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Friday Smile - when Big Bang meets knitting!

For those familiar with the “Soft Kitty” song in Big Bang Theory!!

This was seen outside our local yarn shop, The Fluffatorium, in Dorking, UK.

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Midnight Foot Warmer

Soft doggy, warm doggy,

You I do implore:

Happy doggy, sleepy doggy,

Please don’t poop at midnight right outside my bedroom door.



Soft kitty, warm kitty...

…little ball of claws.

Sorry for the random entry title. I promise I’m going to talk about some book stuff, but first I must share this. 385 more words


New Pattern Release!

The newest addition to the Craftymama Design family is the Soft, Kitty, Warm Kitty Furry Hood with face cuff. The face cuff can be fully buttoned to cover the face up to the nose brim or left half way unbuttoned to free up the face but still keep the neck warm. 90 more words


The Soft Kitty Conundrum

Anyone familiar with the “Big Bang Theory”  has heard Sheldon’s whine “Sing Soft Kitty for me”.

It’s the lullaby that provides comfort when sickness strikes the sitcom. 271 more words


CBS being sued over The Big Bang Theory 'Soft Kitty' song

American television network CBS are being sued over their use of a nursery rhyme in the popular comedy series ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

A case filed by Ellen Newlin Chase and Margaret Chase Perry claims that the hit TV series has been using lyrics written by their late mother in a poem about a “soft kitty” without buying the rights to use the words. 168 more words