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Soda & Soft Drink Saturday - Malta

Malta (also called young beer, children’s beer, or wheat soda) is a type of soft drink. It is a carbonated malt beverage, meaning it is brewed from barley, hops, and water much like beer; corn and caramel colour may also be added. 466 more words

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Refined Sugar: Sweet but Toxic to Your Health

Most of us recognize that sugar does not promote good health. In fact, most people know that sugar is unhealthy, but not everyone understands the full extent of its unhealthiness. 1,429 more words

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Soda & Soft Drink Saturday - Faygo

Faygo Beverages, Inc., is a soft drink company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. The beverages produced by the company, branded as Faygo or Faygo Pop, are distributed in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Central Southern regions of the United States, and southern Canada. 474 more words

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Food and Drink Down Under

Food and drink are on my mind tonight as it has been a day full of food.

For lunch today we had a company barbie as the CEO of our company was visiting from Germany. 196 more words


Soda & Soft Drink Saturday - R. White’s Lemonade

R. White’s Lemonade is a brand of a carbonated soft drink, which is produced and sold in the UK by Britvic.

R. White’s is a brand of lemonade that has been produced for over 150 years. 281 more words

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Coca-Cola to release their healthiest cola ever in Japan this March

Although they are stopping just short of calling it an actual “health cola,” Coca-Cola Plus is the latest addition to the health-oriented cola war in Japan. 462 more words


Soft Drinks Raise Risk of T2 Diabetes and LADA

LADA is latent autoimmune diabetes in adults.

This new study is out of Sweden. The potential disease-inducing soft drink dose was 400 ml or 13.5 fl oz per day. 194 more words