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Soft Robot Hand Brings a Gentle Touch to the Future

Impressive developments in expert system have actually made it appear like uncannily human androids are simply around the corner. Even though SIRI may be able to inform you a joke, robotics are still quite cumbersome. 27 more words

Homemade Remedies Tips For Hand Care

In every season, most effected part of our body is skin especially hand skin. Skin of our hand is very flimsy and requires attention from us. 174 more words

Beauty Tips

My Spa Experience - Medihand Manicure

I was  with a few friends recently  having our usual rand conversations and I am not entirely sure how we got to this topic but we got into a discussion about nails and nail care.  735 more words

Camelot Spa

Easy Going

Before striking out more on my own—and while I wait for Dunnie’s current lease to end—I’m taking a few group lessons. This week there was some stormy weather that made my trainer move the lesson up and combine two, making it somewhat of a hectic conglomeration of different styles and levels—but this ended up being perfect for my purposes. 718 more words

Horseback Riding

Hand Care - products & tips

Hey you guys! Welcome to my website! I am so happy to see you here. This is my first post, out of hopefully many to come so I hope you enjoy! 1,079 more words


this might be repetition

let’s wash the glitter from under our fingernails
slow dance in the half dark
(this is a reminder that I gave you an out)
we’ll count the hours together… 54 more words


The Revenant

I like to think of myself as a bit of a man’s man. Sure, I don’t cut down trees, or really do anything directly with these sweet, soft, vanilla scented bad boys I call hands, but I can put away as many as 4 soy lattes before lunch time without too many ill effects. 672 more words