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Beverage companies must do more to reduce calories on sugary drinks: Conference Board

OTTAWA – A top economic research organization says Canada’s beverage industry will have to do more than rely on recent trends to reach its target for reducing the calories people consume through soft drinks and other similar products amid concerns over obesity rates. 557 more words


Caffeine - what you need to know

To anyone who is up before about 7am every day, caffeine is an essential part of the morning ritual and coffee has definitely formed it’s own little culture in Australia, where finding the elusive best cup of liquid gold is the aim of the game. 644 more words

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PepsiCo sets target to reduce sugar in soft drinks

LONDON (Reuters) — PepsiCo Inc. has set a target for reducing the amount of sugar in its soft drinks around the world as part of a suite of goals aimed at tackling problems ranging from obesity to climate change. 512 more words


American Delicacies

I knew it! This fabulous blog is starting to attract the cooks and connoisseurs of the world. Eating in California! US feats of Dining Extraordinaire! 598 more words


Soda &Soft Drink Saturday - Nesbitt’s Orange

Nesbitt’s was a popular brand of orange-flavoured soda pop in the United States during much of the 20th century. Nesbitt’s was produced by the Nesbitt Fruit Products Company of Los Angeles, California. 279 more words

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Coke and Pepsi Give Millions to Public Health, Then Lobby Against It

The beverage giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have given millions of dollars to nearly 100 prominent health groups in recent years, while simultaneously spending millions to defeat public health legislation that would reduce Americans’ soda intake, according to public health researchers. 54 more words