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Soft Kitty.

Why is it that when I say I’m taking time off, and I’m really feeling like death today, do I suddenly have the urge to get stuff done? 56 more words

Happy with my kitty for Caturday

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“Time spent with cats is never wasted”
Sigmund Freud

For Caturday

Happy with my kitty
So I wrote this little ditty
Why don’t you sing along… 48 more words


Day 19 Show all your jewellery

Just as the post about my closet, this is a bit all over the place. I don’t have have worked out a really good solution for all (it’s sounds way more than it is) my jewelry yet, they are kind of scattered around, both in the bathroom, bedroom and the hallway. 107 more words


The Man Cold Cometh....

Well, The Thing That Will Not Die has reared its ugly head once again:

. 36 more words

Just Because

Sexy Sunday - Manflu

I almost didn’t write anything today, because Sir Atticus was not feeling well this week so it was just watching TV, eating and relaxing. Not very sexy, except that when Sir was too weak to fight back, He would let His kitten just jabber on and on about nonsense and He would just sit there looking pretty and nod and hhmmm in the right places. 148 more words

Sir Atticus