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Luxor: Day 8, going back home

A salaam aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,
After a week of freedom, fun and relaxation it was time to go back. Of course I missed my husband, he was supposed to be with us this week but his father didn’t want to give him a week off from work. 615 more words


Book review- Soframiz by Ana Sortun & Maura Kilpatrick

Soframiz by Ana Sortun & Maura Kilpatrick is, like the cover says, a book full of vibrant middle eastern recipes from Sofra Bakery & Café. The recipes are varied, mostly middle eastern with some untraditional ones thrown in (such as earthquake cookies, pumpkin jam, and a few more.) 422 more words

Luxor: Day 1, the journey 

Asalaamu aleikum wa rachmatullah wa barakatuh,
On Friday morning, I woke up early to get myself and my little girl ready. I was still very tired because, like always, she didn’t let me sleep. 709 more words


To Tota

Every trip we take a day to visit Florent’s grandmother, Tota. She lives in the village of LeBushe with 1 daughter, her 2 sons, their 2 wives and their 10 kids. 267 more words

Kraljica bajramske sofre: Baklava...

Godinama unazad svakog Bajrama, ramazanskog ili Kurban- bajrama, tačnije noć prije obavezno sam bila kući pored majke čekajući trenutak kad će početi praviti baklavu. Iako sam eto svaki put uočila sve te korake do savršenog proizvoda, nikada nisam uspjela da napravim baklavu onako kako to napravi moja majka. 148 more words


Chef's Plate

On the menu at Sofra, a Turkish restaurant in Singapore, the most popular dish was listed as Chef Plate, but their skill in the kitchen is much better than their English grammar. 107 more words


Indian Pudding as Birthday Cake

Last Friday there were five more candles on my birthday cake than there were when I started this blog. Yup, it’s that time of year. Time to sing  1,387 more words

50 Recipes