armstrong: One man is in custody and police are searching for another accused in the kidnapping and rape of a 12 year-old boy at a Brookhaven apartment complex. 208 more words

But Pastor Is Gay!

It is that sad! He is a supposed man of the cloth yet with a lifestyle most carnal! Urging boys to look ahead, his devotion to ‘what is behind’ is no secret. 672 more words

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