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A Federal Court Has Blocked Cities From Putting Cigarette-Style Ads On Soda

The war on sugar is in its infancy. It’s only recently that discoveries about Big Sugar’s malfeasant ways have come to light. Turns out the reason you think fat is the worst part of our food is that Big Sugar wanted to deflect blame for America’s failing health away from themselves. 360 more words

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Rosewater Lemonade

In a last ditch attempt at creating summer in my kitchen, I decided to throw together this floral, fizzy concoction, and it actually turned out quite well. 301 more words



Did you know that soft drinks impact adversely on your health?

Did you know that soft drinks:

  • Contains Sodium Benzoate which increases your risk of developing…
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A Case Study in Reverse Advertising

Not An Ad, a Schweppes reverse ad.

Read the brief document here. We did end up shooting in Roma Street Parklands, for which we should have had a permit, but the guy who fell asleep in the sun was a way bigger priority for the security guard. 65 more words


Many of us, while buying processed food items, often bothered to have a look in nutrition facts, ingredients labeled over packing. Reason may be that mostly citizen of every state has a blind confidence and trust with state health departments that they would protect them from unhealthy and unhygienic food products and will not allow any product to be in market, which could be injurious towards health of citizens. 563 more words

Philadelphia Learns That Soda Tax May Be A Bad Long-Term School Funding Solution

Here’s the problem with “sin” taxes, like those on alcohol, tobacco, and fizzy beverages: You can use those taxes to raise money for a specific purpose, or to encourage citizens to consume less of the thing being taxed, but you can’t hope for both. 392 more words

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Soda & Soft Drink Saturday - Royal Tru

Royal Tru is a carbonated fruit drink brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company that is only available in the Philippines. It also uses the same styling as its Coca-Cola global cousin Fanta. 198 more words

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