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Soft Cell - Memorabilia

Here’s the extended 12″ version of the band’s Electro-Pop track from their 1981 debut album ‘Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret’. Great stuff that was a tougher, darker cousin of the band’s contemporaries Depeche Mode and The Human League.


The Unknown

the unknown

orange bug on the wind that waves

the tall grasses so small


This poem was written in response to Carpe Diem’s Writing and Enjoying Haiku #2 no rules, another great prompt from Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. 19 more words


Tainted Love

And now for something completely different…

A little bird told me that it was exactly 36 years ago today, on 7th July 1981, that the single… 114 more words


On The Ball

This Thursday evening, I will be joined by David Ball on My 80s radio show. The multi instrumentalist and former member of Soft Cell and The Grid chooses his Favourite Five 80’s songs and, as you might expect from someone with his music pedigree, he has given me some excellent tracks to play. 53 more words

"Tainted Love" - 由倉底貨到流行經典

說到八十年代的synth-pop經典,不得不提的是1981年英國二人組合Soft Cell的”Tainted Love”。

“Tainted Love”除了是1981年英國全年銷量總冠軍細碟、1982年BRIT Awards的Best Single之外,在大西洋彼岸的美國也能成功登陸,在Billboard Hot 100最高登上第八位,並在榜內停留連續43個星期,破了當時連續留在榜內週數最長的紀錄。

由於”Tainted Love”太成功,很多人以為它是Soft Cell原創的。其實此曲是改編自1965年由Ed Cobb作曲,美國黑人女歌手Gloria Jones主唱的原曲,是一個並不流行,甚至是沒有太多人認識的騷靈版本。

Gloria Jones的版本收錄在她1965年出版的細碟”My Bad Boy’s Comin’ Home”的B-side。這張細碟當時並不成功,外間反應冷淡,因此未能打進美國Billboard細碟榜。它很快便被大眾遺忘成為倉底貨,但在機緣巧合之下這張single在八年後得到一次重生的機會。

英國北部在六十年代尾開始流行一種叫「北方靈魂樂」(Northern Soul)的音樂,在各大小夜場、俱樂部、及跳舞場所都愛播放這類快板、帶有跳舞節奏的美國黑人騷靈樂曲。而這些場所大都選擇一些非主流、較冷門的樂曲來播放,主流如Motown的出品則儘量避免。1973年時有一夜場DJ在美國四出搜羅適合的Northern Soul唱片時發現了Gloria Jones的”Tainted Love”,他買了這張細碟並在回國後於各跳舞場所大力播放,結果令此曲在這個地下圈子裏流行起來。 152 more words


"Tainted Love" by Soft Cell Music Review

Synthy synthy synth synth

I swear, this is one of those 80s songs that everyone names when naming 80s songs, which is weird since the song was written in the 60s. 82 more words

80s Music Review


This song, and indeed its cover, have both featured on the blog before. But a while back it hit me that the two versions deal with very different feelings and emotions and in the case of the cover raises highly relevant social issues that have been with us for as long as I can remember and which nobody in power has ever made it a priority to tackle. 148 more words

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