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Is That All There Is?

I’m showing my age by asking this, but does anyone else remember the song “Is That All There Is”? Peggy Lee sang it. (I love her music!) 137 more words

Soft Heart Getaways

Move, or Move Me

I’ve often heard the phrase “be careful what you pray for.”

Wynonna says to show up and “wait for God to walk through the room.” 259 more words

Soft Heart Getaways

Missing My Twin

This week I’ve missed my “twin”, Teresa, the most. I guess it’s finally sinking in that she’s moved all the way across Texas.

Although we miss each other like crazy, we are at peace because we know we are on the center of God’s will. 106 more words

Soft Heart Getaways

Three Reasons to Getaway

Our 2nd summer 2013 Getaway is July 26-28 (Fri-Sun), and here are 3 (of many) reasons you should Getaway with us to rest, recharge, and rejoice: 54 more words

Soft Heart Getaways

3 Favorite Inspirational Quotes

I caught Marie Osmond’s talk show the other day, and she ended the show by asking viewers to send in a favorite inspirational quote.  My first thought was, “I can only send one?” 251 more words

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Are You a Carrot, An Egg, or a Coffee Bean?

There are several versions of this ‘story’, and you may have read it recently.  As we pass through different seasons of life, it’s a story worth reading again.  555 more words

Soft Heart Getaways

A Day to Rest

Many people have asked me if I’m enjoying being retired from teaching.  My standard answer is, “Ask me again when school starts.”

The truth is that yesterday, July 4, was the first day I’ve spent at home in which I actually felt like I had a day off from work.  198 more words

Soft Heart Getaways