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Big Soda in a froth over proposed new sugar-labeling rules

The U.K. supermarket chain, Tesco, is banning Capri Sun and other sweetened drinks aimed at kids from its shelves.

Tesco, a $77 billion company, will begin the ban in September, when kids go back to school, according to the reporter in a trade publication, … 733 more words


Tuesday's Tip

Put an empty soda bottle under pizza boxes to keep them from shifting on the drive home.

Kathy Dowsett

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Food And Drink

So you thought that was healthy.

(teaspoons of sugar per serving)

Some of these we all know are super bad. (I must admit to reacting to a can of coke in the same way many would react to being offered weed killer lol) But some are surprising (especially for those that don’t check labels). 181 more words


Drinking sugary drinks is super risky even if you’re not gaining weight – here’s why

It doesn’t matter whether you’re slim, overweight or obese – drinking lots of sugary drinks will put you at risk of type 2 diabetes! That goes according to a new study published in the… 377 more words


Bye Bye Soft Drinks

Since I was an itsy bitsy child I had ALWAYS drank soft drinks during meals and during leisure times. This was the hardest change for me: giving up my beloved iced tea, and it took me months to do it. 271 more words


The Soda Struggle

My torrid love affair with bubbly, sugary soft drinks started early on during my formative years. I don’t have an addictive personality- I never became a smoker, my days of getting carried away with alcohol were mostly left behind after I graduated from college, and I never got bit by the gambling bug. 892 more words

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